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    I wouldn’t recommend this overlocker, it hasn’t worked properly since I’ve had it. It has been in to GUR and I was advised as it was the timing out I should have had to pay but they waived the fee and I all I had to pay was postage. I was without it for 2 weeks. It came back just as bad as before, it is ok to start with then it breaks thread and needles - this is on every garment! I can never get a garment out without changing needles and re-threading. I can’t go at any speed without it unthreading or breaking a needle. It even flung a stitch finger out - it was bent so couldn’t be put back in so had to use the other one provided. The tension seems to change itself too. I have taken it to my sewing lessons to show the tutor and she agrees it’s not working correctly. I went with this one as the reviews were great, wished I hadn’t. When I’m trying to use it, it’s just waiting for it to play up. I am very frustrated I wanted something to make my life easier but it makes my life harder. If I send it back again I’m going to have to pay again. I just want an overlocker that works.
    Liz Hipkiss (Gur Sewing Machines)
    09th November 2022

    Lovely machine, easy to thread, delivered on time. Would like the manual to have more detail on what stich to use for what project, but I am a bit of an overlocker novice, and I guess this is for the more experienced sewer, need to play with it.

    Mrs Nora Stuart (Holsworthy)
    02nd July 2022

    Really pleased with this overlocker. Very good company to purchase from. Staff extremely helpful and delivery prompt as promised. Many thanks

    Mrs Doreen Turner (Widnes)
    04th June 2022

    Never used an Overlocker before but this is really straightforward to use. Came threaded with colour coded spools and was really easy to rethread, following diagrams inside the cover. It feels very solid and breezed through multiple layers of heavier cotton drill to finish seams on some trousers. At full speed it needs a sturdy table or it will rock a lot, but the rubber feet seem to help a lot.

    Ms Heather Ratcliffe (Stratford Upon Avon)
    30th May 2022

    So far really thrilled with this machine. Lots to learn but seems extremely well built as promised. Interest free option also great.

    Miss Elaine Mew ()
    14th May 2022

    I broke my original one of the above overlocker which I totally gutted. Thankfully I found the website and ordered myself a replacement, it turned up in days, brilliant service, one hic-up was my bulb was broken, I contacted them via email and delivery was only 1 week later, brilliant service from the company. I love my new overlocker.

    Carol Chapman (Didcot)
    07th May 2022

    Arrived quickly. Good service from GUR. Overlocker working well. Easy to use and thread!

    Mr Jim Merriman (Stourbridge)
    06th May 2022

    Brilliant, having never used an overlocker it was a bit daunting but this came ready to sew with, I'm really enjoying using it.

    Kate Weston (Ashbourne)
    17th March 2022

    Ordered online and the machine arrived the next day. Manual and CD instruction video included, but there’s lots of help too online. . Machine pre-threaded, so was able to start practising straightaway.

    Mrs Sarah Holmes (North Kilworth)
    06th March 2022

    It was delivered the next day. Pre threaded. I already had a dress cut out and made half of the dress in a couple hours even though I’ve never used an overlocker before. I had to stop because it became unthreaded. So I left it til I could work out how to thread it. The DVD was Spanish. So I used utube to show me how. It was easy. Don’t know why I was worried. Love it.

    Mrs Julie Hines (Scunthorpe)
    05th March 2022

    So far, so very good. Entirely my own fault but I have had a fair amount of threading practice since my overlocker arrived and it really is as easy as it's said to be. And much easier than the Janome I learned on. The manual was fine but I found it very helpful to find it online and then blow up the pictures for the lower looper threading. So far, I've done 3 and 4 thread overlooking - both seams and neatening. Yes, it's a trifle noisy but it does everything that I can imagine wanting to do. Service from Gursewingmachines was excellent

    Ms Carole Hall (Baschurch, Shrewsbury)
    13th February 2022

    Still new but I’ve unboxed and had a little play. Happy so far

    Ms Zoe Scott (Camberwell)
    01st January 2022
    Really good service and delivery. Machine not been used yet as is a Christmas present
    Mrs A Bragg (Southend)
    13th December 2021

    Fantastic love it so easy to use

    Mrs Wendy Kershaw (Grimethorpe)
    07th December 2021

    I've had this machine for over six months now and I'm very pleased with it. It's easy to use and threading isn't difficult, especially with the way the machine opens up. I would recommend using the thread tension settings as a starting point and experimenting with your fabric/thread combination. I usually always find that my looper tension needs to be higher. I haven't made much use of the differential feed yet but am confident enough now to use it to make a t-shirt without sewing first, and the results have been impressive. Highly recommended.

    Paul Strickland (Salisbury)
    05th December 2021

    I am a very experienced seamstress and finally made the decision to purchase an overlocker. I bought the Jaguar overlocker because a friend had previously bought one and was extremely pleased. I ordered it one day and it arrived for breakfast the next day so it was super fast. The DVD was useful as a guide to rethreading. The doors on this machine open right out so it isn't at all fiddly to thread up. You can see exactly what you are doing. I had rethreaded and was using it by the afternoon it was delivered. I would consider it an entry level machine and the extra feet that are supplied will be very useful.

    Miss Anne Humphreys (Norwich)
    01st November 2021

    The overlocker is brilliant, stitches are very even, threading the overlocker is the best I’ve done very easy, no flimsy sections to worry about, great value for money. The cottons are very good. The bag is great it fits my sewing machine and overlocker.

    Duncan Rose (Stoke-on-trent)
    21st October 2021

    I baught this machine because my other overlocker had broken and was beyond repair. I have to say, I was a bit weary at first but I needn't have worried. This is a lovely very well built and very quiet machine. I also love the fact that there is storage for needles, converter and cleaning brush to name a few, in the front cover. I can honestly say that up to now I love this machine.

    Diane Wallman (Oldham)
    04th October 2021
    Well satisfied, an excellent. Machine, no problem.
    Mr Charles Gray (Hull)
    02nd October 2021

    Excellent service. Machine was delivered much earlier than the expected date with no fuss. I’m new to Brother and have only been examining the guidebook and experimenting, but so far I’m delighted with machine and service. Thank you Gur.

    Mrs Margaret Hannett (Eccleston, Chorley)
    22nd September 2021
    Very quite delivery, excellent service
    Jean Teague (Midsomer Norton Radstock)
    17th September 2021

    My wife is very happy with the Brother 2104D overlocking machine. In our opinion It's easy to use, produces a good quality finish and is adaptable for various tasks with the additional foot attachments and the double needles. Value for money item with a good after sale service from GUR

    Mr Philip Goddard (Swindon)
    22nd August 2021

    Speedy delivery. Machine arrived all set up which was great as its a bit fiddly to thread but becomes easy once you get the hang of it. It's compact but sturdy. Bit early to tell but so far seems like a great buy.

    Mrs Karen Park (Irvine)
    06th August 2021

    I am so pleased with my overlocker, It’s my first and I love it, I haven’t threaded it yet but it looks easy enough and with all the instructions I shouldn’t have much trouble. The cotton they provide is a bonus, it makes it a joy to get cracking straight away. The little tray is a great asset and so is the extended table thingy, on other maKes and models these are extras, I have made a bag and a dolls dress so far😊 the world’s my oyster. It was delivered really quickly too and the driver was very helpful. Overall I would definitely recommend this 😊

    Susan Eaton (Swinton)
    29th July 2021

    Easy to order, delivery was very quick. The overlocker came pre threaded which was very useful. The machine is compact but does the job very well. The accessory pack contained tweezers for threading the machine, spare needles and additional feet to carry out other tasks such as gathering etc plus other tools. The waste try is very handy and keeps the work area tidy. The foot pedal is lighter than I expected it to be but does the job. Overall I'm very pleased with the overlocker.

    Mrs Jennifer Ryan (Leicester Forest East, Leicester)
    17th July 2021

    I am totally new to owning an over locker, and was worried whether I would get on with one but I can honestly say my new Jaguar 488 is my new best sewing friend. It comes already threaded so you can have a play straight from in boxing, but it's so easy to thread I managed to change threads first time. The machine is a pleasure to use, easy to control, stable and does not make a huge amount of noise. I initially was undecided between the 488 and 489, but decided the additions of 2 thread, a waste tray and a thread cutter were not necessary for me. I am delighted with my machine. Was also grateful for the phone advice I received pre purchase. All round would highly recommend this machine and GUR.

    Mrs Emma Francis (Skipton)
    16th July 2021

    I’ve never used an overlocker before and it has transformed my sewing experience! I wasn’t sure what to buy but the guys at GUR were superb and steered me to the best machine for me. It’s so easy to use - threading is a doddle and the machine runs like a dream. I won’t bother shopping around anymore when it comes to sewing equipment and accessories as the service from GUR is fantastic so much so I treated myself to new sewing machine from them too 😊

    Lisa Westbury (Leicestershire )
    14th July 2021

    After researching overlocker I was so confused. I contacted GUR and they were able to offer advice and made recommendations. I placed an order for the Jaguar Novum 488 overlocker. The transaction was easy and straight forward. The order was placed around 2.30pm and by 10.00 am the next day it had been delivered. Now that's service. I haven't used it yet but am looking forward to it. It came pre threaded which is a big help. I would highly recommend GUR.

    Mrs Tracie Sperrin (Weston Super Mare)
    11th July 2021

    I bought the Jaguar Novum Supa for my wife who started sewing during the lockdown. As she had never used an overlock machine I was looking for a model that was easy to use. After contacting GUR for some recommendations we chose the 488 model. The overlock arrived the next day to my wife's delight. She has been using it ever since and found it easy to set up and use. It comes already threaded which makes the spool change much easier when following the instruction manual. Great overlocker and excellent customer service from GUR.

    Mr Brian Guest (Leamington Spa)
    05th July 2021

    I asked questions via the online web chat which helped me make my mind up to purchase this machine, I haven’t used it much but it is easy to thread and it works brilliantly. Very fast delivery as well. I also went on to purchase the extension table for this machine from GUR as well, again - very fast delivery. Keep up the good work GUR.

    Jo Fairman (Uckfield)
    04th July 2021

    Ordered on Sunday afternoon, it was here when I got home from work today (Tuesday).

    Incredibly easy to set up. I played around with the tensions, stitch width and differential feeds to see how they would affect the stitch.

    Really useful having it ready threaded with different colours so I could see the effect of each change I made.

    I decided to bite the bullet and try re-threading it with the thread I had ordered from GUR. I could not believe how easy it was to thread. The machine is much quieter than I expected it to be and I love the fact that you can completely open up the front to see where all the threads go.

    Thank you GUR for your excellent, efficient service. I can't wait to start sewing in earnest.

    Louise Hughes (Surrey)
    29th June 2021

    I wanted to buy a Brother as I have a Brother embroidery machine and have never had any problems with it and find it very easy to use. I haven't used an overlocker for about 20 years and remember how difficult it was to thread, but technology has moved on and I'm so pleased with this machine. It is extremely easy to operate and threading is a doddle compared to the old machines as long as you take your time and do it methodically. The only down side is that it is noisy. I have put it on a padded mat which does help, but I'll have to try something thicker. Overall a joy to use and I wish I'd bought one earlier.

    Miss Deborah Clifford (Ledbury)
    26th June 2021

    Purchased this as a second machine, whilst trying to find a repairer for my Janome. What a fantastic machine- basic but does everything beautifully. Easy to thread, it does come with threads already threaded, but wanted to try it myself. This machine does not disappoint and the customer service has been brilliant in answering my queries prior to purchase. Highly recommend and it came with extra sewing feet-which I am looking forward to trying out soon.

    Susan Williams (Buckingham)
    01st June 2021

    I have never used an overlocker before but find the Jaguar 489 very easy to use and thread. The instructions are very easy to follow and the machine is everything I wanted for my first machine.

    Mr Darren Folger (Brighton)
    19th May 2021

    I really like this machine. This is my first experience with an overlocker so still learning to use it. However it is surprisingly easy to thread. I am doing a short overlocker course to help learn how to make adjustments to the machine. So far I have had really good results with overlocking my sewing projects.

    Judith Brown (Tring)
    13th May 2021

    I can’t wait to start using my new Jaguar overlocker , read so much about it , it’s the perfect match for me😊

    Ann Burrow (Loughborough)
    08th May 2021

    This machine is easy to thread up. I like both doors opening for ease of threading up. As with most overlockers it takes time to get the right tensions. It is a heavy stable machine and sews very nicely over all fabrics especially knits. I had not heard of this brand and am very impressed with the quality of this machine.

    Mrs Christine Bremner (Brackley)
    04th May 2021

    Great product, easy to use, good user manual. Great service from GUR. Ordered and received the next day. Threaded and ready to use. Good machine for a new overlocker like me. Does all that I need it too. Picked up some good tips as well from you tube. Will shop with GUR again. Thank you

    Mrs Maureen Berry (Walmersley, Bury)
    20th April 2021

    Absolutely delighted with the Jaguar overlocker. Rang GUR for advice as was considering two or three models. The advice (on several occasions!!) was so useful and I was advised that this model would suit my needs rather than the more expensive one I was considering. Machine came pre-threaded and although I felt intimidated the machine has proved itself to be a perfect companion to my Janome sewing machine. Excellent machine and excellent service.

    Mrs Alison Taylor (Harwich)
    11th April 2021

    Very pleased for my new overlocker. New to overlocker's and pleased with the ease of use. I can recommend to new users for ease of use, threading and does all that a beginner to immediate sewer would need. Price point good and the extra's pressers foots a good deal. Loved the surprise gift of the fab carrying case. Will be great for storage. Service from Our great. Ordered on Wednesday arrived ready to use on Thursday. Shipping included in the pricing which I like. Will visit your web site again. Thanks

    Maureen Berry (Greater Manchester)
    08th April 2021

    I found this machine to be incredibly easy to use, as a first time user of an overlocker. The 180° opening really does help with threading the machine, which again, is very easy following the guides. So far I've only used it in 4 and 2 thread modes, but I'm really, really happy with the professional finish that it provides. GUR were really quick to dispatch the machine, I ordered it on a Sunday evening and the following morning I received confirmation that it has shipped and it was received before 11am on the Tuesday. Such a fantastic service.

    William Tobias James Chandler (London)
    07th April 2021

    I was looking for a new overlocker and needed an easier threading system. This machine is so clear to see how it’s threaded...the machine is sturdy and although I haven’t tried all of the different attachment feet I can’t see it being a problem. Great price too...this is my second new machine from GUR....I would recommend the service and friendly advice and delivery, not to be sneezed at these days!

    Jean Phillis (Kellington)
    03rd April 2021

    I've never used an overlocker before but after a lot of deliberation I bought the Jaguar 489... I love it! I've even re-threaded it! I would definitely recommend it! 

    Ann Downham (Ingol, Preston)
    26th March 2021

    Fabulous. Works like a dream and so easy to thread

    Mrs Karen Canty ()
    05th March 2021

    I bought this after looking at reviews of many overlockers, it came out well. I had never used an overlocker but I wanted to neaten fraying edges and was intrigued to what else you can do ... My first morning opening the box, the machine is pre threaded, I started to work my way through the different types of use... then got stuck with replacing a needle... the lovely man on GUR Helpdesk couldn’t have been kinder or more patient. Thank you +++++. It threads easy and the needle issue was me 🤣 .. I love it.

    Ms June Cottam (York)
    02nd March 2021

    Very pleased with this one..cannot praise GUR highly enough for their customer service, will definitely recommend them

    Robert Styles ()
    02nd March 2021

    Great machine, just what I wanted, very easy to use which was very important. Works well with excellent finish to the fabric. GUR were very helpful and the service was first class. Machine arrived the next day. Will definately use them again.

    Mrs Ann Cooper (Darley, Harrogate)
    27th February 2021

    Really pleased with my overlocker. It is easy to thread, very responsive to the pedal and quiet. The customer service team at GUR are superb

    Mrs Ruth Epton (North Walsham)
    26th February 2021

    I am 80 and this machine was purchased for me by my husband as my fingers not as supple as they used to be. I am loving this new machine. The very fact that it opens up at the front to facilitate ease of threading the dreaded lower looper. The machine is well made, as yet I have not used all the attachments, but have no reason to think these will notgo well I t is an excellent machine all round with good value for money. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

    Mrs John Rankin (Shetland)
    24th February 2021

    Good value and a very well made and engineered machine. Very easy to thread. Stitches very good

    Mr Colin Fannon ()
    24th February 2021
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