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    Lovely machine! Not only looks good but is a breeze to thread. Very smooth in operation with great variety of stiches. Customer service at GUR was 2nd to none! Thank you Palma. Highly recommended.

    J. Macdonald (South Lanarkshire)
    02nd August 2017

    Arrived within the time allotted for delivery, with e mail notifications. Machine Janome 423s excellent sewing experience, good for those who want a reliable work horse as it sews lots of different types of material. Very pleased with the service from GUR and Janome.

    Jan (Kent)
    20th June 2017

    I cannot rate this machine or Steven from GUR highly enough. Steven was very helpful and had a sense of humour!!! As he had to guide me through the online ordering process, that was a bonus! I got my lovely new machine a couple of days after ordering, and I loved it from the word go. It is so easy to use, and came with a very comprehensive manual. Free cottons, needles, extension table and lots more goodies AND I part exchanged my machine for £100 making this an even bigger bargain :) I highly recommend this machine and GUR.

    Angie (North Lincolnshire)
    17th June 2017

    One fantastic easy to use machine, I was worried at the start about purchasing a computer machine. I was wrong, it could not be any easier. One happy customer Thank You GUR Sewing Machines

    Shelia (Birmingham)
    10th June 2017

    Light weight machine but not too light like some plastic models. Machine copes nice with denim and quilting. My machine is used everyday 7 days a week, so far no problems but good perfect results everytime. Overall I will give it 11 star out of 10 Perfect partner.

    Alison (Coventry)
    22nd April 2017

    Love the machine, so easy to use...I thought I was going to have problems with the electronics.....BEST Machine I have ever owned. Thank You GUR

    Jj (Scotland)
    19th April 2017

    I bought this machine from GUR about 3 years ago now and I couldn't praise it highly enough as a machine that works through anything I've sewn. Easy maintenance and no problems at all. Lovely machine.

    Kathleen-ann Armstrong (Greater Manchester)
    23rd February 2017

    I own this wonderful machine and it is the mainstay in all my sewing and quilting needs. A great sewing machine that will take all types of fabric with ease, a super top threader and the super Brother drop in bobbin as well. It is great that the Innovis machines all have the same threading mechanism, as it works exactly the same as my Brother 750e Embroidery machine. I am able to sew Double and King Size Quilts with ease as the machine gives plenty of room to manoeuvre. This is definitely one of the best Brother machines on the market today. A super hard case that has room to store your instruction guides which is a nice touch. All I can say to the sewer is buy this model you will not be disappointed, I know that I am not.

    Professor David A Flynn Jp (Belfast Northern Ireland)
    22nd January 2017

    My mum surprised me with my first new sewing machine for all my university projects. Love the jaguar machine, love the easy threading, love the easy bobbin loading and love the ease of use. The speed controller is fantastic for a starter like me to be able to control the machine to my pace. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the Jaguar DQS 405 it’s the perfect companion for me to develop my sewing skills!

    Tracey (Long Eaton)
    16th November 2016

    I am a beginner to patchwork and quilting, this machine was recommended to me by one of my classroom quilters. WOW have I improved or what, thoroughly enjoyed using the Jaguar 377 compared to my Janome TXL607 which gave me grief and the machine was exchanged and same faults: 1. Foot control not working, machine kept messaging foot not connected 2. Tension problem on the lower side of sewing. 3. Machine was so intermittent one day the electrics okay and the following day the machine will not want to operate. Since I treated myself to the Jaguar 377 I have managed to make 2 quilts which one of them I am hoping to have on display at the Malvern Quilt Show. Thank you GUR for all the help and advice and thanking you for taking my old machine in part exchange.

    Pauline (Malvern)
    16th November 2016

    First of all big thank you to fantastic GUR team. Brotther Innovis 955 is a very good quality combine sewing and embroidery machine for affordable price. The machine is light and have a lot of features, extra embroidery patterns and also extension table.

    Anna (Milton Keynes)
    22nd July 2016

    Visited GUR Superstore and was pleasantly surprised at the range of haberdashery and sewing machine selection. This is my 3rd machine from GUR, after trying various brands...decided on the Jaguar as the stitch quality and finishing seemed far better for my quilting projects. I have had the machine for 3 months and have put it through some difficult to sew projects, glad to say - NO PROBLEM . Thank you GUR for the time and coffees at the store and for putting up with me for most of the morning before making my choice. 5 stars.

    Suzie (Coventry)
    24th June 2016

    Wonderful Machine.

    Easy to use with loads of fabulous sewing stitches. Easy threading.......LOVE the needle threader, my friends were so surprised when showed them that I could thread the needle without looking at machine. Will recommend this machine to anyone.

    J Lewis (Berkshire)
    24th June 2016

    This machine has exceeded all my expectations - it is superb. I was unsure of spending this amount of money but it was worthwhile. I can't praise it enough, another brilliant Janome machine.

    Emily (Suffolk)
    07th May 2016

    My name is Anna and this is the first time that I have ever written a review - they asked me to share my thoughts about their service and my machine for the benefit of other customers who might be thinking about the new model. Please forgive me if some of this bores you, but I write and speak a lot and feel that it is important to be clear at all times. I have been sewing in my spare time for several years now. I own a Jaguar 127 and have always found the machine very reliable and was of course glad to learn that they had made a new model. Lost of cash They put my mind at ease when I was told that GUR was able to offer me a Jaguar 30 day peace of mind guarantee for my purchase - I could not believe that I was able to purchase the machine and use it with no risk for 30 days and return it for a full refund if I was unhappy for any reason. This was the first time that I had heard of an offer of this type since I have started sewing - wow! I am overjoyed with the new machine, the Jaguar DQS 405 Sewing Machine. The staff at GUR were very kind and professional, they were even able to offer me £100 trade in for my old machine. I wanted to know more about the new Digital Quick threading system. The sales person at GUR said that it was the best thing since ‘sliced bread’ - I was slightly dubious about this comment but I did trust the Jaguar name and my friends had recommended GUR to me, so I thought that I would dive in and give it a try. Anyway, the machine arrived and I turned it on, pulled the threader into the right position whole thing threaded itself up! This was amazing and I was overjoyed. Your see, I am now getting a little elderly now, and my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be. Threading was always one of those things that I just had to do and used to hate. Now, I am able to thread my needle with my eyes closed and with no stress. This already saved me lots of time and has made the the whole process so much easier for me - thanks GUR. The machine has a well built construction, sounds really solid and has a very simple menu system, I have already started to sew dresses and have now finished my first project - curtains for the front room! The machine has been able to do manage and sew together silks to heavy material with no issues at all. Finally, I want to say that I am grateful to the GUR team, who really looked after me and always gave me the best advice for my situation, the machine is the best investment that I have made in a long time!

    Anna Jacobs (London)
    25th April 2016

    great machine but can't get a carry bag for this machine

    Katina Shepherd (Sheffield)
    09th April 2016


    Susan Lawrence (Gosport Hants)
    06th July 2015

    A nice starter machine, worth buying with the starter pack as there is no hard cover with this machine. Delivered fast as promised on the website. I am a sewing tutor so I have the capacity to send customers your way, and once my own machines need replacing, come back to you for upgrades; as such it is a shame you don't have a loyalty scheme. After asking about this and trade discount by e-mail and receiving no response at all from you, I went elsewhere for my 3 other machines, having bought my 2 most expensive models from you this far.

    Yasmine Van Owen (Stowmarket)
    02nd July 2015

    The walking foot in the 3 Foot Quilting Set is not good – it leaves nasty tracks on the fabric, despite adjustments to the pressure dial on the sewing machine. I wanted to caution other customers about this. I won’t be able to use it – but I can use the other two feet in the set.

    Jane Townson (Dorset)
    14th April 2015

    Purchased my machine 3 weeks ago, loving it.

    The machine so far has been put through its paces at my night class, my friends have been so impressed that they have ordered as well.....ideal machine for all my patchwork and quilting.

    Thank you GUR

    P Cookes (Smethwick)
    20th February 2015

    Amazing little sewing machine. The functions on it make life so much easier. I'm one happy lady

    Benda J (East London)
    24th December 2014

    I bought an Innovis-is V7 a few months ago and so I think it is time to write a review. I bought it from GUR sewing machines because they had the most informative website and, when I telephoned, the salesman - Billy, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. This is a very expensive machine and I spent months trying to decide if I should buy it. Since I have had it, I use it every day. It is MUCH better than I expected. As a sewing machine, it is superb. I have the programable foot and so I can sew, reverse reinforce, cut the threads and lift the foot (with the knee lift) without taking my hands off the piece of work. It is like having another pair of hands. Whoever designed this machine understood sewing. The differential feed foot (like a turbo charged walking foot) is superb - i made a quilt which involved framing each sandwich with satin ribbon - sixty meters of satin ribbon to sew onto a quilt sandwich of batting and cotton. I was really worried about it but the machine made it easy. Being able to see the seam allowance with the laser guide is amazingly uselful. I am new to machine embroidery but was fed up with doing freehand embroidery which looked OK until I turned it over... The embroidery functions are very easy to use and the software is tremendous. I achieved excellent results the first time I used it. I learned some things the hard way - buy GOOD thread even if you feel a bit broke after buying the machine, measure twice and sew once, unpicking machine embroidery is an awful job, pay attention to hooping. This is a fantastic machine which seems to be able to do every task I set it. I am still learning but have had such delight from my results so far and GUR are only a phone call away

    Franni (London)
    15th December 2014

    The best sewing machine I ever had!!! Just love it!!!

    Ambra (Venice, Italy)
    26th August 2014

    Originally I was only interested in purchasing the Janome 525S as it has been on the sewing bee and looks like it’s a really good sewing machine, GUR recommended the Janome 500, it’s literally the same machine except it’s a different colour and is even cheaper. It arrived the day after I ordered it and I haven’t put it down since, many thanks GUR for your helpful service and speedy delivery.

    Mrs Rudge (Brighton)
    14th August 2014

    Bought this machine for my daughter who had been at college doing an HNC In Fashion and now heading off to do a Degree in Fashion/ Textiles. She absolutely loves sewing with th easy to use yet versatile machine. Thanks to GUR my life is also so much easier. ..no more stress from daughter who used to struggle with a machine which was less reliable and knotted threads.

    Happy Mum (Swindon)
    06th July 2014

    I was interested in buying a Janome 525s, but GUR advised me on the Janome 500 as it is basically the same machine, only exclusive to GUR and £50 cheaper. Why would anyone buy the 525s. Thanks GUR.

    Mrs V Bamford (Atherstone)
    04th July 2014

    Delivery was next day, machine sews like a dream.....love it

    Thomas (Wales)
    02nd July 2014

    The Janome 500 has been a delightful machine to use, I am not very good with sewing machines but this machine is so easy to use. So far it has coped with fabrics like lycra, jeans and velvet all without messing around with tensions. My 12 year daughter has even taken to it....

    Lesley (Aberdeen)
    02nd July 2014

    I was in need of a new sewing machine and GUR advised me on the CC500. The machine arrived the next day and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Could not be more happy.

    L King (Tamworth)
    26th June 2014

    The stitchmaster 2268 is such a good machine. Works beautifully. i can finally get all my sewing done!

    Ms Guthrie (Manchester)
    27th May 2014

    I have had the Janome CC500 for 3 weeks and love it, so far it has coped with every bit of sewing i needed to finish. The needle threader is a must and will be lost without it.

    S Hazel (Cardiff)
    23rd May 2014

    I bought this machine from GUR as a treat to myself. I'm quite surprised with how this sewing machine handles and the free gift is unbelievable.

    Jack Marshall (Essex)
    22nd May 2014

    This is my second sewing machine from GUR sewing machines and i absolutely love it! I would like to thank everyone at gur sewing machines for their fluent and outstanding service!

    Mr Wilcox (Nottingham)
    24th February 2014

    This company is the only company people should use for their sewing machine needs. Absolutely brilliant. I was scouting around the net for a Janome TXL607 Sewing Machine as my current model died on me half way through a job. GUR sewing machines offered me their best price for the sewing machine (which was well in between my price range) AND they offered me a few extra free gifts which i thought was brilliant of them. They got the sewing machine to me the next morning too, which i thought was outstanding! GUR sewing machines are an extremely humble and helpful sewing machine company.

    Chris B (Scotland)
    12th February 2014

    Have generally bought my machines and accessories from another Sewing Machine retailer (mentioning no names). This is my first experience with GUR Sewing Machines and will be the first of many after receiving the best customer care I have ever experience from an online company. I wanted to purchase a machine to start quilting but did not want to over spend. After going through a few machines with me and taking the time to explain the differences I decided to opt for the Brother NV350SE Sewing Machine with Quilting Kit. The machine came the very next day with a load of free gifts. Could not be happier with my new Sewing Machine. I will be back soon to purchase an Embroidery Machine! Thank you GUR!!

    D Nettles (London)
    12th February 2014

    I went into the GUR store to purchase the brother NV1250 and it was a pleasant visit. They had a lovely show room where they showed me a demonstration of the machine. Thank you so much gur.

    Julie (Stoke On Trent)
    05th February 2014

    I love my NV1E. My choice was out of the V7 and the brother NV1E. Im glad i went with GUR's advice and my gut instinct. PERFECT machine!!!

    Jeremy Smith (Nuneaton)
    05th February 2014

    Extremely good machine. Works beautifully and it keeps my customers happy. I'm over the moon with it and GUR :)

    Mrs Downes (Warwickshire)
    03rd February 2014

    I was recommended this sewing machine by a seamstress for me to get back into sewing, but to be advanced enough not to outgrow too soon. I was useful on a sewing machine at school, its been a while but this machine is easy to set up and use, I was sewing again in no time. The DVD that came with it is really useful to get your started. The metal body of the machine means it is weighty enough not to be moving around whilst sewing. Very pleased.

    Rebecca (Sheffield)
    10th December 2013

    Good machine! It was most certainly worth the money. Works like a dream! Me and my wife are very pleased with it and the customer service from gur. Thank you.

    Mr Chapman (Cardiff )
    19th November 2013

    My husband bought me this for my birthday I absolutely love it especially the easy threading system and the drop in bobbin have already made kitchen curtains just preparing my next project a dress for christmas

    Elizabeth Rogers (Mid Glam)
    08th November 2013
    Just had my new machine delivered, so easy to use, threaded the machine in seconds and already using it. Thrilled with it
    Mary Smithfield (Glasgow)
    08th November 2013

    I received my Brother VQ2 late last week and i absolutely love it. I was pretty optimistic about the machine as I was right in doing so as it is perfect for what I need! I'd recommend this machine 100%

    Rob Turton (London)
    21st October 2013

    I have just bought my machine from the store in Birmingham.The staff could not have been more helpful,as I am a total novice. They advised a good machine for me ,set it up in the shop ,gave me a demonstration and then got me to try it to see if I felt comfortable using it. They also supplied all the extra bits and pieces I should need to join my Quilting class,and I got a cup of tea. :-)

    Janet Fryatt (Birmingham)
    29th July 2013

    I love my Janome 423S! It was my first machine purchased before i got married 8 years ago and I still love it! It is easy to use, and has helped me create many things for my kids, family and friends. I would recommend it to everyone purchasing a machine.

    Steph (Canada, Bc)
    24th May 2013

    Got this machine two weeks ago. took me ages to decide which machine to go for, the sales team was very helpful. they recommended this one in my case and i love it , easy to use not noisy and got it next day.

    Nis (Uxbridge)
    16th May 2013

    Love this, very good machine, great sales team, very helpful and helped my organize a specific delivery date for my machine. Excellent

    Chloe Riley (Atherstone)
    15th May 2013

    Superb machine, quality is excellent and so very easy to use, the screen is great very clear to understand and with good next day delivery I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

    Steven (Golders Green)
    15th May 2013

    Lovely machine, easy to use and I was very happy with the delivery time.

    Mrs Ashton (Clovelly)
    15th May 2013

    Fantastic machine, really good quality and the software is great, really easy to use and the finished garments I've made look fantastic.

    Rupbert (Ipswich)
    13th May 2013
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