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Elna Embroidery Machines

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Elna Expressive 820EX
Elna Expressive 820EX
Elna Expressive 820EX
Now £999.00

Elna Expressive 820EX


Life is so rewarding when you are full of ideas and have the urge to create. 

You’ll find the Expressive 820 brings you whole new inspiration and seems to make just about everything possible. You’ll be at the top of your creativity: embroidering poems, creating waves, sowing flowers… and then harvesting lots of compliments. 

Just like fashion designers and decorators, you’ll invent, personalize and customize everything you wish, either through small touches or major transformations. 

Even for the most refined creations, the Expressive 820 has the gift to make embroidering so simple you will go from one project to another with the joy and lightness of a butterfly.

Elna Expressive 820EX

Elna Expressive 820EX

The Elna Expressive 820EX is a Computerised Embroidery Machine suitable for all abilities whether you are a Beginner or more experienced. There are 100..
Now £999.00
Elna Expressive 830EX
Elna Expressive 830EX
Elna Expressive 830EX
Now £1699.00

Explore your creative side with elna's most advanced embroidery-only machine, the new eXpressive 830. This innovative embroidery machine makes it easy to personalize, embellish and monogram home décor items, garments and accessories. With 160 built-in designs and 3 fonts for monogramming, designers can customize home décor, monogram bags, towels and t-shirts. The possibilities are endless and designers can reflect their personal sense of style with this embroidery machine. The variety of hoops that comes with the new eXpressive 830 makes it versatile for a large variety of sizes in designs. In addition, it is compatible with embroidery software. Even without Software, creating sophisticated embroidery layouts is easy. Designs are easily imported through a USB stick and edited through the machine's advanced on-screen editing functions. Navigation through all of these features has become easier with the eXpressive 830's new LCD color touchscreen. Learn step by step all features, play with them and enjoy!

Elna Expressive 830EX

Elna Expressive 830EX

The Elna Expressive 830ex is currently Elna’s most advanced Embroidery machine. The brand new eXpressive 830EX is an inventive machine which makes..
Now £1699.00

Elna Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines by Elna

As the range of sewing related products increases and new brands enter the online world, itís good to understand some of the key players who have been operating in this market for decades. Elna Sewing Machines have supplied the embroidery and sewing industry for a long time now and they are a well establish brand. The Sew Fun 1000, one of the most popular sewing machines by Elna is one of their most recommended and highest selling lines. They have been renowned for manufacturing embroidery products for all types of skills, including beginners and they have seen a surge in 5 star reviews in recent years.

UK Elna Sewing Machines Prices

Our online reviews can help you troubleshoot which Elna Sewing Machine for sale is perfect for your requirements. We stock 16 models and ranges available to quickly and efficiently buy online today from our e-commerce store. With prices that range from £119 to £1999 for both domestic, commercial and industrial sewing use, we are the one-stop shop. Our online support team are also here to help, in making sure you get an affordable machine for your budget.

Buy Elna Sewing Machines Online

Purchasing these products online are a great way to get started in the embroidery hobby. You are able to buy Elna Sewing Machines online from us and have confidence in us as we have been supplying the market for over 60 years. With our core business focus being orientated around supplying quality produce, we have become recognised in the industry for guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee. To understand our full range of available sewing machines checkout the page in the link.

New Reviews for Elna Embroidery Machines

Review for: Elna Expressive 820EX

I am very happy with my new Elna machine, it is sturdy, looks very attractive and sews beautifully. Really pleased that I chose an Elna.

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