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Brother RL417 Janome Digitizer Upgrade From Jr V4.0/4.5/5.0 to MBX V5.5

This software is good, but not for over £700, you only get 3 keys to use, i have used mine already so if my computer goes down i'm nackered. It has a lot of things to help you with your embroidery.good but not briliant.

09th October 2019 | Uxbridge | Mr Anthony Szuch
Brother RL417 Janome Digitizer Upgrade From MBX 5 to MBX V5.5
Of course, aside of the excellent customer service I received for this purchase, this upgrade is what Digitizer needed. The new features added in this update are placing Digitizer V5.5 in the first 5 places of embroidery software. The general view of the working space changed for a more clean image with bigger icons. Lots of more designs too. 5-stars product and attention!
07th October 2019 | SARASOTA | Virginia Brondo Romero
Brother RL417 Upgrade Kit for MC11000 V2.0
Simply lovely.
06th May 2009 | Berkshire | P Garvey
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