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    Embroidery Thread 40 Colours
    • Embroidery Thread 40 Colours
    • Embroidery Thread 40 Colours   2

    Embroidery Thread 40 Colours

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    Information for Embroidery Thread 40 Colours

    Embroidery Thread 40 Colours Information

    Highest-Quality Satin Finish Machine Embroidery Thread by Brother.

    Satin thread is soft to the touch and provides extra strenght as well as the perfect amount of elasticity from embroidery. This thread is rich in colour.

    Works On All Types Of Embroidery Machines. 40 Spools each containing 300mtrs (330 Yard) of 100% Polyester Thread In a Distinctive Giftbox.

    The colour numbers correspond to all Brother Embroidery machines.

    Colours Included:
    White ET-001, Silver ET-005, Prussian Blue ET-007, Cream Brown ET-010, Light Blue ET-017, Sky Blue ET-019, Fresh Green ET-027, Vermillion ET-030, Dark Brown ET-058, Cornflower Blue ET-070, Salmon Pink ET-079, Pink ET-085, Deep Rose ET-086, Dark Fuschia ET-107, Flesh Pink ET-124, Yellow ET-205, Orange ET-208, Tangerine ET-209, Deep Gold ET-214, Linen ET-307, Light Brown ET-323, Brass ET-328, Clay Brown ET-339, Blue ET-405, Electric Blue ET-420, Mint Green ET-502, Emerald Green ET-507, Lime Green ET-513, Moss Green ET-515, Teal Green ET-534, Lilac ET-612, Purple ET-614, Magneta ET-620, Pewter ET-704, Dark Grey ET-707, Red ET-800, Light Lilac ET-810, Beige ET-843, Black ET-900, Gold (Metallic) ET-999.


    Pink ET-085, Flesh Pink ET-124, Orange ET-208, Deep Gold ET-214, Clay Brown ET-339, Blue ET-405, Emerald Green ET-507, Lilac ET-612, Red ET-800, Black ET-900.

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