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Jaguar DQS 401

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DQS 401 Information

With so many different product models out there and so many different features, buying a product that suits your needs can often be a daunting task.


Tired of using the same stitches on your mechanical product over and over again? Have an urge to experiment with a wider selection of decorative stitches? Or just fancy upgrading to a more modern machine? If so, a computerised product may be exactly what you need!

The Jaguar DQS401 is a basic computerised product targeted at beginners and casual sewers, included everything you would expect from an entry-level computerised product, including 40 stitches, a needle threader, a bunch of different needle positions, and a drop-in bobbin.

Jaguar DQS401 has decent selection of stitches including stretch stitches, decorative stitches, surprisingly satin stitches as well plus 4 fully automated buttonholes.

Stitches are selected either using the easy access buttons, or by using the up arrow/down arrow buttons to scroll through the different numbers.

A great product for doing crafts, dressmaking, soft furnishing and alterations round the home.


This machine is Jaguar DQS Range - Sewing Feet
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