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    I bought this as a temporary and cheap solution to use when I'm away from home. To be honest I didn't expect much at all from the performance of this machine because it's so basic but on my first time using it I was so Impressed! The first thing i noticed was how quiet it was! I know of many other machines on the market in this price range and also some higher end sewing machines that are not as quiet as this one. This is a quality built machine that is very sturdy and light to carry which would be fantastic for anybody taking sewing classes for example. The first thing i did was stitch out all the stitches available so I could assess the quality of each stitch pattern, not only were they reasonably good quality but the machine sewed so smoothly which I love! The reverse stitch button functioned very well, I'm mentioning this because that function on other brands of manual sewing machines I have owned in the past have been quite stiff to press. Also you can get great control of the foot pedal on this machine which is fantastic if your doing top stitching and you need to sew slowly for a perfectly accurate result which gives a very professional look to your project. Overall it's a wonderful sewing machine! I would love to know what the higher end Brother manual or computerised sewing machines are like now that I have had the pleasure of trying this one! I'm so thankful that I have tried a Brother sewing machine because I think when I can upgrade I shall upgrade to another Brother machine! "Brother by your side"

    Patsy (Wales)
    01st December 2018

    I haven't used a sewing machine for years but having just moved, I wanted curtains, cushions etc that were exactly what I wanted rather than making do with ready-made 'good enough'. I have made all the soft furnishings for my home, reupholstered my son's caravan, made personalised bedding for the kids, repaired zips and lots of other jobs - I don't know how I managed for so many years without a machine! This particular machine has been so simple to use and far less complicated than older machines. Threading and bobbin instructions are printed on the actual machine making it almost fool proof. The only issue I had was when I used different thread for the top stitch and bobbin which really didn't work (serves me right for trying to take a shortcut!). Overall, highly recommended for beginners or straighforward sewing.

    Sarah (Lonon)
    01st December 2018

    This was such a bargain and is amazingly useful and has been used more than I expected in just a few weeks of owning it. As a first time machine owner this is very easy to use with a simple dial to choose the stitch type you want which is shown making it easy. Winding the bobbins is easy.

    Susan (Liverpool)
    01st December 2018

    This Brother Innovis NV1100 is a fabulous machine. I quilted my first project, without any tears and tantrums. I would highly recommend this machine for both sewers and quilters.

    Pam (Stafford)
    12th November 2018
    Love my new jaguar 590. Easy to use and very quiet. Arrived quickly.Staff and delivery man were top class.
    Sandra (West Yorks)
    03rd November 2018

    I went to see GUR Sewing Machines at their shop in Birmingham so I could see the 8200, and they were lovely, I had a demonstration, I was shown all of the basics and more. I already have a Janome but have been looking for a new item for quite a while. As soon as I started using this item I had to have it, works so very good, the quality is fantastic, definitely worth the trip to Birmingham. Highly recommend.

    Ellen (Northampton)
    17th October 2018

    Possibilities are simply endless with the Janome M100 QDC! Not only it is fantastic for exploring and experimenting but also its ease of sewing quickly and professionally. One of the many things I love about this model is how well it has been thought out, its ideal for someone who is highly experienced, but also a learner who wants to extend their imagination, because of the personal touches and embroidery stitches the machine has to offer (i.e several types of alphabet and decorative stitches!). Being computerised, stitch quality is superb, thanks to the superior feed of fabric, whilst clever features make sewing a doddle: The start/stop button allows you to control your stitching with the touch of a button, so the foot pedal is no longer needed (but is included!). Other features include a lock in stitch button; to save you time going backwards and forwards to finish a stitch, speed control bar and an extension table to make sewing larger projects more comfortable! The LED screen conveniently details the correct foot for the programmed stitch, and other setting information to get the best possible results. Additionally storage is no longer a problem for machine parts, as everything fits nicely into its integrated compartments, and comes complete with a durable hard cover. The list of features is endless, but overall I guarantee you will not be disappointed by this superb model, its certainly my dream machine!

    Priya (Birmingham)
    17th October 2018

    This machine replaces a 24 year old one, so had a lot to live up to. It is incredibly straightforward to use. I unpacked it and started sewing. The stitches are neat and simple to select and it's easily controllable so my teenage daughter can use it. I mostly sew curtains and do repairs, which it is perfect for. I haven't tried anything more ambitious, however the bonus pack with extension table and extra feet, will allow me to do varied projects. Also the two speed foot pedal suggests applique should be possible.

    Lynn Jenas (Long Eaton)
    17th October 2018

    The sewing machine arrived the day after we ordered it. After unpacking it it was so easy to set up and get started. The machine is robust and built to last and we are looking forward to many years of creating and modifying clothes etc.

    Reginald (York)
    17th October 2018

    The motor is strong, so I can stitch leather, denim, strong fabrics and yet it is a dream on chiffon and georgettes. I use this professionally in my work on fashion photo shoots, it’s quiet yet tenacious. I’ve altered ballgowns, evening wear, jersey dresses, outerwear it’s got a small head so great for getting into books and crannies. It’s got a good selection of basic stitches, it’s perfect for me and I’ve bought a few different kind of feet for various fabrics ie leather and velvet. I love this machine so much that I’m going to buy another one. It’s strong, reliable, great value for money, not too noisy, an all-round fantastic little machine.

    Annie Waldron (St Helens)
    17th October 2018

    This is the best machine I've owned, it is so simple to use, works equally well with net, fleece material or leather and the automatic buttonhole stitch is amazing. I cannot praise this machine highly enough and it has helped renew my enthusiasm for sewing. Thank you Janome and GUR.

    Teresa (Torquay)
    17th October 2018

    Well sewing machines have gone up in the world since my poorly machine that gave up after 40 years of service, and that was a good one in its day! Went to the store for a demo of different machines the gentleman was extremely helpful and helped me make my choice I was there for a good hour trying all different machines until I decided on this model. It is taking a lot of getting used to all the little extras that are included on this model Janome 780DC. But after lots of practice and errors I am sure I will get there. I eventually bought the 80 stitch model which is lovely. Good little extras on machine such as a needle threader, auto cut off button which cuts threads when finishing the stitching, no foot pedal necessary but can be used if prefer. Also comes with lots of included extra accessories. Threading the threads on machine is all very descriptive on the actual machine with arrows of where threads go. Overall pleased so far with my new machine time and practice will tell if it’s better than my old faithful one.

    Jean Smith (Bolton)
    17th October 2018

    I have been using a Bernina for nearly twenty years and wanted something that would do the bits it doesn't do like automatic buttonholes and a few fancy stitches. It wasn't until I tried this machine that I realised how smooth a sewing machine could be. No more juddering up the arms! I have only had it a few days however the stitch quality is very good, even and the preset tension is perfect for day to day sewing on an average weight fabric. Still to explore other things! Very, very simple to use, I would think that even for a complete beginner this machine would be a pleasure to use, the automatic threaded and cutter are a nice addition.

    Stewart Mcgenhan (Cork)
    17th October 2018

    This machine takes all the effort out of sewing. The automatic buttonhole feature has to be seen to be believed, press one button and the whole thing is done for you to the exact size of your button. Amazing! Despite the incredible number of features it's not difficult to use at all. My only worry (as with all computerised machines) would be that if the electronics go wrong then the whole machine would be stuffed but hopefully there are years of good use before that is likely to happen.

    June Riley (Aldershot)
    17th October 2018

    I am really pleased with thus machine. The machine is very heavy and is made mostly of metal parts as far as i can tell. The needle arm cover opens easily so i can clean inside the machine. I am exceptionally pleased with the speed i have found i can go full speed to slow instantly or vice versa without thread problems like my last machine. I also prefer the LED lights its much brighter than the standard bulb. This came with a hard cover which was great! Overall the machine runs really well without problems and has become my favourite machine so far!

    Mark Beestham (Barnet)
    17th October 2018

    Very nice item. Haven't tried all the functions yet, though. Solid, easy to use, works fine so far. I especially like the automatic needle threader, button hole function and the top loading bobbin.

    Henrike (Crawley)
    17th October 2018

    I have been looking at this item for a while, and so I purchased it from GUR with next day delivery FANTASTIC! The sales team were great they asked what type of sewing I do, how much i'm planning on sewing, they said this item would be great, and it is. 50 stitches , the buttonholes are ace, and all of the features are just brilliant. Great service!

    Lindsey (Margate)
    17th October 2018

    This is a great machine, as I already own three other Brother machines (one embroidery machine and three sewing machines counting this one) I have found that it is easy to use, good sturdy machine that will sew through a range of fabrics without any problem. I use this machine for my quilting classes as it is light enough to carry in my machine bag. Easy bobbin and top threading and with having other Brother machines they all operate the bobbin and top thread the same way so there is no problem of having to re-think how to thread which is a great benefit to the sewer.


    Excellent range of utility and decorative stitches as well as satin stitches and monogram lettering. The automatic setting of a lock stitch at the commencement of your project and the end is a great innovation. A good memory size to keep your favourite stitches as well as the ability of mixing and matching stitches. A good all round machine that has the backing of a three year warranty from Brother which is more than you get from other manufacturers. A very compact machine that will definitely handle any machinist whether beginner or advanced level. I would highly recommend this machine.

    Tracy (Hartlepool)
    17th October 2018

    I have only had this machine recently and it's doing fantastic. I am a beginner but have been able to get to grips with everything very quickly. Beautiful stitch options, great pedal speed control, able to move needle, needle threader works very well and threading is pain free overall.

    I have not tested the button function. I have so far found literally no issues with this machine and very pleased with the service I received and speedy delivery.

    Rosemary (Ilford)
    17th October 2018

    This is a lovely machine and is lightweight which makes it easy to carry to class or around the home, with a good variety of stitches. It’s very simple to use and much easier than my large much more expensive machine. I would recommend this machine to novice and experienced sewer. If using for quilting you may wish to purchase a walking foot separately so consider that. Equally it does not come with a free motion foot. Both of these are available from main suppliers and on line. Tension, threading and bobbin winding all happen with ease.

    Robert Boswell (Macclesfield)
    17th October 2018

    Very easy to use and produces superb quality results. Really happy with what the machine offers in terms of stitches, automatic button holes etc.

    R Pope (Swindon)
    17th October 2018

    I needed a new sewing machne after my old New home stopped working properly after 35 years of loyal service. I fancied a computerised model to hopefully make life easier but was a little wary of them being too complicated and expensive. This model is excellent, after half an hour I was able to operate the machine without referring to the manual. GUR delivered the machine very quickly as well.

    Margaret (Cheltenham)
    17th October 2018

    This Janome 230DC I purchased earlier this year and I use it several times each week. It is extremely reliable and dependable. I have had no problems with it at all. The quality of the stitches are very good. It has 30 choices of stitch which is more than sufficient. I have sewed a quilt, clothing, and home décor items. I have used it on canvas and denim and it handled well.

    I've done free motion embroidery and free motion quilting with it too. It is quiet and smooth to sew with. The feet are easy to change - snap on and off and they are not expansive as other brands - about £15 each. it is quite light in weight which means it does move around when I use it for quilting but I use a non-stick mat underneath when quilting which helps.

    On the plus side it is very portable being so light. I love the needle down and up button which means you can set the needle to always be in the down position - great when you are doing corners or for appliqué. It has an auto tie off stitch which means it will automatically lock your stitches at the beginning and end of a seam. The bobbin is very accessible and visible. Overall I have been very impressed with this machine and it is an absolute pleasure to use!

    Monique Jameson (Plymouth)
    17th October 2018

    I originally bought a Brother sewing machine, and it was very good, but I ideally wanted one that was more robust. I decided on a different brand, but that was front loading bobbing, and that was a nightmare for me. This is the machine for me. Top loading easy load bobbin. Automatic back stitch lovely movement and quite quiet. Very good beginner's sewing machine.

    Phoebe (Market Drayton)
    17th October 2018

    I am very pleased with this sewing machine. The quality of the stitching is lovely and it's easy to use. I have already tried quite a few new techniques with it.

    Sandra Lowe (Sheffield)
    17th October 2018

    This is a sturdy and robust sewing machine which is basic technology wise but works very well. I bought it to go alongside a more temperamental computerised machine and the two complement each other very well.

    Mary (Hull)
    17th October 2018

    Heavy Duty at it's best. Many layers of canvas is no problem. Very nice machine. I’ve not tried all the stitch options, but it’s so much easier and quieter to use than my previous Janome machine. Already made one patchwork cushion.

    Sharon (Preston)
    17th October 2018

    Janome hd2200 arrived next day via DPD Next Day. The outer packaging was much too big and was in a poor state which seemed to have caused some damage to the inner Janome packaging which was loose inside the main outer. Fortunately the Janome inner styrene foam protected the sewing machine which operated very well without any apparent malfunction. Overall an excellent machine. I tried all the major functions; buttonholing, button sewing, over edging,etc.. and I was particularly impressed with the needle threading facility. Well pleased !!

    John Phillips (Lincoln)
    17th October 2018

    This is such a lovely machine. I am a professional dressmaker and have industrial machines as well and bought this machine mainly for buttonholes and zig zag stitch but I find myself using it for general making as well. It is a heavy base, does not jump around, has a purring sound, has easy function with threading and bobbin winding. The auto buttonhole is excellent and it's easy to change stitches. The stitching and tension has been perfect on all stitches. I really am delighted with this and it sits nicely next to my Janome overlocker. Great product.

    Ellen Baker (Scunthorpe)
    17th October 2018

    I actually rate this machine quite highly after having had other makes. However it was interesting to read of someone having problems with the bobbin case. I have since my purchase many years ago had to replace this part at least 6 times!!... I have never experienced a continuous problem such as this before.... so... am not a happy bunny!!... coukd this be a manufacturing fault??

    Pam (Gloucestershire )
    03rd September 2018

    This machine is perfect easy to use instructions easy to follow. I have not used a machine for 50yrs and bought this as I needed to have 7 dresses taken up so thought rather than pay to have this done I may as well use money to buy a small machine so glad I did going to save me a fortune. Already paid for itself. Even more incredible my husband also has used it and he has never used a sewing machine in his life. Great item packaged well arrived well within time would highly recommend even for a novice No issues with threading or tension so easy

    May Clews (Borehamwood)
    11th June 2018

    After searching online for a reputable company to buy my next machine from I asked in a sewing group........recommendations were second to none ! Looking forward to receiving my new machine 

    Jane Martin (Mansfield)
    22nd May 2018

    I found my experience with GUR most helpful, the advert was true in its information on the Jaguar Prime 594. The delivery was the best service I have ever received by your company. I have been using the machine and I cannot fault it in any way. In fact I have informed my sewing class about the machine and service. They were keen to know the details of your Website for any future purchases.

    Pamela Garrison (Telford)
    28th March 2018

    Not only was this sewing machine a good price but also came with FREE next day delivery and additional beneficial accessories. The order was dealt with very quickly and I was kept fully up-to-date about delivery status, it arrived the next morning as assured. The sewing machine Janome M200 QDC will be perfect as my 'take to sewing group' machine. This will be my 5th upgrade from GUR and have been dealing with them for over 20 Years.

    Barbara Mace (Lincoln)
    28th March 2018

    After an initial look at the GUR website, I called and spoke to a very helpful and well-informed member of staff with a few questions I had about a sewing machine that I had seen. I ordered my sewing machine later that afternoon and received it the following day. I cannot fault their customer service, nor the speed and efficiency in which they delivered my order. I would whole-heartedly recommend using GUR.

    Denise Howell (Watford)
    28th March 2018

    Very impressed with GUR. Ordered online and sewing machine delivered next day - a number of emails to keep me updated on where the order was up to, including an email on the morning of delivery telling me in what hour of the day the delivery would happen - and it did arrive in that hour. Not come across this with any other online retailer! Price seemed average for online retailers - I could not find it cheaper elsewhere.

    Rebecca Adams (Plymouth)
    28th March 2018

    chuffed to bits with my new Brother sewing machine, it is years since I last used a sewing machine so did not want one which was to complicated.It is of very good quality, I purchased the carry bag at the same time, so very good value. The delivery service was spot on, the machine was delivered during the quoted time slot. All round very happy.

    Liam Roofe (Rushden)
    28th March 2018

    I treated myself to the Jaguar DQS 405 sewing machine and its been an absolute dream to use for my patchwork classes and around the home. I had a Frister Rossmann machine which was bought for me as gift last year and had nothing but hassle, the machine kept on breaking down me and had it replied 4 times under warranty, it was useless. I would recommend GUR Sewing Machines as they took my machine in part exchange and gave me £100 trade in ( I was lucky as it was a scrap machine in my opinion).......GUR help me with lessons on my new Jaguar sewing machine and loads of advice, I will not be shopping anywhere else Thank You GUR Sewing

    Y K Wagner (Walsall)
    28th March 2018

    Thank you for recommending this machine, it is perfect for for my needs, it's nice and compact and not too heavy.

    Angela Walker (Billingham, Cleveland)
    25th January 2018

    Very very excellent service and Janome Atelier 9 is exactly what you pay for. It was my dream sewing machine which I got as a present from my husband. Though I am an intermediate in sewing, I don't expect not to break a needle or make little stupid mistakes while sewing, but the Atelier 9 doesn't jam the sewing machine neither the bobbin jumps out. It's heavy duty and very easy to use, with great very helpful instructions on screen and CD.As for the embroidery it connects with the apple Ipad and mobile. You can download designs from a lot of different websites as many as you like free and paid.Well I am a starter as for embroidery but Janome Atelier 9 made me feel like a true professional because it embroiders fast and amazingly nice and neat.Very highly recommended seller with excellent all time communication and as much Janome Atelier 9 does wonders.

    Marthese Attard Borg (Malta)
    07th November 2017

    Love my new  Jaguar , I have just taken up patchwork and quilting, so far good results

    Pat (Derby)
    29th October 2017
    This is a great all rounder machine for the novice who wants to progress easily. The Atelier is quiet, very well lit with multiple LED lights, able to do simple embroidery which looks really professional. The stitch variety is excellent and you actually use a lot of different stitches easily and they are useful. Thread cutter is a fantastic bonus. Can't live without it now! A really good all round machine, for the amateur to look professional!
    Julie (Talbot)
    24th October 2017

    Machine was purchased through Tesco as had a club card and got some extra discount. Good Machine, one of the best one i have owned. I buy all my sewing needs from GUR Sewing, very reliable company

    Cherry (Wrexham)
    19th October 2017

    Surprised that a small machine can have so much power to sew hems on my jeans. Easy to thread and use.....have had machine for 6 months and so far has proved to be a reliable mate

    Lora (Wales)
    19th October 2017

    Nice easy to use machine, I wanted something simple and this fits all my needs. Thsnk You GUR for all the help

    Bowland (Norwich)
    19th October 2017
    Smashing machine, so easy to use, speed control is ace.....produced some lovely results
    Lora (Scotland)
    18th October 2017

    Great service great machine a breeze to use- so simple my teenager loves to use it! Good features practically sews by itself! Sturdy solid machine. I keep looking for new projects to do lol . Alphabet and numerals make it easy to personalise. 1 criticism though I find it has far fewer stitches than the 500 advertised !! But what is there are good for quilting etc..

    Ravinder Sangha (Birmingham)
    30th September 2017

    Just purchased this machine a week ago.

    Already made 2skirts. Really enjoy the solid feel to this machine, nice quiet action and very smooth running.

    Also just want to compliment the team at GUR. I called into the premises to get a first hand look. So very competent and friendly.

    The showroom is beautiful, and the sales team were very friendly and attentive, spending two hours demonstrating various machines. They were very knowledgeable and showed a real personal interest. As a side issue, I had to use the loo and the customer facilities were spotless. All in all a most positive experience.

    I will be looking for an overlooked soon and I know where I will be going to buy it!!!!

    Marie (Newcastle-under-lyme)
    27th September 2017
    Brilliant machine, does as it says and very easy to use. Great Dealer too. Many thanks GUR
    June Alderman (Bewdley, Kidderminster)
    18th September 2017

    I love my new sewing machine. I am a beginner to sewing and I have completed 4 small projects already in 3 weeks. This machine is quiet and very easy to use. The quick threading system is a much appreciated nice to have. It everything that one would need in a modern computerised sewing machine. Thanks Palma for the excellent service and advice. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

    Makatu (Shifnal)
    04th September 2017
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