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Wonderful Machine, Love it

Mrs Siv Stenegren (Ed)
04th September 2019

Shipping was so quick even to NI and easily tracked. The machine is great! Easy to thread, good stitches and sews beautifully. Would definitely recommend the machine and purchasing from Gur.

Mk (Ni)
30th March 2019

I ordered a Brother cover stitch machine and received a good deal on the model I wanted. The machine arrived very promptly and I was kept informed when it was arriving. I am very pleased with my purchase and also the excellent service that G.U.R provided. I would be happy to buy from this company again in the future.

Susan Sparke (West Yorkshire)
06th March 2019

I live in the USA. When trying to find the best price possible for a genuine Janome Coverstitch 2000CPX Binding Attachment, I found GUR Sewing machines in Great Britain. I placed my order and it was shipped out right away via registered mail. i received it yesterday in perfect order. I saved over 50% of the retail cost in the USA. Thanks so much!

Ms Donna J. Rogers (Usa)
09th August 2018

I had been thinking about getting a cover hemmer for the some months trying to decide if I really did need one as they don't come cheap. After reading reviews and doing lots of research as well as soul searching, I finally decided to take the plunge and ordered the Janome Coverpro 2000cpx. My machine arrived the day after ordering and came ready threaded and I quickly set it up and did several test pieces. The machine is well made, sturdy and has a quality feel to it. The light is good and it has a large bed giving ample space for work. It sews beautifully and I have now completed to 2 projects on stretch and jersey fabrics with no problems at all. The finish looks so professional and there is no tunnelling etc. I did look up several videos on the machine and picked up some useful tips etc as I am a newcomer to cover hemmers. This machine is so easy to set up and use and I am extremely happy with it. Just wish I'd got one sooner. Would highly recommend.

Lyn (Nottinghamshire)
11th January 2018
Great deal, great service. Very helpful. Love the machine.....a beautiful stitch.
Cw (North Yorkshire)
24th October 2017
Having previously owned a Janome 1000CP and having the chance to upgrade to this latest model (2000CPX) I didn't hesitate to grab this opportunity with both hands. The new Tension Level Control (TLC) and Janome's Seam Tightening Systemâ„¢ (STS) is a big improvement, specially for owners who had tension problems on previous models. This machine does 1000spm and is quieter than the previous model, although that's a little hard to gauge as mine sits on a closed cell foam mat (as do all of my machines). The LED lighting is good, the freearm is the same as the previous models and too big for most small sleeves/necks, etc. but as I sew 'in the round' this is not a problem, however I do like the Janome for it's larger flatter bed and space to the right of the needles. I considered a Brother for about 5 seconds! (it's higher price and lack of bed space removed it immediately). Binders and other attachments from the previous models fit the 2000CPX too and as usual, I fitted the clear view foot immediately, the solid metal foot doesn't give a great view of the stitching area. Janome binders and accessories (like some others) are grossly overpriced so I bought them from a USA eBay seller who sells them as 'industrial binders' and lists compatible machines to make sure they will suit your machine. However, for some of these binders, etc. you will need an attachment plate but this is an easy DIY project and can be made from metal or perspex as it's only purpose is a mounting plate for some of the attachments. I know a lot of people complain about tunneling and skipped stitches on coverstitch machines but if tensions are adjusted correctly this is easily overcome. Changing to ballpoint needles for knit fabrics will also stop skipped stitches, just make sure you use ELx705 needles and seat them the full distance up into the holder before tightening the screw and don't be frightened to adjust tensions, that's why the dials are there!
Hannah (London )
24th October 2017

This is excellent value and a highly recommended machine. After phoning GUR for advice on the best cover stitch machine, they advised me on the 2000CPX and I haven’t looked back since. It’s extremely simple to pick up, even though the 2000CPX only does one stitch, it still stitches fantastically on a wide range and on thicker fabrics.

Daniel (Grimsby)
28th August 2015

I love this machine, looks great and the stitching is perfect, so glad I purchased this machine, the customer service was excellent, and the delivery was very quick indeed.

Kate (Kings Cross)
13th May 2013

Again another brilliant machine from Pfaff, fantastic next day delivery and great customer service.

Mrs King (Gloucester)
30th April 2013

This machine is fantastic! The machine looks very professional and sews beautifully. Definitely recommend.

Daisy (Lincoln)
19th February 2013
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