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Came already threaded which was a bonus. Good instructions not had any problems. I am quite a newbie where overlockers are concerned but it looks quite easy to understand.
Sally Birkitt (Brigg)
30th March 2020

This is my first overlocker, so I have a lot to learn on how to use it. I even read the instructions, a first for me ! So far I have found the threading up process a bit of a challenge, fortunately, to make it easier, its colour coded. I am looking forward to getting to know more about overlocking with what seems a well designed machine, and the service from Gursewing is great.

Miss Helen Richardson (Ashbourne)
09th March 2020

I bought this on the recommendation of my sewing class tutor, and have used this model there. (Haven't unboxed mine yet, so review is based on product not on the seller). My sister also bought one which I've used (and re- threaded!) It was my first time using an overlocker so I was a bit apprehensive, but I was able to successfully complete making a pair of leggings in class! New machine comes pre-threaded 👍🏻 Easy to use Cuts as it sews - removing excess material, if needed. Guidebook included Amazing little machine! Re- threading - don't be put off!! (read on)... Stick with it! You'll be amazed how much you needed this machine 😀 Important: Guides to thread machine are numbered, and explained in handbook. However, there's a couple of things that are useful to know upfront: 1. Threading Upper right needle - no. '9': it's a slider you need slide by hand BEFORE you're able to access no. 10, to continue threading!). 2. Threading the lower needle has a tricky part too (after accessing the lower needle area). I read Guide instructions carefully, but they aren't that clear- so be sure to pass cotton through FROM FRONT TO BACK! (you'll know what I mean once you get to this part) Once you've got the hang of it all you'll remember it! OPTIONAL EXTRA Trim Trap' tray: This is an extra you can purchase, to catch the discarded threads/material as you sew (expensive for what it is but saves mess). 

Lisa Allan (Beckenham)
07th March 2020

Fabuolous machine, very happy. Support excellent. The finger fell off on 1st day (removable part) and had fabulous help to work out how to replace it, just as you were about to close. Very happy and thank you for your help and service. Free thread brilluant too

Mrs Catherine Pope (Ipswich)
03rd March 2020

Bought this overlocker after months of deliberating - I am a complete beginner as far as overlocking goes. A month in and I am delighted - still only using the basic overstitch and getting used to the tension and stitch length. It was a bit scary to start with but now whizz over my seams beautifully. The machine came ready threaded with cones, is sturdy and not too noisy. Looking forward to trying the gathering foot!!

Sue Keating (Buckinghamshire)
02nd March 2020

My jaguar 489 over locker and bag arrived the day after ordering and was immediately taken out of the box. All in good order, ready threaded and with no adjustment needed to start my first project. I have found the machine easy to thread and use. It stitches beautifully. All in all a very good buy.

Mrs L Hopkins ()
22nd February 2020

Very happy with my new purchase. This overlocker came highly recommended and so far it’s proved easy to use and looks like it will do everything I want it to.

Ms Sue Brown (Kirtlington)
11th February 2020

I have had this overlocker about a month now; I felt like I should not really buy it as I leeds he a manual thread overlocker but I kept running into problems threading and I could rarely trace back what I was doing wrong and so I wasted so much time messing about. I don’t regret getting this machine as it has taken away all that stress and I can get sewing so much quicker. I was very happy with the free threads that GUR also sent as an extra and these threads are excellent quality. In addition they also sent a carry bag and again I was very surprised and happy with the quality. The machine arrived quickly and no fuss. I recommend all aspects of the service§ice and the goods.

Julia Davies (Sheffield)
10th February 2020

I bought this overlocker as I wanted to get back to sewing again. It’s very easy to use, the colour-coded threading diagrams are fairly easy to follow. My previous overlocker was also a Janome- a MyLock 644- which was so easy to thread the lower looper. I just wish Janome had kept that configuration as the 9300XD is much more fiddly, hence only 4 stars. It’s still a good buy though.

Zarafet (Manchester)
10th February 2020

I am very happy with my new overlocker Jaguar 489. It arrived on time and I've got a great gift of thread and a bag for only £5. The machine works wonderful and it's easy to thread. A good video from GUR about Jaguar threading is on youtube. Recomend the overlocker and GUR.

Mrs Irina Grozavu (Rush Green, Romford)
09th February 2020

Wished for Christmas present, so far so good. Got it out to play and it works fine straight out of the box. The straight stitch and switch to rolled hem all good. Yet to try the free gathering foot or have to clean and oil ...plenty more to discover and looking forward to many hours of playing

Lucky Lowe (Rugby)
28th December 2019

Hi. I’ve already started using my overlocker and found that it makes life a lot easier for the air threading and also the needle threader attached to the side. I was a bit disappointed with the fact that there was no free arm but it’s easy enough to get around this problem of sewing in circles . It’s the best thing Janome has put onto the market. Love it. Would recommend it to people who struggle threading over lockers especially if they have poor eyes as I do. THANK YOU JANOME.

Carole Anne Groom (Dagenham)
27th December 2019

I have had chance to use this overlocker now and so far I am very pleased with the sturdy quality and the ease of threading , the machine is not too loud , as yet I have not gone into all functions of the machine just used basic overlocking stitch so far for which I am very happy.

Mrs Carol Mcgivern (Halifax)
20th December 2019

Brilliant well built and easy to thread. Buy one

Dorman Johanne ()
13th December 2019

i am very pleased with my machine I have purchased many from them with no problems

David Carney ()
04th October 2019

Excellent machine - robust and very easy to thread even for a beginner like me. It took me 3-4 minutes as first time - Super clear manual possibly better than video - maybe more videos would be appreciated. Service was fast and well tracked -

Luca Giuliani (Stanway)
03rd October 2019

I requested delivery on a specific day, and was given a time frame. The machine arrived on time.

It was well packaged. It appears very well made.

I made myself unthread the machine straight way so that it didn't become daunting. The threading instructions are clear, and I found it easy to thread; the 180 degree opening front and DVD certainly helped. So far I've only practiced with one stitch in 4 thread overlocking, haven't made any alterations to width or density or tried any of the extra feet included in the package. The stitches are very neat, and look good.

I'm very pleased with both the machine and the service, which have been excellent. Thankyou.

Could we have more video tutorials on using the machine please?


Mrs Joyce Linskill (Sheffield)
04th August 2019

I have 3 overlockers. A singer, a Brother and this Janome 9300dx.
I can honestly say this Janome 9300DX is the best.
It is easy to thread. It is easy to clean. It overlocks /serge’s brilliantly. Easy to change to a Rolled Hem without using any ‘fingers’ it’s a simple 3 step change. Rolled hems are amazing on this machine.
Go in a Sewing Machine shop and have a trial practice. You will be seriously impressed.

Diane Perkins (Manchester )
22nd April 2019

It worked more or less out of the box. After threading it (thought you might have left a bit more cotton on!) my wife was sewing a hem on a dress 20 minutes later. It sews an extremely neat 2 mm finish out of the box and we haven't changed that yet. Initially starting sewing the machine sounded as though it wouldn't move but after checking everything and pressing on it worked smoothly and quickly. It just sounded differently to our old machine. Threading is easy using the tie on method but the bottom looper will still be tricky (but not difficult) Your service was top class; you kept us informed of the delivery by email and the tracking of the order was brilliant! All in all we are very pleased with the machine, the price and will recommend GUR to all our friends. Thank you.

Frederick Mccabe (St Helens)
11th April 2019

Is a fantastic machine, is value for money! Excellent customer service and quick delivery, if you are planning to buy this machine or any other, I would highly recommend GUR! If you are planning to buy the Brother 4234D Overlocker, make sure to buy the extension as a bundle is only £40 and is worth it, otherwise is £72. Furthermore, I purchased a bag for thread or sewing accessories as part on my bundle and only cost me £1 (But the bag smelled like industrial glue at first - before washing it). Make sure to have a look at the bundles, because you have to click on what you want before you make the purchase, if not you lost the opportunity to buy few accessories for a reasonable price. Also, the extension for the Brother 4234D is made out of good durable plastic, and the way it fits the machine has a very thoughtful design, and it makes it easy to sew big garments.

Michel (Guildford)
08th April 2019

Ordered a Jaguar 489 2/3/4 thread Overlocker - on a Tuesday after an online chat , it was delivered next morning well packed and ready to go. there was a price alert on this machine, with also 50 free reels of thread and 5 different feet which have been really useful. Machine is a dream to use. I would Recommend this machine and definitely recommend GUR for sewing machines and their service.

Mrs Jenni Wilford (Herefordshire)
06th March 2019

Exceptional service , ordered thurs evening, delivered monday afternoon. Kept informed of order progess along the way and given the option of changing the delivery time with plenty of notice, which not all companies do. The Novum Supalock is a sturdy bit of kit, with a robust feel to it. As a complete beginner I wanted a machine that was easy to use and thread. It is, and the instructional dvd on threading was extremely useful. The paper manual is thorough, haven't had to resort to you tube videos to be able to use it! In my opion the stitch quality is very good, my only frame of reference for that is a comparison with a Janome overlocker that i've used in my beginners sewing class. I think the Novum is the better machine.

K Maddrell (West Glamorgan)
15th February 2019

Excellent customer service and value for money!..... I finally purchased a Jaguar 489 overlocker after doing loads of on line research and also having spoken to GUR about several models and weighed up their very helpful advice. On receipt, at first I struggled to get the stitches correct, being my first ever overlocker, but having called GUR for advice, I received a phone call from Palma, who talked me through the correct settings, I persevered and sent photos of the results of my test stitches at different settings through, as he suggested. Palma then took the time to call me again and look at the photo samples with me, explaining things very thoroughly. He also sent me the free January offer of a handheld steamer immediately when I queried if I was eligible, so all in all, I cannot fault the customer service I received, it is refreshing to get such great pre and post purchase support. I highly recommend GUR and will certainly be buying again from you again, and thank you for your patience as a novice overlocker sewer! And finally, after speaking with Palma only two days ago for advice, I have now made my first knit fabric item, ever, and all on the Jaguar. It was so quick and easy to do, and looks great!

Mrs Fiona Steventon (Powys)
08th February 2019

Bought this a couple of years ago as an upgrade from my old Frister Rossman machine, which works perfectly but is over 30 years old. It is a lovely machine, easy to operate and threading is a breeze. It was on sale when I got it and very good value for money. As far as I am concerned, the only negative is that it is quite noisy, however a noise reduction mat has greatly reduced that problem and I hope to be using my overlocker for years to come.

Wendy (West Midlands)
29th December 2018

This Jaguar 489 is a fantastic overlocker. I got a real deal and haven't stopped using it since it arrived. It's really straightforward and easy to use. My only slight issue is that trying to thread can be complicated at times, but that's more due to being left handed. Some of the mechanisms get in the way when I'm trying to thread it. Have recommended it to plenty of mates though and would suggest it to anyone reading this review.

Terry Boyce (Hereford)
27th November 2018

Until now, I have never owned an overlocker until now. I was trying to sew some stretch fabric, but with a standard sewing machine, it was having none of it. So I spoke to a very helpful gentleman on the phone, I explained to him, the type of fabric I was using and what I was looking to achieve. Immediately he recommended this machine for me. So I went and purchased this Jaguar 489 Overlocker. It is very simple to thread and to clean, even for a total novice like myself, as the front opens up and swings out the way, very smart. You will not be unhappy in any way if you buy this Jaguar 489 Overlocker. I love it, only had it a few weeks, already made 3 shirts, a top from my stretch fabric, and will finish a shirt later. An extremley happy customer!!

Michelle Woodburn (Chester)
27th November 2018

I am really pleased with this new machine, i was going to buy a Janome until i read the reviews on this one and i am happy to have changed my mind. The carriage was extremely quick and arrived within a day of ordering, it was packed very sturdy and came already threaded, although i have used an industrial overlocker previously, this is the closest to industrial quality, so i was familiar with how it all worked. I would have no hesitation in recommending this machine and all its features, which i am still trying out at the moment.

Diane Foden (Halifax)
27th November 2018

I bought this overlocker, my very first, just over a month ago. I had read many reviews on various overlockers concerning threading issues and was sceptical about getting an overlocker but this machine is so easy. In fact it’s excellent. It’s a very durable beast of a machine that does not worry at any fabric you put through it. If you are reading reviews to make up your mind then look no further. This is a wonderful overlocker and if you still haven’t made a decision, give GUR a call, they will speak to you and offer the best advice. Their delivery times and customer service is also a breath of fresh air.

Clare Bennett (Weymouth)
27th November 2018

Initially I was recommended to spend at least double this on a decent overlocker but after doing my own research by reading the reviews and specs i went for this one, and I love it. It came within 2 days, which is fantastic considering I live in northern Scotland. It has clear instructions and is equipped to use out of the box. I really wanted a machine that is simple to use, versatile, opens up to allow easy maintenance as this is the only issue i have with my brother sewing machine. It does weigh quite a bit, but that because it’s made with metal parts not plastic and This was definitely the right choice for me with the feed differential as i work with all sorts of materials such as fine silk, plus fur, tweed and leather. The accessories included are really good aswell. Time will tell how long it lasts but for now i am very impressed indeed for the price this is just amazing

Hayden Connolly (Aberdeen)
27th November 2018

My Novum Supa Lock 488 is the first overlocker I have used but I need not to have worried, it is a great purchase and with superb value. I have had no problems with threading it or setting up, with the front opening 180 degrees and it is all clearly explained in the manual. Easy to use, compact, well-equipped and well-made machine. If you have any hesitations just go for it, you won't be

Marie Steeple (Chesterfield )
27th November 2018

I am happy with this machine. It is easy to thread as it opens up, and is clearly labelled so you don’t have to get the manual out when you want to thread it. Stitches are relatively neat and it does the job. There are no bells and whistles and although it is fairly noisy but all in all a good budget machine that does what you need an overlocker to do. I haven’t really tried any of the other feet or fancy stuff like rolled hems but I’m sure it will be just fine. Thanks!

Norman Whitley (Hanley)
27th November 2018

My husband bought me the Jaguar 487 overlocker for Christmas. I had been reviewing overlockers since mid November on various sites and YouTube . I don't have a huge choice of item stores nearby and I was a bit dubious of purchasing something like this without having a trial run. I have never used an overlocker before so I really was relying on reviews of other users and purchasers and so know how important it is to get a detailed review of each aspect of the experience. I had been on the GUR website amongst others several times since the summer as I was also looking for a item to restart the hobby of clothes making and household crafting I had let lapse for about ten years. I have a daughter studying fashion who was in need of an overlocker and item to help save on the late …

Helen Mcgowan (Kildare)
06th November 2018

Expensive but the best, I had a brother overlocker and had some issues with tensions, sewing issues on thicker fabric. The Jaguar Overlock item was the Best Buy for my alteration business, easy to thread, easy to clean. My workhorse will not change it for the world

Adams (Denmark)
06th November 2018

I purchased my Jaguar from my local sewing centre. I felt I needed the peace of mind that, if I had no clue what I was doing with my item, some one on one assistance might be invaluable. Well, this item rocks. I was nervous about re threading it, especially after hearing the sewing centre lady say some customers go back several times for rethreading help before they 'get it'. I broke One of my threads, I managed to get it re threaded within minutes. I'm thrilled. It does a lovely, uniform stitch and I can knock together kids pyjama bottoms or tops in less than 30mins. All this, from someone who had never even switched an overlocker on 2 1/2 weeks ago. It's a fantastic unit.

Trish (Northants)
06th November 2018

Hi, I purchased my item for Christmas and birthday and have only just really started using it. I have managed to re-thread it without too much difficulty and am delighted with the build quality, ease of use and quality of the stitching. Trish has a video showing how to thread it which is brilliant as I couldn't understand what to do with the needle threads. I am learning from scratch really and it's not near as scary as I though. I did have a demo in the store before online purchase and am delighted with the bag and threads i got with it. I have not tried the feet options yet. Thank you GUR

Ann H (Nottingham)
06th November 2018

I purchased this item as a gift for my wife following the sound advice given to me by the experts at Gur. I highly recommend it to anyone and would like to thank Gur for assisting me in making the right choice with this product. I will certainly be coming back for their advice and products. From a very happy and satisfied customer.

Jagdeep Singh (London)
06th November 2018

I have just bought this overlocker and it arrived today .... all i can say is what a beautiful item. don't be put off by the name because this item has many other brands like the necchi 181 ... singer stylist 2... Iv had the singer 14sh754 and iv had the brother 929D and i would buy this item over any other overlocker on the market and the price is just amazing with a free extension table worth £80.00 It’s quiet with beautiful stitches i so wish i had bought this item before any other item iv had So if your looking for an easy to thread beautiful overlocker then this is the one its amazing thank you gur products

Richard James (South Shields)
06th November 2018

Hi, The overlocker is going well. I just wanted to say that I bought the same overlocker (then labeled a a Frister & Rossman) about 25 years ago and it cost me £420 (a lot of money then). The new item I bought from you recently cost £220 - that is mad isn't it?! Best wishes, Bridgette Bruckshaw

Bridgette Bruckshaw (Worcestershire)
06th November 2018

What a item, love it. I got rid of my Frister Overlocker as I had too many problems to list... My new Novum Supa lock which I have had for 5 months has been amazing, its coped with all types, layers of fabrics without any hiccups, giving me fantastic results around my new home. so far I have achieved making new pair of curtains, cushions and chair covers......will recommend this overlocker to anyone for ease of use and threading.

Sharon (Scotland)
06th November 2018

Love It, Love It, Love It. I was looking at the Brother 1034D but made the right choice with the Jaguar.......SO EASY TO USE, I have always been so scaredat the sight of threading them.

Karen (South Wales)
06th November 2018

Everything was first class- the advice- the offers- the delivery- the item is quick, easy to thread, sturdy- chatted on line and from enquiry to using the item for the first time couldn't have gone any better. Would recommend to friends and family.

Donna Kim Samuel (London)
06th November 2018

I was recommended brother overlocker by my friend, i treated myself to a brother 4234D after using it for a week I had mechanical problems....GUR Sewing without any hesitant collected and refunded my money. A week later decided to purchase the jaguar overlocker, i have had the item 8 months and its proved to a much more reliable than the brother and has performed 100%. I will recommend this item to anyone

Sharon (Denmark)
06th November 2018

Bought this already some months ago, but wanted to test it before leaving a review. After many shirts and pants for kids I'm extremely happy with my purchase. There have been no mechanical problems, re-threading is easy to fix even if a thread breaks, the sewing quality is great. The customer service from GUR was also outstanding, they answered all of my many questions and the item was delivered quickly and without any problems even overseas.

Hannah (Finland)
06th November 2018

I’m so happy with my purchase from Gur! I bought the Jaguar Novum overlocker and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s sturdy, the easiest overlocker to thread as the case opens right up making threading the loopers dead easy! It’s quiet compared to my Singer and sews perfectly all the time. The service is the best I’ve ever experienced and I can’t praise them enough. Delivery was super quick too, it was a total pleasure doing business with these guys and I shall definitely go to them again. 10/10 Thank you GUR!

Karen Connolly (Hampshire)
06th November 2018

Was always afraid to buy an overlocker as they looked so complicated took the plunge and went for janome 2000D brilliant everyone should have one of these super easy to thread and use really solid frame its perfect

Angela Sutton (Doncaster)
03rd November 2018

Cannot get tension right. Its awquad and loud. Constantly snaps due to tension. Dont recommend at all

Kylie (Doncastee)
09th September 2018

Received my Jaguar 487 Overlocker in excellent time after placing the Order. I am so delighted with this machine. My ancient overlocker was very frustrating , so much time wasted trying to thread the machine. The Jaguar i487 is easy to thread. The machine came already threaded ,including 4 spools of thread ready for use. My sample produced a professional finish. I made the right choice at a very good price. 5 Stars.

Maureen Heathcote (London)
24th August 2018

Hi, The overlocker is going well. I just wanted to say that I bought the same overlocker (then labeled a a Frister & Rossman) about 25 years ago and it cost me £420 (a lot of money then). The new machine I bought from you recently cost £220 - that is mad isn't it?! Best wishes, Bridgette Bruckshaw

Bridgette Bruckshaw (Worcestershire)
08th August 2018

I have just bought this overlocker and it arrived today .... all i can say is what a beautiful machine. don't be put off by the name because this machine has many other brands like the necchi 181 ... singer stylist 2... Iv had the singer 14sh754 and iv had the brother 929D and i would buy this machine over any other overlocker on the market and the price is just amazing with a free extension table worth £80.00 It’s quiet with beautiful stitches i so wish i had bought this machine before any other machine iv had So if your looking for an easy to thread beautiful overlocker then this is the one its amazing thank you gur sewing machines

Richard James (South Shields )
02nd August 2018

I purchased this machine as a gift for my wife following the sound advice given to me by the experts at Gur. I highly recommend it to anyone and would like to thank Gur for assisting me in making the right choice with this product. I will certainly be coming back for their advice and products. From a very happy and satisfied customer.

Jagdeep Singh (London)
19th July 2018
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