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Janome: A household name

We love offering the biggest brands from around the world to our UK customers. We scour the globe, looking long and hard at everything that is being offered by everyone and then we start discussions about what the best is and what we should be bringing over to our loyal UK base. Janome was one of our very first. Janome is a household name in the sewing industry and not offering it would have been insanity! It’s not just the legacy, though, even now Janome offers some of the highest quality and most reliable machines on the market.

Their products, too, cater to everyone. They understand the need to keep new people coming into our industry as either professionals or hobbyists and their massive range of quality machines ensures that no one is left out.

Janome for the UK

After we had secured Janome we had to work out how we would offer their amazing products to our customers. We thought about adding a warranty to all machine bought from us. We thought about adding a price matching guarantee. We also thought about adding free delivery for our UK customers. In the end we just decided to do all three. That decision has meant that we are now The Sewing Machine Mail Order Specialist for the whole of the UK – something that we are extremely proud of.
We aren’t throwing parties and patting ourselves on the back though. No, every single day we’re in talks with companies like Janome looking for ways we can improve. Every single day we’re talking to customers, listening to complaints (yes they do happen occasionally!) and feedback and trying to be the best we very can be.

GUR Sewing and you

We are always looking out for the best interests of our customers. We’ve offered Janome to you. We’ve given you free delivery, price match guarantees and warranty on all Janome machines (among others.) We want to make sure that you guys have everything you need to make sure that you can get down to what you do best; sewing. So if you’ve found your perfect Janome machine then get in touch. If you have questions or need our help narrowing down your search then get in touch with us today. Call us on 0121 359 5335.

Janome are, without a doubt one of the biggest names within the sewing world. Formed in 1921 in Japan, they have put their engineering skills and ability to innovate to the test by creating some truly exemplary sewing machines and related models. For those who need something that stands out in design, efficiency, quality and overall stature you will find that Janome may be the perfect choice for you.

At BUSINESS, we provide a wide range of different products for sewing machines and supporting hardware, but one of the most popular brands that we sell is Janome. They are widely appreciated for their attention to detail and their experience within the market. With not far off of a decade of development, growth and change within Janome they have been able to create something that can be trusted and relied upon for many years to come.

The term Janome actually stands for Snakes Eye and this has been incorporated many times into their sewing machines. The name itself comes from the fact that, at the time of formation, the then-new round bobbin had the same properties and design styles as the eye of a snake.

Many of their machines are made for basic and personal sewing jobs but many of them are used for thing like overlocking and even smart devices that can be controlled using computerized techniques instead. From various power-free machines to simplistic and “old-school” devices, you will find that Janome can provide just about anything you may need.

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Very good experience, thank you! I couldn't find better prices, and I was impressed with your customer service team.
Mrs Debbie Bradley
09 February 2016
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