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Overlocker Needles

Do you need new needles for your Overlocker? Take a look in this section for all types and sizes of Overlocker Needles for all your favourite brands. We stock overlocker needles for all types of fabrics and sewing needs. Made from superior quality material which makes it quite surdy and log lasting. Available in various sizes these overlocker needles come in various pack sizes, choose the appropriate one suiting your sewing needs.

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Overlocking completely depends upon the needle which you choose for it, correct needle leads to clean and excellent work. You must choose the right sewing needle for your sewing project, the needle that fits in your overlocker machine is the one you must opt for, machines have different needle holder, and if the needle does not fit perfectly in your overlocker machine then the results so obtained will not be as per expectations. Fabric you choose also plays an important role in your sewing project, different fabrics have their own quality, so always keep in mind the type of fabric you choose before choosing a needle for overlocker.
At GUR we make sure that you get the right sewing needle to trace down your sewing ideas on fabric perfectly. Our range of overlocker needles are from major brands like Janome, Elna etc in various sizes. You can choose from Overlocker needle size 80, Overlocker needle size 90, Overlocker needle mixed sizes 80-90 etc. Other options from Elna which ranges Elna ELx705 size 80 needle, Elna ELx705 size 90 needle, Elna ELx705 assorted needles. Janome needles which has Janome ELx705 size 80 needle, Janome ELx705 size 90 needle and much more.