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Brother Cover Hem

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Brother CV3550 Coverstitch
Brother CV3550 Coverstitch
Brother CV3550 Coverstitch
Now £589.00

Create professionally finished edges...


The Brother CV3550 Coverstitch machine with 5, 4, 3 and 2 threads, it enables you to produce a wide range of cover stitches on several types and weights of fabric for both decorative and constructive applications. The cover stitch will appear on the bottom side of the fabric while a top stitch will show on the top side of the fabric as you sew hems and add decorative stitching to your projects.

Whether creating durable strapping for sporty garments or utilizing a chain stitch for hems, Brother CV3550 coverstitch machine ensures professionally finished edges. Develop your design portfolio with a wide range of cover stitches on all types and weights of fabric for both decorative and functional applications.

The Brother CV3550 is a dedicated cover stitch only machine with 3 needles, four thread wide triple cover stitch. Two needle, three thread wide cover stitch for hemming and topstitching. Two-needle, three-thread narrow cover stitch. The chain stitch used with one/two needles, ideal for roll hems, tape binding and joining woven fabrics.

There are also exclusive cover stitches such as the triple top cover stitch which is a 3 needle, 5 thread top cover stitch, the Wide Top cover stitch, Two-needle, four-thread top cover stitch. Narrow Top cover stitch which is a 2 needle, 4 thread top cover stitch. These stitches are perfect for hems, top stitching, flat joining seams and edging with elastic and binding.

The Brother CV3550 has a large working space area of 15.5cm, plus a free arm facility which is unique for this type of machine. The built in LED Light near the needle allows a brightly lit work area. The presser foot lifts, to automatically release the thread tension and remove your garment from the machine without sticking or pulling.

If you are looking for a professional finish then the Brother CV3550 is the perfect addition to your sewing room.


  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 thread
  • Cover Hem Machine
  • Triple Top Cover Stitch
  • Wide Top Cover Stitch
  • Narrow Top Cover Stitch
  • Wide Cover Stitch
  • Triple Cover Stitch
  • Narrow Cover Stitch
  • Chain Stitch
  • 4 colour threading guide improved for easier threading
  • Metal thread tree
  • Perfect coverstitches on all types and weight of fabric
  • Differential feed for perfect seams on virtually any fabric type. Eliminates the wavy or stretched appearance of stitches on fabrics
  • Retractable knife
  • Free arm flat bed
  • Large working space area -  15.5cm
  • Brighter working area through energy-saving LED light
  • Lightweight, compact machine with carry handle
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment
  • Common snap on presser foot
  • Built-in accessory storage
  • Dust cover
  • Instructional DVD
Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

Create professionally finished edges...  The Brother CV3550 Coverstitch machine with 5, 4, 3 and 2 threads, it enables you to produce a wide range..
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Reviews for Brother Cover Hem

By CW on 24th October 2017
Review for: Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

Great deal, great service. Very helpful. Love the machine.....a beautiful stitch.
By Susan Sparke on 6th March 2019
Review for: Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

I ordered a Brother cover stitch machine and received a good deal on the model I wanted. The machine arrived very promptly and I was kept informed when it was arriving. I am very pleased with my purchase and also the excellent service that G.U.R provided. I would be happy to buy from this company again in the future.

By MK on 30th March 2019
Review for: Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

Shipping was so quick even to NI and easily tracked. The machine is great! Easy to thread, good stitches and sews beautifully. Would definitely recommend the machine and purchasing from Gur.

By Mrs Caroline Bayley on 14th April 2020
Review for: Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

I’ve always wanted coverstitch but didn’t know which machine to buy salesperson has recommended couple of machines and this machine is popular one. I am so glad with this machine sew beautiful and Bag cover machine perfectly. I would recommend someone who looking to purchase any machine I will tell them go to GUR sewing machines.

By Mrs Kim Fellows on 19th June 2020
Review for: Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

Love the machine, easy to thread, and use, seems to be well built. I was promised some additional thread but I ever received them which is a bit disappointing when spending this much money.
By Ann Parker on 6th November 2020
Review for: Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

Lovely machine and very easy to use, exceptional delivery service from GUR, overall very pleased.

By Jan Hatfield on 7th December 2020
Review for: Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

I am thrilled with my Coverstitch machine my family bought it for me as a big surprise. A brilliant company to buy from such lovely people & always willing to give advise.

By Vivien Prior on 5th February 2021
Review for: Brother CV3550 Coverstitch

This is so easy to use and thread, well done brother

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