Embellisher: From beginners to prosHere at GUR we understand the importance of Embellisher to the world of sewing. We know that whether you’re making a dress, doing a little embroidery, or even just starting out with a few beginner patterns that Embellisher will be almost essential for all of you. That’s why we have scoured the world looking for the best Embellisher that the sewing community has to offer. We have spoken to the world’s biggest brands; from Toyota to Brother, PFAFF to Janome. We told them what our customers wanted and now we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading distributors of Embellisher.


GUR: We understand Embellisher and you


We are privileged to have been part of the sewing community for the best part of a century. In that time we have learned a lot about the people, the brands and the products involved. We have recognised products like the Embellisher as an essential part of the sewing arsenal. We know, however, that we need to be inclusive; we don’t want you to feel that Embellisher is “too advanced” or “too confusing” for you. Our aim here at GUR Sewing is to bring sewing to everyone; if you have got a question about Embellisher or any other product line then get in touch with us. There’s never a question too small; we are always happy to help.


Embellisher for the UK Market


We at GUR Sewing are proud to have been supplying sewing machines for over 60 years and in that time we have been branded The Sewing Machine Mail Order Specialist. It’s an honour and one that we take immense pride in; but we aren’t stopping there. Our goal has always been simple; to bring the best brands and the best products to the UK market. Just because we offer an incredible line of Embellisher doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels.We are always on the lookout for more. Always looking for the best Embellisher that money can buy. Our partners have been so impressed with our dedication and commitment to you, our customers, that they’re adding their best Embellisher to our ranks.


GUR Sewing for you


No matter what brands we offer or what Embellisher are being added, our commitment to our customers has remained the same over our 60 years as part of this amazing community. We’re striving every day to get better. We’re listening, we’re learning and we are always here to help. Whether you’re a sewing pro who’s looking for the latest Embellisher, whether you’re just having a browse or you’re just starting out and you need some advice - give us a call on 0121 359 5335 or book a call back today.

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