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Just connect our thread stands to your machine and enjoy up to 10 spools and make life much easier for thread delivery or even bobbin storage.

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Offering Brother Brother Thread Stands for Brother

You’re in a dilemma. You’ve just picked up the latest sewing machine from Brother and it’s been delivered using our free UK delivery service. Then you realise that you need some more sewing feet, or some overclocker needles or some steaming accessories. You’re not alone; we get lots of emails from people panicking about having missed a couple of things by mistake while ordering with us!

We offer an enormous range of Brother Brother Thread Stands for every one of your sewing needs. So if you’ve finally bought yourself a new Brother Brother Thread Stands but you feel like you need something spare for it, just in case, then have a browse through our massive range of accessories today or, if the choice is too much, give us a call and we’ll help narrow your search down to the right accessory for you and your Brother Brother Thread Stands.

Surely we can’t offer everything?!

Did you buy a sewing machine from Pfaff? What about from Brother? A fabric steamer? Or maybe you bought some bits from Brother? You better believe we have every angle covered! You see we don’t just stock a random selection of products; we research with our partners and look at what’s best for our community. What might our customers buying sewing machines need as well? What about people buying from Brother? We understand you, and that makes providing Brother Brother Thread Stands for you that much easier.

We’ve got all the Brother Brother Thread Stands you might need

In our 60 years in the industry our commitment to UK market remains unchanged; our customers are still at the heart of everything we do. All of our Brother Brother Thread Stands all of the brands we offer and every product we stock is carefully considered for the needs of you guys.It’s because your needs are changing that we can stay at the forefront of this community. Without you we wouldn’t be able to offer the amazing Brother Brother Thread Stands we do, at such great prices from such amazing partners. We’re so grateful for all of your support over the years, but we’re taking nothing for granted.

If you need any help choosing a product, or have a question or query, or maybe even a suggestion, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01299 359 5335 today.

If you are professional or even you have a hobby of sewing, chances are that you will have hundreds of sewing threads spools, to store them at one place organised and properly managed is quite tough, in order to tackle this need we have put some amazing thread stands which gets easily attached to your sewing machine for easy sewing. You can choose from multi spool thread stand or 10 spool thread stand and much more as per your needs. At GUR we have thread stands which fits most of the popular brands it may be Janome thread stand, brother thread stands, Elna thread stands, Husqvarna thread stand etc. All these thread stands are made up of high quality material and are designed for prolonged and uninterrupted supply of thread to sewing machine.

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