Sewing tips – some of our favourite quilting “how-tos”

GUR Sewing Machines - favourite quilting tips

Quilting tips and tutorials galore!

We just love quilting and have seen that it’s really beginning to pick up some momentum in the UK – though there is a long way yet to go before it becomes as significant an activity as it is in the USA.

As ever with sewing tips, it’s a combination and technique and inspiration that works best – learning those all-important disaster busters and seeing some of the gorgeous ideas that can be seen around the globe.

So here are some of our favourites for you – presented as part of our #SewingTipsFriday series. Enjoy! Continue reading

How you can sew leather with your home sewing machine

Tutorial how to sew leather on a home sewing machine

Get those sewing machines working on some exciting leather or faux leather projects!

Before we start, we’re not for a moment suggesting that you can start adding heavy duty soles to leather shoes or making saddles at home (yeah, right), but there are a surprising number of wonderful tasks that can be undertaken with a home sewing machine.

So we’ve scoured internet land to come up with some of our favourite tips and how-tos with techniques and considerations that will demonstrate exactly how much can be achieved.


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Here’s #SewingTipsFriday and some Halloween how-tos

Halloween sewing tips and tutorials

It’s time to set those sewing machines to work!

We’ve got some wonderful Halloween themed how-tos for you today!

But even more excitingly – this is just part of our first ever #SewingTipsFriday event – where we’ll be posting sewing hints, tips and how-tos all day on our Twitter account and Facebook page.

And we’d love to hear your sewing tips – just post them to our Facebook page or on Twitter – and don’t forget the #SewingTipsFriday tag!

And here are our Halloween sewing tutorials – enjoy!
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Sewists – there’s no need to fear the zip!

Zip and zippers sewing tutorial

How to take the stress out of sewing zips

Zips – or zippers, depending on your preference – often strike fear into the heart of the less experienced sewer. It can be so daunting and so fiddly, can’t it?

Well actually, it’s not as bad as you might think, as these lovely how-tos will demonstrate. Continue reading

Virtually perfect stitch positioning? Why sewing may never be the same again…

The Brother Luminaire XP1 from GUR Sewing Machines

Announcing the arrival of the sensational new Brother Luminaire XP1

Seamstresses or sempsters everywhere will soon be able to “see the light” with the arrival of the Brother Luminaire Innov-ís XP1, which will be arriving at GUR Sewing Machines very soon!

The real show-stopper on this technological marvel is the use of “StitchVision Technology” which projects what’s actually going to be done onto the material – which will really enhance your sewing, embroidery and quilting experience. Continue reading

Sewing machine presser feet – what they’re for and how to use them

Sewing machine presser feet tutorial

Sewing machine presser feet – why are they important and how can they make your life easier?

We’re often asked about the difficulty some of our sewists experience when undertaking specific fiddly tasks with their sewing machines.

It leads to frustration, the end results can be disappointing and – horror of horrors – sewing doesn’t seem to be so much fun any more…

Sometimes there is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution: cue choirs of heavenly angels and champagne corks popping!

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Sewing how-tos: tote bag heaven!

Sewing how tos tote bag heaven

This is the age of the tote bag!

As single use carrier bags are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, more and more people are making sure that they have a bag or two with them before they venture into a shop.

The beauty of the tote bag – and in particular those that you craft yourself – is that you can produce an array or marvellous creations that match your personality, your outfit and accessories, or even your mood!
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Some of our very favourite summer sewing tutorials

Summer sewing projects and tutorials

We thought summer would have died away now – how wrong could we be?

We were beginning to have a look at some of those wonderful autumnal sewing projects featuring warmer clothing, russet colour themes and so on, but now we’re not so sure. We think they’ll have to wait as it looks as though we’ve plenty more heat and sun to go yet! Continue reading

Air threading? With a sewing machine? Guess what’s arriving in September in the UK!

Janome AirThread 2000D sewing machine

Introducing Janome’s One-Push Air Threading System

Janome says “Serging simplified.”

Right now, we’re getting very excited at the prospect of getting our hands on the amazing new Janome AirThread 2000D, which arrives in the UK in September – so not too long to wait!

With Janome’s One-Push Air Threading System, the tedious threading of upper and lower loopers is a thing of the past.

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Sewing tips: how to tackle zips without the fear!

Sewing tips. How to tackle zips without the fear!

We show you how to avoid zip-related stress!

One of the hardest aspects of sewing is fiddling about with zips – they’re often the wrong length, tricky to work with and there are a number of pitfalls that you need to avoid if you’re really going to enhance your sewing experience. Continue reading