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Brother / Brother Bobbin Case | XC3152221
Brother Bobbin Case | XC3152221
Brother Bobbin Case | XC3152221 Brother Bobbin Case

Brother Bobbin Case | XC3152221

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Product Code : BRO 929 - XC3152221
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Brother Bobbin Case Inner Rotary Hook | XC3152221

This bobbin case holds the threaded bobbin safely in the lower part of the sewing machine.

It also provides tension to the lower thread. As the needle thread is pulled around bobbin case, it wraps around the bobbin thread and pulls it up through the needle plate.


The main reason of damage to any 'drop-in' bobbin case is incorrect threading. Please ensure that you always thread the take-up lever on your sewing / embroidery machine properly.

Otherwise the thread will catch around the bobbin case and lift it from its position. This will then cause the needle to strike the bobbin case, which can potentially destroy the bobbin case and reset the needle bar timing.

Please regularly check the bobbin case condition to avoid jamming, jumping or a bad thread tension.
The bobbin case will need to be changed if necessary.


Compatible with:

BC Series
CS6000 / 8000 Series
ES2000 Series
Innov-is NV100/ 150SE/ 200/ 350SE/ 400/ 500/ 550SE/ 600
Innov-is F480
Innov-is NV1100/ 1200 (sewing)/ 1250 (sewing)/ 1300/ 1800Q
NX200/ 400/ 600

Now 12.49

Brother Bobbin Case | XC3152221 Brother Bobbin Case

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