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    Brother Plastic Quilting Foot

    For darning, quilting, or free-motion. The foot raises and lowers with the needle to allow fabric to be moved between stitches and to hold fabric in place while stitches are created.

    1. Lower the feed dogs.
    2. Set the machine for straight stitch.
    3. Place the fabric beneath the presser foot.
    4. Use both hands to hold the fabric firmly.
    5. Begin to sew moving the fabric at an even pace in order to sew uniform stitches roughly 1/16" - 3/32" (2.0 - 2.5 mm) in length.


    Brother Narrow Hemmer Foot

    Designed to create a flat narrow hem on lightweight fabrics.

    1.  Place the fabric with the wrong side facing up under the presser foot.
    2. Lower the needle into the fabric approximately 1/8" from the edge and sew 2-3 stitches.
    3. Raise the needle and the presser foot.
    4. Hold the fabric from the back and front and roll it into the curled part of the foot.
    5. Position the edge of the fabric behind the needle and lower the presser foot.
    6. Slowly sew 2-3 stitches, making sure the fabric is rolling around the curled part of the foot.
    7. Continue to sew to the end of the fabric.


    Brother Gathering Foot

    Used to gather one ot two layers of lightweight fabrics. Ideal for clothing as well as home decor. Works best on thin to medium weight fabrics.


    For gathering:

    1. Select a straight stitch, left needle position.
    2. Increase the upper thread tension.
    3. Place the fabric to be gathered under the presser foot.


    To attach the gathered edge to a flat fabric:

    1. Select a straight stitch, left needle position.
    2. Increase the upper thread tension.
    3. Place the fabric to be gathered, right side up, under the presser foot.
    4. Slide the fabric not to be gathered into the slit in the presser foot with the surface of the fabric facing down.


    Brother Cording Foot

    3 Groove

    • The foot works perfectly for attaching three cords or threads through grooves on clothing, household linens, etc.


    5 Hole

    • This foot makes embellishment edges, cuffs, collars, etc with 5 cords. This foot works with zigzag or decorative stitch mode. Stitch over all cords. It can be used with brother sewing machines of 7 mm feed width.

    7 Hole

    • Used for embellishing 1 to 7 cords or decorative threads. This foot works with zigzag or decorative stitch mode. Stitch over all cords. It can be used with brother sewing machines of 7 mm feed width.





    Brother Blind Stitch Foot

    Creates blind hems on a variety of fabrics, using the adjustable guide on this presser foot. Works well for edge stitching, attaching lace, and fabric edge joining. This is great for both embellishing and utility use.



    Brother Adjustable Zipper Piping Foot

    Attaches zippers and pipings easily. Its position can be adjusted exactly on the edge of zipper/piping, avoiding the non-flat parts of zipper/piping, and presses the fabric with just right pressure.



    Brother Straight Stitch Foot

    For precise straight stitching on thin fabrics or on edges of fabrics. Use this presser foot only with the center straight stitch.



    Brother Fringe Foot

    Used to mark construction details by creating tailor tacks. Create 3-D loops and fringe with a single zigzag stitch. Mark construction details by creating tailor tacks.



    Brother 1/4 Inch Piecing Foot

    Best for quilt and patchwork piecing with 1/4” or 1/8’’ seam allowance. Its back and small needle opening are designed to give the right pressure on fabrics.



    Brother Walking Foot

    The feed dogs on the walking foot moves at the same pace as the machine’s lower feed dogs to feed the fabric consistently. Fabrics that can be difficult to sew such as vinyl, leather, quilting layers and velvet can be easily sewn. Use the walking foot with the closed front for thick layers of fabric and the walking foot with the open front when greater visibility is needed.



    Brother Piping Foot

    The Brother Piping Foot is designed with two grooves to guide piping cord between fabric and is ideal for edge decoration on bags, cushions, soft furnishings etc.



    Brother Concealed Zipper Foot

    Allows you to install concealed zippers easily.

    1. Press iron-on interfacing tape to the seam allowance where the zipper will be placed.
    2. Baste the seam closed and press.
    3. Baste the zipper along the seam allowance.
    4. Close the zipper and baste along the seam allowance on both sides of the zipper opening.
    5. Cut the basting stitches in the seam.
    6. Make the coil stand and sew, holding coil to reference lines in zipper on both sides of zipper.
    7. Turn and pull up tab.
    8. Fasten metal stop at lower edge of zipper.



    Brother Edge Joining Foot

    This foot is perfect for precise and easy joining of fabrics, even sheers and difficult fabrics. It can also be used to line up and sew lace to the edge of another fabric.

    Joining two fabrics:

    1. Place each edge of two pieces of fabric or trim along the guide on the presser foot, right sides up.
    2. Sew holding the fabrics/seams firmly against the presser foot guide to join them.

    Edge stitching:

    1. Place the edge of the fabric against the guide on the presser foot.
    2. Position the needle at desired distance from the edge of the fabric and lower the needle and the presser foot.
    3. Sew.

    Pin tucks:

    1. Fold a fabric in half with wrong sides together.
    2. Place the fold at the left side of the center guide.
    3. Sew and open the fabric.



    Brother Stitch in the Ditch Foot

    The Brother Stitch in the Ditch Foot, designed for quilting and other projects that require stitching over an existing seam, this foot rides smoothly over the seam, helping to ensure your stitching remains more perfectly aligned while you ‘stitch in the ditch’.


    The long guide and wide opening on this foot allow for more accurate sewing and stitch.



    Brother Open Toe Metal Foot

    Provides better visibility in the needle area. Ideal for securing edges of appliqué, sewing curves, topstitching, etc.

    Adding decorative stitches over seams or patterns:
    Line up the center guide mark (red) of the presser foot to the seam or pattern line and sew.

    For appliqué:

    1. Line up the center guide mark (red) of the presser foot to the edge of appliqué.
    2. Zigzag-sew with dense stitches.


    Brother Pearls & Sequins Foot

    Attaches threaded beads, sequins or rounded cords up to 4 mm in size. Its wide groove also helps you to make or attach piping. It is handy to attach beads or sequins to neckline, etc.

    Also used for edge-stitching heavy fabric such as knits.


    1. Adjust the upper thread tension.
    2. Place threaded beads in groove of the foot.
    3. Stitch in place using zigzag stitch with transparent thread.



    Brother Pin Tuck Foot 7 Grooves

    This presser foot has 7 grooves and produces perfect pin tucks and corded pin tucks using a twin needle on lightweight fabric. A specially designed bobbin cover is also included with this presser foot.


    1. Install and manually thread a twin needle.
    2. Draw a reference line to guide your first row of stitching and use that to sew the first row in the center position.
    3. Further rows can be evenly spaced by placing the completed row in one of the grooves.
    4. Sew slowly for most consistent results.


    Brother Ruffler Foot 7mm

    Makes ruffles with evenly spaced tucks and gathers. The ruffling blade on the lower portion of the presser foot is moved forward, its teeth catch a fabric and force it forward into gathers or tucks. The intervals of tucks can be adjusted.


    1. Adjust the amount of tuck or gather by trying different combinations of stitch length, tuck setting and depth setting.
    2. Use a stiff card to slide the fabric from left into the slot, and stitch slowly.
    3. Move fabric about 1" (2.5 cm) past the needle to get started.




    Brother Binder Foot

    Attaches bias tape with widths less than 7 mm (1/4 inch) using straight, zigzag or decorative stitches. With a tape guide, this makes attractive binding similar to pre-folded or unfolded bias tape.


    1. Before attaching the presser foot, insert the bias tape into the funnel guide to match the tape edge to the guide side.
    2. Pull the tape from the rear of the presser foot.
    3. Snap on the presser foot.
    4. Adjust the needle position so that the needle lines up to the edge of the bias tape.

    Hint: If the needle does not position properly on the bias tape, loosen the position knob on the foot to slide the guide to the left or right.



    Brother Circular Set

    Optional accessory to sew in a circle, with utility and decorative stitches, without side feeding. Circular size is 30mm to 130mm



    Brother Picot Foot

    Handy for use when sewing special fabric edges like frills. For shell effect when hemming in zigzag stitch.


    1. Increase upper thread tension.
    2. Place the fabric with the wrong side facing up under the presser foot.
    3. Lower the needle into the fabric approximately 1/8" from the edge and sew 2-3 stitches.
    4. Raise the needle and the presser foot.
    5. Hold the fabric from the back and front and roll it into the curled part of the foot.
    6. Position the edge of the fabric behind the needle and lower the presser foot.
    7. Slowly sew 2-3 stitches, making sure the fabric is rolling around the curled part of the foot.
    8. Continue to sew to the end of the fabric.


    Brother Teflon Non Stick Foot

    Designed for consistent feeding with fabrics that may stick to the bottom of the foot such as leather, vinyl and other novelty fabrics.



    Brother Roller Foot

    The Brother Roller Foot is designed to feed slippery fabrics such as silk, leather and velvet. The textured rollers on the foot provide pressure for fabrics between foot and feed dogs so that users can sew various slippery fabrics easily and smoothly. The Roller Foot is commonly used with a straight stitch or zig zag stitch. It can also be used with other utility and decorative stitches.



    Brother Overlock Foot

    Brother Overlock Foot - Vertical (Cat H).


    For vertical bobbin machines only.

    This foot makes a finished edge with any overcasting stitch to prevent fabric edges from fraying. (Snap-on foot).


    1. Select an overlock stitch.
    2. Attach the presser foot.
    3. Lower the presser foot so that the foot guide is exactly against the edge of the fabric.
    4. Sew along the guide.



    Brother Side Cutter

    Creates the perfect cut edge like a serger or overlock. Selecting a stitch designated for the Side Cutter allows you to create a beautiful finish without any adjustment on stitch settings.


    1. Make a cut about 2 cm (3/4’’) long in the seam line of the fabric.
    2. Select a stitch, and adjust settings as needed.
    3. Place the cut right section on the top of the foot guide plate.
    4. Slip the left side under the presser foot.
    5. Lower the presser foot and guide the fabric through the presser foot as it stitches.



    Brother Stitch Guide Foot

    The scale in the presser foot can be used for perfect topstitching on both straight and curved lines. Each divisional mark equals 2 mm.

    1. Select straight, zigzag, or decorative stitches.
    2. Sew the stitches keeping a certain seam allowance.

    To sew a curve, sew so that the fabric edge becomes a right angle against the presser foot.



    Brother Braiding Foot

    This foot guides braiding for embellishment. It is used with a braid up to 5 mm in width and attached it to the fabric as it sews.


    Attaches up to 3/16 inch (5 mm) wide braids, ribbons, tapes, cords, etc.



    1. Loosen the screw on the presser foot and insert a braid through the guide before attaching the presser foot on the machine.
    2. Slide the plate of the guide back and forth to fit the width of the braid.
    3. Tighten the screw and pull the braid behind the presser foot.
    4. Attach the presser foot onto the machine.
    5. Set the zigzag width slightly wider than the width of the braid.
    6. Stitch braid in place.


    Brother Clear View Foot

    Use this presser foot where visibility of seams or pattern markings are desired. Perfect for topstitching, decorative stitches, patchwork piecing, quilting appliqué!


    1. Attach the presser foot and select a stitch from satin or decorative stitches.
    2. Line up the center guide mark on the presser foot over the desired seams or pattern markings.
    3. Sew.



    Brother Bobbin Work Kit

    You can add remarkable stitching to your projects with this Bobbin Work Kit.


    It is used to create reverse sewing with specialty threads and ribbons that won't fit through the eye of the needle to create raised 3D Stitches.



    Brother Premium Pack Cutwork for PR

    Brother PR Cutwork allows you to perform embroidery as well as cutwork with the same machine. The cutwork is performed by 4 individual cutwork needles which replace the embroidery needles whilst embroidery is made with the remaining needles.



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