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    Spares and Accessories

    Spares & Accessories

    For sewers, sewing accessories and sewing spares are as important as sewing machines, sewing threads and sewing patterns. People nowadays prefer readymade clothes, accessories and other materials, they would just walk into a store and buy one, but there are people who would rather love to trace down their skill on a fabric which not only saves time and money but also helps them infuse their own style and creativity. For completing a sewing project, proper sewing accessories andsewing spares at hand all times is necessary. There are numerous sewing tools flooded in the market today, which helps home-made sewing much easy and enjoyable. With new inventions and computerisation demand of sewing accessories have seen a sudden rise in the past few years.

    The importance of a sewing accessory can be understood by a good sewer, so choosing the right accessories is the most important thing. There are numerous sewing accessories which can be needed anytime, like overlocker needles, sewing feet, needle plate, foot control, needle threaders, spool pin and caps, thread stands, bobbins, sewing machine needle and much more. Let’s discuss about some of the most important and rapidly used sewing spares:

    Sewing Feet: The most important sewing machine part is sewing feet; to implement your sewing ideas perfectly on any fabric you need a good quality sewing feet. There are different sewing feet for different stitching needs, choose your sewing feet as per your machine from different brands. At GUR we stock sewing tool from all the major brands and type like brothers, Novum, Janome, Pfaff etc, different types of sewing feets like braid foot, buttonhole foot, gathering foot, eyelet foot, roller foot and much more.

    Overlocker Needles: Choosing the right needle for your overlocking machine is the most important thing, having the right sewing needle can make sewing easy. Overlocking plays an important role in any sewing project to hold different parts of fabric together, so having the right needle matters the most.  At GUR we have stocked needle for your overlocker which are available in different sizes from all your brands. Made from superior quality material these overlocker accessories can be used with wide variety of woven fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk etc. for smooth and even stitching.
    Needle Plate: It is possible you may need needle pate for your sewing machine for time to time as it may get damaged or worn after prolonged use, replacement needle plates are available as per make and model of your sewing machine. There is a vast range of sewing parts and components which are designed to give best sewing results for your sewing project. You can choose from janome needle plate, brother needle plate, Pfaff needle plate etc. All the sewing spares we stock are made from high quality material with long life and are 100% genuine.

    Foot Control: Not every sewing machine is supplied with foot control, so in order to make sewing easy you need to buy one. By attaching foot control to your sewing machine you are able to finish sewing very quickly and results are much accurate and reliable. This sewing machine foot pedal comes with necessary cables which get attached to sewing machine and power supply port. Different sewing machines have different foot controls, just check the model number of your machine and choose the appropriate sewing accessory for your machine.

    Thread Stands: If you are professional or even you have a hobby of sewing, chances are that you will have hundreds of sewing threads spools, to store them at one place organised and properly managed is quite tough, in order to tackle this need we have put some amazing thread stands which gets easily attached to your sewing machine for easy sewing. You can choose from multi spool thread stand or 10 spool thread stand and much more as per your needs.
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