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Pfaff TruEmbroidery
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Pfaff TruEmbroidery

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Product Code : 640000026
Product Details

Pfaff TruEmbroidery is a software system despigned specifically for Mac Computers. The software is compatible with most top embroidery machines such as Babylock, Bernina, Brother, Husqvarna Viking, Janome, Pfaff and Singer.


With 700+ designs, including 100 bonus designs, 500+ Super-Designs, 500+ frames & flourishes, 600+ motif options, 100+ embroidery fonts, 300+ clip art images and 1,700+ background images, Tru Embroidery Software offers everything you need to work embroidery wonders.


This package includes three modules and two assistants to help accomplish your embroidery projects with ease.

  • TruE Studio – Adjust, personalize and combine embroidery designs, frames and flourishes.
  • TruE Modify – Transform embroideries with the perfect touches.
  • TruE Create – Tap into unlimited embroidery design possibilities with thousands of stitch effects.
  • TruE QuickCreate Assistant – Create designs automatically from clip-art.
  • TruE Portrait Assistant – Create an embroidery portrait from your favorite photo.

Load your favorite embroideries on screen, Add stylish monograms and combine them to create new embroideries.

Use the TruE Studio to use more than 100 fonts and countless lettering options, Instantly rotate, mirror and resize designs, Preview projects on real garments, Repeat and reflect your design with the Encore features, plus hundreds of framing options.


Use the TruE Quick Create Assistant to Create standard embroidery with satin and fill areas, plus you can use up to 325 clip art images (or use your own).


Use the TruE Quick Create Assistant to adjust autolevels for easy effect, plus use a quicker single colour embroidery option.


Use the TruE Modify to select stitches by block, color, polygon or freehand, you can Instantly insert stitches or commands, Converting designs for cutwork needles, Improving the stitchout of designs in speed and quality, Transform your design with the global morphing effects.


Use the TruE Create  for creating designs from pictures with easy specialty effects and thousands of stitch effects, 3D in hoop preveiw with automatic trims, jumps and tie stitches, multiple tools for lace design, over 250 fill patterns or make your own, with the multicolour gradient fill you can create spectacular shading effects, automatically create three-dimensional perspective with flowing stitching, multiple appliqué options, special embroidery effects for fur or flowers, embellish designs with stitch motifs or create your own.


System Requirements:

  • Mac computer with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
  • Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB of available hard disk space
  • Display with at least 1366 x 768 or 1280 x 800 resolution, 16 million colors
  • Mouse, Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad
  • USB port
  • Dongle activation via the Internet

Picture File Formats

The following popular image file formats may be loaded as backgrounds for your projects or to create embroideries: Bitmap (.bmp), Encapsulated PostScript (.epi,.eps), Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), JPEG-JFIF Compliant (.jpg, .jfif, .jpeg), JPEG 2000
(.jp2, jpf), JPEG Multi-Picture Object (.mpo), Photoshop (.psd), Portable Document Format (.pdf), Portable Network Graphics (.png), Postscript (.ps),Tagged Image File Format uncompressed (.tiff, .tif), Camera RAW (.raw & many others), High Dynamic Range (.exr, hdr).

These additional formats can also be loaded: Apple Icon (.icns), Fax (.fax & many others), Linux Icon (.xbm), Macintosh Picture (.pct, .lpic, .pict), MacPaint (.mac, .pnt, pntg), Microsoft Icon (.cur, .ico), Silicon Graphics (.rgb, .sgi) and Truevision TGA (.targa, tga).

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Now 1199.00

Pfaff TruEmbroidery Software

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