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By Gloria Farrant on 11th March 2022
Review for: Brother PE Design Plus 2

Very basic which is good for me at age 74. It does all that I need, I copied the user guide to my desk top for easy access. Being on a USB means that with new cd driveless computers it is quick to install.

By Kevin Duncan on 18th January 2021
Review for: Janome 202423005 | Artistic Digitizer Software (For Windows & Mac)

I have only just started using this software so have not been able to explore everything it can do. I am also waiting for a particular embroidery machine to become available, but I have been able to learn some of the software without the machine. So far I have been very impressed with how easy it is to use. I have uploaded jpeg simple line artwork into the program and it seems very easy to convert these images into embroidery files. There are simple shapes that can already be used in the software itself. The interface is very clear and easy to view what the final embroidery would look like. So far I am very impressed and would recommend this.

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