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Jaguar DQS 405

Includes - Extension Table | Walking Foot | Freehand Embroidery Foot | 1/4 Inch Foot | Worth £149
Product Code : DQS405 (EX-DEMO)
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Information for Jaguar DQS 405

DQS 405 Information




The Jaguar DQS 405 is the perfect computerised product for all levels of sewing, patchwork and dressmaking - making it your perfect companion for all of your sewing projects.


The Jaguar DQS 405 product is the ideal choice for the beginner, experienced and professional textile crafter.  This machine has some of the best features available for dressmaking, quilting, alterations, crafting, free hand embroidery or making home furnishings.  

This is your perfect partner for precision sewing, offering you the ability to utilise a variety of different built in stitches, allowing you to create a variety of sewn pieces with ease, comfort and speed.  

The Jaguar DQS 405 is a lightweight and well built machine which is ideal for a vast range of materials from delicate fabrics such as silks and cottons to multiple layers of denim or soft leather.

With just the simple push of a button, this computerised product allows you to select the stitch and the optimum settings for length and width. You can use the built-in memory to combine stitch patterns, alphabets and numbers for endless possibilities that you can save and use on future projects.

After 60 years of manufacturing products for users all over the world, Jaguar Sewing Machines is pleased to launch its new exclusive DQS - Digital Quick-threading System.  This harnesses digital technology to make threading easy as 123! Just guide the thread directly from the spool to the needle area through a single groove and thread the needle by simply pressing the threading lever, for truly one-touch threading.

The drop and sew bobbin system means there’s no longer any need to raise the bobbin thread before sewing ... just drop and sew.  


This product offers you 500 Built-In Stitches - with a large variety of stitches for embroidery, dress sewing, quilting, heirloom, crafts, home decorating, decorative sewing and putting together complex sewing projects.  

Choose from 13 different one-step buttonhole styles to create perfectly sized buttonholes every time, no matter how many you want to make. Plus, you can personalise any project with a monogram as this machine includes block alphabets and numerals.

Twin needle sewing creates two parallel rows of stitching, adding a decorative touch to any project. With the electronic twin needle control, stitches are automatically adjusted for twin needle sewing in a snap.

The programmable needle up/down feature is essential for quilters when piecing together patchworks.  Select this feature to have the needle stop in the down position when appliqueing, quilting or pivoting fabric.

The electronic speed control let's you have complete control over the speed the machine when sewing at all times with or without the foot controller giving you added convenience and comfort at all times.  

The Jaguar DQS 405 product is your ideal choice and makes sewing a pleasure!

  • Uses Jaguar’s revolutionary and Unique DQS - the Digital Quick-threading System which is the quickest way for you to thread your machine.
  • 500 different stitches - including 13 styles of auto one-step buttonholes and 3 lettering styles
  • Programmable memory functions - which can save your patterns and stitches
  • Easy to use Speed slider control - giving you full control over the speed of your machine  
  • Start / Stop function - to allow you to sew without the foot control, this makes the sewing of long seams, free motion and buttons easy
  • Direct Stitch Selection - no need to search for a stitch anymore, simple input your stitch number and start sewing
  • Needle up / down - touch a button to set your needle to automatically stop up or down in the fabric for pivoting, applique and more
  • 13 Variable needle positions - 4 top stitching perfect for sewing zips
  • Slim free arm - For working on tubular items such as cuffs, trouser legs and more
  • External drop feed - ideal for freehand embroidery and stippling helping you to create your own patchwork and quilting projects.  
  • Extra presser foot lift - allows easy sewing of thick fabrics
  • Top loading jam proof bobbin - including a see through view slide plate allowing you to see when bobbin needs to be changed
  • Accessory storage space - lots of space in the free arm extension platform

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