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Reliable and stylish: Janome
If you’re looking for a product that guarantees consistency, performance and a little bit of style then Janome #category is the product range for you. Whether you’re an expert or just getting started in the world of sewing, there is no better product line suited to your tastes. Not only that, but Janome has quickly made a glowing reputation for itself in the world of embroidery as well.
It’s that variety of product that makes Janome so popular. We recognised that amazing potential and had to get them on board for our UK customers. We know that not everyone is a whiz with the embroidery machine, or a sewing pro; that’s why we offer Janome. They, like us, understand that whether you’re a tailor or a newbie we all deserve the same quality and attention.
GUR and Janome
GUR Sewing is the leading provider of Janome in the United Kingdom. Over the years GUR Sewing has cultivated relationships with some of the most incredible partners in the industry; Janome is just one that has been impressed with our dedication and passion for both sewing and our customers. It’s the strength of our relationship with brands like Janome that allows us to offer their incredible range of products at extraordinary prices, all with that GUR Sewing customer service you know and love.
Janome for the UK Market
We understand the needs of the sewing community. That’s why we have never stopped in our search for the biggest and best brands in the sewing world to offer their products to our customers. Janome have not only the most incredible machines, but every attachment and extra you could possibly require. We have Janome machines dedicated to embroidery, sewing or ones that cover bother. We offer spare parts for Janome machines just in case, while we also offer design software, overlocker needles, extension tables and much, much more - all from Janome, all delivered directly to you.

It’s the range of products that we offer, and the amazing customer support that goes with it, that has made us a staple of the sewing community for years and, we hope, for years to come. We’re not done though; Janome is just the start. We are always on the lookout for more products, always in talks with our amazing partners to respond to the needs of our customers, and always looking to improve for our customers here in the UK.
So whether you know the exact Janome machine you want, or you’re looking for a little bit of advice, get in touch with our dedicated sales team. They’ll answer any questions you might have about Janome or any of the other lines we offer. They’ll point you in the right direction. So give us a call on 0121 359 5335 or request a call back at a more convenient time for you.


Janome are, without a doubt one of the biggest names within the sewing world. Formed in 1921 in Japan, they have put their engineering skills and ability to innovate to the test by creating some truly exemplary sewing machines and related models. For those who need something that stands out in design, efficiency, quality and overall stature you will find that Janome may be the perfect choice for you.

At BUSINESS, we provide a wide range of different products for sewing machines and supporting hardware, but one of the most popular brands that we sell is Janome. They are widely appreciated for their attention to detail and their experience within the market. With not far off of a decade of development, growth and change within Janome they have been able to create something that can be trusted and relied upon for many years to come.

The term Janome actually stands for Snakes Eye and this has been incorporated many times into their sewing machines. The name itself comes from the fact that, at the time of formation, the then-new round bobbin had the same properties and design styles as the eye of a snake.

Many of their machines are made for basic and personal sewing jobs but many of them are used for thing like overlocking and even smart devices that can be controlled using computerized techniques instead. From various power-free machines to simplistic and “old-school” devices, you will find that Janome can provide just about anything you may need.

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