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Horn Superior 2042

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Superior 2042 Information

The Superior 2042 Sewing cabinet from Horn offers even more legroom, more storage, and is designed with the sought after "centre of needle" sewing position. Large castors bring smooth mobility and stability making it easy to move even this large cabinet into position.

The huge work area at the back of your machine is supported by a sturdy gate leg, this will allow essential extra support with larger projects. This brings comfort and consistency of stitch that you may never have experienced before.

The individual design and size of The Superior allows you to carry out several different projects at once. Stand to the right of the machine and piece together for instance while on the far left have room to sit at another piece of equipment, an overlocker perhaps or maybe to press items with an iron and pressing mat - you have the room to decide.

Now fitted with a cable port to the back of the cabinet for improved cable management. The new inset design where the inset sits inside the aperture on a ledge thus giving an even flusher, smoother, sturdier surface from table top to machine arm.

For those who want that bit more, who need that extra work space, who have that little bit more room available - The Horn Superior. 



If you have an existing maxi-air lifter cabinet you may be able to upgrade to the new electric lifter. There are two ways of doing this, either you can buy the electric lifter and fit it yourself, or Horn can call out and install it for you.

We would need you to check the size of the lifter you have by measuring the length of the opening in the top of your cabinet, it would need to be between 61.5 - 62.5cm.

PLEASE NOTE: Please contact us or refer to the brochure for more information. Due to the lifter type we can't upgrade the Quilters Delight MK2.

Please note: All Horn sewing tables and cabinets are all specially ordered, therefore delivery could take up to 28 working days.

Please note that this cabinet is too large to be taken upstairs by the delivery driver.

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