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Brother: Why buy anything else?

There are some brands in the world that carry weight with them. They have them in the world of fashion with Gucci, Armani and Dior, they are in the world of technology with Apple and Sony and we even have them in the world of sewing as well. Brother. Brother carries the same weight with us and our sewing community as those brands do with theirs and, as the UK’s Sewing Machine Mail Order Specialist we are privileged to be able to offer Brother to you. From their machines to their 
accessories, their spare parts to their specifics we carry everything.

Not only that but for our UK customers we continue to excel and continue to change the ways in which we do business. We offer a warranty on all machines, we offer free UK delivery and a price match guarantee that means GUR Sewing is your one stop shop for all things Brother.

GUR, Brother and you

We have over 60 years’ experience working in the sewing industry. From humble beginnings to a leading provider of all products and brands to the UK market, we never forgot how it all began. We know that every customer is important and every single one of you could have feedback or a suggestion that could alter the way we do business forever. That’s why our customer service team are always eager to hear from you; whether you need help narrowing down your choice, need help with some specifics of a products we offer or you have some feedback about our service – no call is too small.

GUR and the UK Market

We love sewing. That kind of goes without saying; but we love the people, the products and the partners we’re lucky enough to work with. We’re in constant contact every day with people like Brother to come up with ways in which we can best deliver their products to you. We look at their lines, we look at what they offer and we choose what we feel are the best suited to you guys and your ever changing needs.

That’s why we’re a market leader. We understand, we listen and we never stand still; you guys are at the heard of everything we do. So if you need help with a product, have questions about our range of Brother machines or you have a suggestion to help us get better then please give us a call on 0121 359 5335 today.

Looking for quality sewing machines that come with a guarantee of consistency and performance? Then Brother might just be the solution for you. Although more readily known for other hardware such as printers, Brother have long been a respected name within the embroidery world as well. A market leader across the European sewing scene, they provide stylish and highly affordable sewing machines that can deal with more or less any sewing plan that you may have. Ranging in style from sewing machines to embellishers and overlockers, these machines are made to offer you style and effectiveness in anything that you decide to create.

Their main strength, though, is the variety of machines they offer. From newbie friendly machines that make sewing seem simple to even the most inexperienced of individuals, right through to the high-end systems made for the professionals who want to create stunning artwork as a business; you will find that Brother has the repertoire and the style to match your needs. They know what makes a strong machine for this purpose, and you can trust this to make the products easy to work with as well as ensuring they are capable of lasting for a significantly long period of time.

If you need to get into the world of sewing properly and need a reliable and safe name to work with then few are as well-known as Brother! They are respected across the map because of their efficiency, and can be relied upon to deliver technical stand-outs.

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I purchased the Pfaff Hobby embellisher from GUR, which was delivered to me in France. It arrived within a week in perfect condition and with no hidden..
Ms Kim Davis
22 November 2015
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