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We price match guarantee all our air lifter and stock the largest range of spares and accessories online. Choose from our amazing selection of air lifter and get free UK delivery! We have been supplying air lifter for over 60 years so if you need help choosing call our specialist air lifter help team on 0121 359 5335.
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Horn Air Lifter
Horn Air Lifter
Horn Air Lifter
Now £168.99

Horn Rear mounted 3 step push down release air- lifter.


Versatile fixing ability with multi-hole brackets.


Easier fitment or removal due to it's all in one style.


Smooth and simple to operate lifting operation.


Solid movement on 8 ball steel roller bearings.


Fitted with a new position locking screw.


Automatic push down release mechanism, enabling an easy lifting and storing operation for your sewing machine.


Durable zinc plated finish on the mast.


Solid, reliable German made quality.

Horn Air Lifter

Horn Air Lifter

Horn Rear mounted 3 step push down release air- lifter. Versatile fixing ability with multi-hole brackets. Easier fitment or removal due to..
Now £168.99

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