Wallet and purse sewing tutorials!

Wallet sewing tutorials

Some bright and breezy ideas for organising those credit cards, cash and change

We must admit that having too much cash sloshing about is a problem we’d love to have. But we all have those bits and pieces that take some serious organising when you’re our and about – notes, change, credit cards and of course all those loyalty and store cards.

So with this post, we thought it’s about time that we gave our fellow sewists some ideas and options that might just making fiddling with the plastic at the supermarket checkout a little less fraught.

And if your wallet looks rather cool at the same time it will make you feel a little better about the whole business.

So here are some interesting options for you…

Easy wallet tutorial

We love the simplicity of this excellent how-to on the Handmadiya blog. Another perfect project to get up and running with in no time!

Check out the leather fastener, which you’ll need to purchase in advance of the project’s commencement.

Again, very clear instructions and excellent photographs make this tutorial a pleasure to try.

We love: Check out the material used for this – it’s gorgeous!

Basic wallet tutorial

This is as good a place as any to start – and it’s courtesy of Lindsey Weight on the Fort Worth Fabric Studio blog. This really functional wallet contains everything you’re going to need and it includes a zip-up pouch for change, card holders, a cash pocket and a magnetic snap-shut fastener.

And why is this the best tutorial to start with?

It’s very, very detailed. Don’t panic when you look at it, it’s not nearly as time consuming as it first appears to be. It’s just that every single element is covered in a perfectly comprehensive way: the whole project should take no more than 2 hours to complete.

Look out for: “You will want a credit card on hand so that you can properly measure where you will press for your pockets.”

Wallet tutorial

We love this wonderful offering, which can be found on the Confessions of a Fabricaholic blog – a new discovery for us that we’re happy to draw your attention to!

Theres a PDF version for you to download without having to do any of that tedious registering as well.

It’s logical, it’s well presented and pleasingly gives you a few options as you go along. An additional outer zippered pocked is a good example of this.

Pay attention to step 6: “Now, measure your zipper against the opening in your fabric.  It should be just a bit long.  This is good.  I hate the metal end – if your needle ever gets stuck in there, it’s very very hard to get out – I know from experience!”

Accordion fabric wallet tutorial

If you’re ready for something just a touch more ambitious have a look at this really interesting offering, courtesy of the Free-Tutorial website.

You’ll need a few component elements before you begin, including the front part, the soft lining, some non woven fabric, the inner part and three parts for the fabric backing and the rectangle pocket for coins, rectangle tips for the zip, the accordion pieces and of course the zip itself.

There’s some lovely attention to detail here, such as the preparation of the rounded corners on the outside flap.

Why it works: A classic design that really looks the part! It’s practical and very eye catching.

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