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Novum Overlockers

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Overlockers as you get better

We love nothing more than seeing our customers progressing and becoming more and more talented in the world of sewing. We’ve had requests from people who are just getting started, buying their first sewing machine from our clearance range only to have them come back to us months later telling us how far they’ve come and looking to move on to better machine with more features and settings.

Overlockers is a great example for these kinds of people. These machines are for people with specific needs leading them towards edging, hemming or seaming. We have a massive range of Overlockers from some of the world’s leading brands; so whatever your budget and skill level we have the Overlockers to suit you.

Novum for the UK Market

Our dedication to sewing in the UK has meant that we have made some amazing partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands who recognise our commitment and understanding to this community. We’ve scoured the world for the best products, the best accessories and the best brands to bring to you back home in the UK. Companies like Novum have seen how we work and understand our methods and were more than happy to partner with us to offer their Overlockers at amazing prices.

But we won’t stop there. It’s your feedback and desire for the best products at the best prices that pushes us forward. We’re in constant conversations with our brand partners talking about their latest product lines to see what best suits our customers. We won’t just bring over the new top of the line machine for the sake of it; we need to be sure it’s the best for you guys.

Get in touch today

So you’ve read enough. You have seen the Overlockers that you want. You’ve done a bit of research but you have a couple of questions before you spend a bit of money updating your craft room. That’s absolutely normal. We have a dedicated team of sales staff who are ready and willing to answer your questions, or help guide you to the right product for you and your specific needs.

Even if you have any feedback or suggestions be sure to get in touch with us. You can give us a call on 0121 359 5335 or book a call back so we can reach you at a more appropriate time.

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