Five top bag sewing tutorials – get your sewing machine working!

Sewing machine tote bag tutorial

You can never have enough bags! So here’s how to make more…

Getting that sewing machine to work for you can be fun and rewarding. Of course it always helps if you have an interesting project in mind. At GUR we’re great fans of bags of all sorts. 

Which leads us very nicely to today’s tutorial – a collection of great tips based around sewing bucket bags, a real focus on tote bags, and finishing with a delightful pyramid pouch.

Sewing a bucket bag

To ease your way into this series of tasks we thought we’d start with a really simple project – one that will get you up and running in no time! Our first port of call is the excellent Make it – Love it website and in particular a piece by Crystal called Sew a simple bucket bag.

Her daughter needed a new dance bag. This particular one looks like a large bucket when it’s opened: the top closes with a drawstring.

What we like about it: “It is a really simple sewing project that would be great for a beginner, but fun for a more seasoned seamstress too!”

How to sew a canvas tote bag

This is a fun project that can provide an admirable result in no time! The tote bag in this case is canvas, features a zip-up top and cotton straps. The tips are provided by one of our favourite blogs – – in the article How to Sew the Ultimate Canvas Tote Bag.

The canvas (or duck cloth) should be 8-10oz weight by the way.

What we like about it: it’s very detailed and the step by step photos are perfect!

Oversized beach bag

A variation on a theme here from

We just love Melissa’s use of bright colours – her design sense is really inspirational! This article has the added bonus of a Splash Proof Phone Pouch Sewing Tutorial.

What we like about it: “It has been my experience that large pockets are just places to lose things and I’d prefer instead to load the bag with smaller zip pouches that are easier to find.”

Sewing a reversible tote bag

Another project that easily produces rewards – whatever level of experience a sewist possesses. This versatile bag can be made in pretty much any size, and of course is really versatile, because you can turn it inside out and you have a complete different look!

Millie Green’s article DIY: Reversible Tote Bag Tutorial presents a whole series of exciting options such as interfacing and pockets.

What we like about it: “Use tie-dye, quilting, appliqué, fabric paints, or any other embellishment you like.”

Triangle zipper bag

This delightfully quirky bag design is such a delight! Also known as a pyramid pouch, the triangle zipper bag is both cute and useful.

This project can be a bit fiddly, but following Susie’s guide on the Loganberry Hand Made website should help you through to a successful conclusion.

Most useful bit: “Note: This part gets tricky as you get to the narrow side of the zipper! Go slow and tug on fabric as you sew to maximize space and maintain an even stitch.”

Check out photos of some delightful finished pyramid pouches.

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