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    Jaguar JAGF078 | Ruffler Foot 7mm
    • Jaguar JAGF078 | Ruffler Foot 7mm
    • Brother Ruffler Foot

    Jaguar JAGF078 | Ruffler Foot 7mm

    Product Code : JAGF078
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    Information for Jaguar JAGF078 | Ruffler Foot 7mm

    Jaguar JAGF078 | Ruffler Foot 7mm Information

    Jaguar Ruffler Foot 7mm.

    The new Brother ruffler makes fast work of creating ruffles, with evenly spaced tucks and gathers. Ideal for home dec pillows and curtains. You can also create great trims with purchased ribbons. Single hole needle plate makes this foot perfect for ruffling lightweight fabrics too!

    The ruffling blade on the lower portion of the presser foot is moved forward, its teeth catch a fabric and force it forward into gathers or tucks. The intervals of tucks can be adjusted.

    1. Adjust the amount of tuck or gather by trying different combinations of stitch length, tuck setting and depth setting.
    2. Use a stiff card to slide the fabric from left into the slot, and stitch slowly.
    3. Move fabric about 1" (2.5 cm) past the needle to get started.

    Compatible with:
    Jaguar DQS 377, Jaguar DQS 401, Jaguar DQS 403 QSE, Jaguar DQS 405.

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