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Whether you are a beginner or professional we will have the perfect Overlocker to suit your level. GUR Sewing Machines are one of the UKs largest stockists of Baby Lock, Brother, Elna, Husqvarna Viking, Jaguar, Janome, Pfaff, Stitchmaster and Toyota Overlockers.

"An overlock is a stitch that sews over the edge of one or two pieces of fabric for edging, hemming, or seaming". The addition of automatic cutters allows overlocker machines to create finished seams easily and swiftly. For further information why not give our friendly staff a call on 0121 359 5335. They would be glad to give you expert and honest advice on which Product is suitable for you.

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Stitchmaster Easy Thread 160 Ex Demonstrator

Easy Thread 160 Ex Demonstrator

It is nice to have a friend you can rely on when things start to unravel, the Stitchmaster Easy Thread 160 a practical and steady overlocker, makes sure..
RRP £399.00 Now £179.00
Stitchmaster Easy Thread 160 Ex Demonstrator50
Brother 1034D


The Brother 1034D overlocker makes a useful accomplice for novices as well as experienced tailors, use the Brother as a 3 or 4 thread machine, the overlocker..
RRP £299.00 Now £189.00
Brother 1034D517
Toyota SL3335


The Toyota SL3335 is a 2, 3 and 4 thread over locker. It converts from over locking to roll hemming with the simple flick of a switch. An over locker..
RRP £279.00 Now £199.00
Toyota SL3335 50
Janome 8002DX


Don`t let the budget price of the Janome 8002DX Overlocker disguise the excellent engineering of this quality overlocker. This well proven, easy..
RRP £299.00 Now £199.00
Janome 8002DX50
Stitchmaster Easy Thread 160

Easy Thread 160

It is nice to have a friend you can rely on when things start to unravel, the Stitchmaster Easy Thread 160 a practical and steady overlocker, makes sure..
RRP £399.00 Now £199.00
Stitchmaster Easy Thread 16052
Elna 664


The Elna 664 Overlocker is suitable for beginner and experienced users and can handle various types of materials from silks and chiffon fabrics up to..
RRP £349.00 Now £229.00
Elna 66452
Brother 3034D Ex Demo

3034D Ex Demo

The new Brother 3034D overlocker has the easy to use "lay in" tension units. The Brother 3034D overlocker sews seams, trims excess fabric and..
RRP £389.00 Now £229.00
Brother 3034D Ex Demo42
Janome 9300DX Ex Demonstrator

9300DX Ex Demonstrator

The Janome 9300DX can be used as a 3 or 4 thread overlocker with differential feed, is a favourite among machinists demanding a range of easily produced..
RRP £299.00 Now £229.00
Janome 9300DX Ex Demonstrator50
Brother 3034D


The Brother 3034D machine has an array of stitches for decorative purposes as well as for plain stitching.. The portable sewing machine provides durable..
RRP £389.00 Now £239.00
Brother 3034D47
Janome 9300DX


The Janome 9300DX can be used as a 3 or 4 thread overlocker with differential feed, is a favourite among machinists demanding a range of easily produced..
RRP £299.00 Now £259.00
Janome 9300DX52
Jaguar 097


The Jaguar 097 overlocker is superbly engineered 2,3 or 4 thread overlocker with differential feed, is a favourite among machinists demanding a range..
RRP £299.00 Now £259.00
Jaguar 09744
Pfaff Hobbylock 2.0

Hobbylock 2.0

Sew like a pro with the Pfaff Hobbylock 2.0…..Overlocking could not be easier with all the features the Hobbylock has to offer.This new overlock..
RRP £329.00 Now £299.00
Pfaff Hobbylock 2.053
Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S15

Huskylock S15

The Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S15 Overlocker is built for 2-3-4 thread sewing on a variety of fabrics including sheers, stretch, cottons and jeans. ..
RRP £399.00 Now £299.00
Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S1550
Elna 664 PRO

664 PRO

Hemming Skirts or sewing sheer to multiple layers of fabrics may seem difficult to you, NOT with the Elna 664PRO. Which is built for 2-3-4 thread sewing..
RRP £499.00 Now £349.00
Elna 664 PRO52
Brother 4234D


Brother 4234D overlocker will add a professional look to your next project with high quality seam finishes, an easy to-follow thread guide, and a..
RRP £449.00 Now £359.00
Brother 4234D54
Baby Lock Prestige 750DS

Prestige 750DS

Included with the Baby Lock Prestige 750DS Free Overlocker Feet, Threads and Overlocker Needles, The Baby Lock Prestige 750DS Overlocker gives you..
RRP £499.00 Now £399.00
Baby Lock Prestige 750DS52
Janome 6234XL


The Janome 6234XL Overlocker is the most advanced overlocker made by Janome. It has two needles and can be used as 2, 3 or 4 thread overlocking incorporating..
RRP £499.00 Now £399.00
Janome 6234XL43
Pfaff Hobbylock 2.5

Hobbylock 2.5

The Pfaff Hobbylock 2.5 Overlocker Machine is sturdy and easy to use. With so many features with the Pfaff Hobbylock 2.5 overlocking could not be simpler..
RRP £599.00 Now £529.00
Pfaff Hobbylock 2.551
Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S21

Huskylock S21

The Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S21 is easy to use and will achieve professional results. With the power and capability of this Overlocker the possibilities..
RRP £799.00 Now £699.00
Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S2150
Pfaff Coverlock 3.0

Coverlock 3.0

The Pfaff Coverlock 3.0 Cover Hem and Overlocker machine is the true test of perfection suitable for all materials from sheers, stretch, cottons and denim..
RRP £789.00 Now £729.00
Pfaff Coverlock 3.055
Janome 1200D


The Janome 1200D Cover Hem provides all the tools you need to create great ready-to-wear garments. It is three machines in one: an Overlock, Cover..
RRP £1099.00 Now £899.00
Janome 1200D51
Baby Lock Eclipse DX 2

Eclipse DX 2

The Baby Lock Eclipse DX 2 changes the way you overlock. It eliminates the difficulties with threading an overlock. The problems found with thread tension..
RRP £1200.00 Now £979.00
Baby Lock Eclipse DX 251
Pfaff Coverlock 4.0

Coverlock 4.0

The Pfaff Coverlock 4.0 Cover Hem and Overlocker machine is the true test of perfection uitable for all materials from sheers, stretch, cottons and denim..
RRP £1049.00 Now £1029.00
Pfaff Coverlock 4.052
Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S25

Huskylock S25

The Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S25 is a 5,4,3,2 thread Overlocker and Cover Hem machine; it’s well balanced for every type of user whether you&rsquo..
RRP £1299.00 Now £1079.00
Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S2541
Baby Lock Imagine 2

Imagine 2

The Baby Lock Imagine has the convenience and innovation you would expect from a Baby Lock. Because it's an Imagine, the revolutionary Jet-Air Threading..
RRP £1799.00 Now £1149.00
Baby Lock Imagine 250
Baby Lock Enlighten


How can Baby Lock improve Overlocker even more? Let the new Baby Lock Enlighten Overlocker show you how! This revolutionary Overlocker features the latest..
RRP £1499.00 Now £1249.00
Baby Lock Enlighten50
Baby Lock Evolution


The Baby Lock Evolution offers the latest threading technology, ExtraordinAir threading. All with one push of a button the ExtraordinAir takes your thread..
RRP £1899.00 Now £1749.00
Baby Lock Evolution51
Baby Lock Ovation


The Baby Lock Ovation 8 thread Overlocker offers the latest threading technology, ExtraordinAir threading. All with one push of a button the ExtraordinAir..
RRP £3999.00 Now £2099.00
Baby Lock Ovation51

Recent Reviews for Overlockers


Love the item. It only takes about a minute to go from a 4 thread safety stitch to a cover stitch. It is so easy to thread.

P. Wilson, Hampshire

I phoned up GUR as I was looking for an easy to use Overlocker, they advised me on the Stitchmaster Easy Thread 160! Surprisingly this lightweight item has so many features, plus i received an Overlocker Bag for me to take to classes and the Overlocker threads have had me overlocking for hours!

Louise, London

Excellent product for the low cost - would certainly recommend this item. Just as good as previously purchased more expenses overlockers. THank you

Mary Ann, Liverpool

My husband bought me the Jaguar 097 overlocker for Christmas. I had been reviewing overlockers since mid November on various sites and YouTube . I don't have a huge choice of item stores nearby and I was a bit dubious of purchasing something like this without having a trial run. I have never used an overlocker before so I really was relying on reviews of other users and purchasers and so know how important it is to get a detailed review of each aspect of the experience. I had been on the GUR website amongst others several times since the summer as I was also looking for a item to restart the hobby of clothes making and household crafting I had let lapse for about ten years. I have a daughter studying fashion who was in need of an overlocker and item to help save on the late hours in college so we borrowed my mothers singer item and I decided I'd try and get hold of an overlocker for her, then I discovered how much you can achieve with an overlocker via all the websites I had been I decided I could certainly sort several problems at the one time. I compared overlockers on the GUR site and amazon site and saw that the Brother 1034 for £189.00 had several really good reviews, was good value for money for an entry level item but would it actually be sturdy enough for an art student and her challenging variety if materials? The last thing I wanted was to buy a item that would not be up to our requirements. I went on GUR Facebook page and left a comment about the various overlockers I was researching at that stage requesting any feedback. I got a reply from Billy from GUR commenting on some of my choices also suggesting I phone for further assistance. I phoned on December 20th and spoke to Steven who was a mine of information and went through the 5 items I was considering . He was patient, knowledgable and explained the differences with the items, deciphered what I would most likely require and guided me towards the Jaguar 097. He said this item would be sturdy, capable of dealing with my daughters projects include from basic lightweight seams to heavy materials while at the same time being fully capable of allowing me to explore the various crafts I want to do and easy enough for me to keep in working order, thread and service with telephone assistance if required. He also explained that it would be highly unlikely I would receive the item in time for Christmas but that he would try his best to get it dispatched ASAP I said this didn't really matter as I would not be using it before Christmas at that stage. The item arrived in Ireland at my front door before 9 am on 24th Dec, in time to be wrapped and placed under the tree! Happy days! I was very impressed with every aspect of my experience with GUR on receipt of the item and would have given a review of my experience at that stage but I hadn't opened or used the item at that point and in reading reviews during researching it was one of the things I found least helpful - reviews about the great service and speedy delivery but no feedback on the specific item. The Jaguar 097 is easy to thread as each route is colour coded , easy to access the the workings under the needle plate as this part can swing all the way open allowing a very clear view of all the mechanism housed here ( so I can see what Steve was saying about being talked through any repair/ service via a phone call ). The manual that comes with it is very comprehensive, the only part that wasn't that clear was the exact points to apply the oil to but I looked that up on YouTube as I had taken note of that information during my research. We changed threads for a couple of skirts my daughter is working on and I found it easy enough to explain and demonstrate to her how it all works ( I thought she would know more about it but so far they have just been using the overlockers in college for edging single layer seam allowances) We had a bit of a play around with diff tension, stitch length, stitch width and over edge cutting width, threading referring to the manual when we weren't sure what we had adjusted. We were impressed with the speed, clean cutting seam edge, sturdiness, manual and ease of use. There is a scrap collection bin that attaches neatly to the front of the item, which also attaches in an upside down position when the item is not being used. There are great accessories with this item, some stored in the front drop down door in allocated click in slots - spare needles, a lint brush, a small screwdriver, a needle threader, a two thread converter, a 2nd stitch finger. There is also a nifty little slot that houses a measuring tape ( included!) , and above that there is a pad to stick your item needle in if you are only using one needle so you don't lose it. The accompanying ziplock accessory bag contains a screwdriver, item oil, a moving cutter, spanner, , tweezers, 4 thread nets , 4 spool discs, 4 spool caps, 4 spool holders. There is also a dust cover for the item but to be honest I will prob make a more substantial cover that will also hold the foot pedal, the accessory bag , instruction book and scissors. ( I'm dying to make something!!) it's a sturdy item, nice looking , it is set on 4 sucker feet and it doesn't budge when your using it. My daughter thought it was noisy but whether that is in comparison to ones she uses in college which would be in huge high ceilinged rooms or in comparison to a domestic item we are not sure. She says she will pay more attention to details when she gets back after the festive break. The noise doesn't bother us really as it is so quick you would not be spending ages at any one time , more like short bursts and it didn't interrupt the other people in the room from their conversation. There were also loads of complimentary threads, some needles and a pair of scissors which were all very much appreciated. I hope this review has not been too long winded but when you are buying without getting a hands on try of any item you do look to reviews for insights to what a purchaser experiences . There are some great reviews on an American website for others out there looking for practical info on items although some of the model no.s are diff to the European models but you can usually work them out. Anyway thank you GUR products I am delighted with your service thanks Billy for initially responding to my request on fb and a huge thank you to Steven for his input which was informative, helpful, patient and a big part of why I decided to purchase I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends or clients and have already recommended you to my sisters, friends and relations . Happy new year! Helen McG, Ireland 31/12/2013 Sent from my iPad

Helen McGowan, Kildare, Ireland

I needed an overlocker but wasn’t sure which one. I called GUR for advice and spoke to Steve who took patiently answered all my questions and advised on which item would be best for me. There was NO hard sell just friendly advice. I subsequently bought the Jaquar 097 and Steve was absolutely right. Its a wonderful overlocker and so easy to thread. GUR kept me up to date on my purchase and the next day, as advised via email, my item was duly delivered at the time advised. This is the second purchase from GUR and now the only online sewing supplies shop i will use. A big thank you to all the staff at GUR and a special thanks the wonderful Steve. From a very happy sewer Sue Gregory

Sue Gregory, Kent

Simply incredible. I was advised to go for this overlocker by a close friend and it looks like i have made the correct decision. Easy to use and simple to thread because it opens up at the front. I have recently tried to overlock heavier materials such as thick layers of denim and soft leather which the 097 handles with ease. It's an absolute gem of an overlocker and with the speedy delivery, i am a very satisfied customer.

Mike, Wigan

Initially tempted by the bottom of the range Janome, I opted for the Jaguar 097 overlocker as it had some pleasing reviews including a favourable comparison to the Janome. Unfortunately, we had to return it as it was extremely poorly made and the casing didn't even fit together properly. A second was swiftly dispatched - this one had different problems with the fit and finish (including a lint tray that popped off on its own as the casing it fitted too was so badly out of alignment - no piece of the casing perfectly aligned with any other, so everything looked bent and misaligned, and the sewing platform was horribly uneven): another extremely poor quality product, and parts of the chassis that could be seen were all made from cheap, rough, unfinished surfaces. Very disappointing for a product costing £270. After a chat with Rav and Ram, decided to go for the top of the range Brother overlocker for another hundred quid instead. This is a completely different beast, much higher quality, fits together perfectly, chassis is smooth and well made, it works perfectly and I'm really pleased with it. GUR gave excellent support and service throughout, and arranged for rapid collection of the two faulty items with simultaneous delivery of the next, and provided a free accessory worth £70 as an apology for the inconvenience. I would definitely buy from GUR again, but I'd steer clear of the appallingly bad Jaguar brand in future. One star is for the Jaguar 097, 5 stars for GUR though.

A Dutton, .
Very Good

Brilliant item. Loses one star for the threading disc being unreadable on Macs(available by typing in item name and going to the HV website )and the amazingly crappy tweezers. Easy to change to coverstitch. Count the threading stages from the manual as you go the first couple of times, it will make life easier. Mostly takes care of the tension itself. None of the hassles people seem to associate with overlockers.

Epona, New Forest

I am so glad I bought this item, perfect stitches every time, simple to thread with no problems, handy next day delivery thanks gur!

Zayne, Uxbridge

I have been using my mother's over locker for a while and decided to get one for myself, and i bought this Janome and i'm very impressed with the quality of item, looks great and sews really well.

Pamela Sheale, Birmingham
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i would recommend GUR because they have a completely professional approach to business and they give excellent one to one customer service. completely..
sharon mccarthy
29 May 2015
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