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    The Sewing Lounge > Projects > Husqvarna Viking Sapphire Crazy Patch Pillow
    Husqvarna Viking Sapphire Crazy Patch Pillow

    Husqvarna Projects. Sapphire Pebbling Pillow.

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    Sewing Instructions_Pebbling Pillow_sapphire

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    Aprrox Size: 38 x 50 cm






    • 1 base for Crazy Quilt - 17¼˝x 12 ½˝ (44 cm x 32cm) in light cotton fabric
    • 2 Strips - front frame - approx. 15½˝ x 2½˝ (39.5 x 6 cm)
    • 2 Strips - front frame - approx. 20¼˝ x 2½˝ (51.5 x 6 cm)
    • 1 Back piece 113/4˝ x 20¼˝ (30 x 51.5 cm)
    • 1 Back piece 4¼˝x 20¼˝ (11 x 51.5 cm)
    • 1 strip for the piping in cotton fabric
    • Cut on the bias or crosswise grain – 35½˝x 1¾˝ (180 x 4.5 cm)
    • 1 cord for the piping – thickness ¼˝ (6 mm)



    Cut your first piece with 5 sides. Pin it, right side up, to the base of thin cotton fabric (Ill. 1).


    No special shape is required for the rest of your pieces, but always cut them a little bit larger than needed.


    Put your second piece, right side down, on top of the first piece – following a selected edge and pin together (Ill. 2a). 


    Choose 1/4˝ Seam (D:1 (model 960Q) / 2:10 (model 930)) and sew together using the Clear ¼˝ Piecing Foot with guide (Ill. 2b).


    Let the right side of the presser foot follow the fabric edges.


    Fold the piece right side up and press.


    Cut another piece and continue in the the same way as described above (Ill.3).


    Work clockwise and remember; always cut the new piece a bit longer to cover the “old” stitches.


    Fold right side up, press and trim any excess fabric.


    Add pieces clockwise until the open edges of the first piece are covered, then continue until the whole base is covered with crazy patch. Press.


    When the whole base fabric is covered with crazy patch, trim the piece to a rectangular shape (Ill. 4).




    Front Piece To frame your crazy patch piece, take one of the long strips (cut for the front frame) and your finished crazy patch piece.


    Place the strip right sides together with one of the long sides of the crazy patch piece.


    Sew together using 1/4˝ Seam (D:1 (model 960Q) / 2:10 (model 930)) (Ill. 5).


    Next, take one of the short strips and sew it to the short side of the crazy patch piece (Ill. 6).


    Repeat the above steps to finish the frame. Trim the edges to have a completed front piece (Ill. 7).


    Back Piece


    The back of the pillow consists of two pieces of fabric stitched together with a zipper as an opening. Either insert a standard zipper using the Zipper Foot E or use the optional Clear Invisible Zipper Foot to insert an invisible zipper.


    Make the Piping


    To add an exclusive finish to your pillow, make your own piping using the fabric you want and the Mega Piping Foot.


    Take your piping fabric strip, and place it wrong side up.


    Put the cording on top and wrap the fabric around it. Snap on the Mega Piping Foot to the right side of the needle.


    Place the fabric and the cord under the Mega Piping Foot with the cord to the left of the foot.


    Select Straight Stitch and adjust the stitch position to -2.0. Sew (Ill. 8).


    Insert the Piping

    Place the front piece of the pillow right side up.


    Place the piping along the seam line on the right side of the fabric (Ill. 9).


    Adjust the stitch position to -2.5 and stitch in place with the piping to the left of the foot.


    Tip: When sewing the piping into a project, adjust the stitch position so the seam is stitched even closer to the cord to cover the first stitching.


    Place the back piece on top, right sides together with the front piece.


    Select straight stitch with left needle position.


    Sew the pieces together with the cord to the left of the Mega Piping Foot (Ill. 10).



    Tip: Notch the seam allowance of the piping on corners to reduce bulk and make the seam lay flat.


    Turn the pillow inside out and press. Enjoy the result!

    What You Need
    • Nine Assorted Cotton Fabrics

    • Thin Cotton Fabric For The Crazy Patch Base

    • Cord For Piping - 6mm

    • Thread - 3 Different Colours

    • Invisible Zipper - 50cm

    • Clear Invisible Zipper Foot Or Invisible Zipper Foot

    • Clear 1/4" Piecing Foot with Guide

    • Mega Piping Foot

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