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    Pfaff Ambition Blouse

    Learn how to customise your very own blouses!


    Sewing Tips


    Apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric to add stability to the collar and cuffs.


    - Finish the raw edges of the fabric with a four-thread overcast stitch on an overlock. If you do not have an overlock, use the three step zigzag on your

    sewing machine and presser foot #3.


    - Place Tear-A-Way stabilizer underneath your fabric for more stability when sewing the buttonholes and decorative stitches.


    - If you would like to highlight the chenille effect on the blouse, sew a placket with hidden buttons


    Decorated Cuffs


    - Sew decorative stitches on both the inside and outside of the cuffs. This way the blouse can be worn with either the cuffs folded up or down. The pink fabric on the inside of the cuffs also gives an extra effect when the cuffs are folded up.


    - Place Tear-A-Way stabilizer underneath the fabric when sewing the decorative stitches.


    - Use the 2A Fancy Stitch Foot and sew rows of decorative stitches on the fabric pieces before sewing the cuffs.


    - We have also used the Chenille Foot to sew a strip with chenille effect to the cuff inner side.


    Chenille Effect


    - By using the PFAFF® Chenille Foot you can embellish your shirt with beautiful chenille effects. Sew the chenille strips to the cuff inner side, around the edge of the collar and to the edge covering the buttons. Follow the steps below:

    1. Place three layers of the dark purple strips in the presser foot. Snap on the Chenille Foot and engage the IDT™
    2. Place the fabric that will be embellished under the presser foot and the strips. Place Tear-A-Way stabilizer under the fabric
    3. Sew carefully. The Chenille Foot will guide the strips onto the fabric with the stitch forming in the middle of the strips
    4. Rub the strips with a stiff brush to fray
    What You Need
    • 2A Fancy Stitch Foot

    • Purple Cotton

    • Dark Purple Chenille Strip

    • Pink Cotton Fabric

    • Sewing Thread In Matching Colour

    • Robinson Anton Thread In Matching Colours For The Decorative Stitches

    • Fusible Interfacing

    • Tear Away Stabilizer

    • Pfaff Overlocker

    • Pfaff Ambition Sewing Machine

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