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Janome Embellishers

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Janome FM 725 Embellisher
Janome FM 725 Embellisher
Janome FM 725 Embellisher
Now £329.00

The Janome FM725 Embellisher is the first machine from Janome that allows you to do needle punch felting. It doesn't require thread, a bobbin, or any previous sewing experience. You can achieve amazing, one-of-a-kind fabric effects on your first try, and the Janome FM725 Embellisher is so easy to operate, even a child can use it right away.

Instead of one needle, the Janome FM725 Embellisher has five needles joined into a single unit, so they move up and down in unison. On the sides of each needle are tiny barbs. As the needles pierce the top layer of material, these barbs catch the individual fibres and push them down into the bottom layer.

The machine is extremely easy to use and opens up a world of new possibilities for beginning and advanced sewing and craft enthusiasts alike.


  • 5 needle free-motion embellishing
  • No thread required - the Janome FM725 simply meshes the fibres together.
  • Up to 900 punches per minute
  • Five-hole needle plate with five needle unit Included
  • Easy clean lint box
  • Free arm storage compartment
  • Presser foot height adjustment
  • Instructional/Project DVD Included

Janome FM 725 Embellisher

Janome FM 725 Embellisher

The Janome FM725 Embellisher is the first machine from Janome that allows you to do needle punch felting. It doesn't require thread, a bobbin..
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Our range of available products to buy online is second to none. With a full range of Janome sewing machines reviews, which includes manuals and instructions in each product sent out to you, we have become renowned for 100% customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we regularly price match and beat our competitors in both quality and Janome sewing machines price lists. By doing so, you can guarantee that the quality of our products, matched with price are truly market leading and we have been supplying the industry for over 60 years in domestic, commercial and industrial sewing products.

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We place our customers first. We have opened our website to allow Janome sewing machine reviews to be openly published, allowing new customers and visitors to fully understand the truly quality that the Janome brand goes to in providing unique and top quality products to the UK market.

Janome has formed based on the famous stitch regulator and auto tension functions that their sewing based products hold, meaning that they are suited for use by both beginners and experts.

Instructions to buy Janome Sewing Machines Online

Buying Janome sewing machines online has never been easier and we have improved both the functionality of our ecommerce store to deliver a truly unique user experience when it comes to purchasing sewing machines online. With many of our products listed on eBay, we have expanded both our reach and range to provide our customers with accessories and spare parts that are easy to find and distinguish in knowing which one is compatible for your type of machine; whether it be the Janome 2200XT or J3-18.

To see our full range of all of our sewing machines see this page.

New Reviews for Janome Embellishers

By Andrina Roe on 30th October 2008
Review for: Janome FM 725 Embellisher
I have been using this machine for several months now and I'm very happy with it.
By Hazel on 26th May 2009
Review for: Janome FM 725 Embellisher
It's as much fun as I hoped, and so easy to use
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