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Brother / Brother F054N | Side Cutter 7mm
Brother F054N | Side Cutter 7mm
  • Brother F054N | Side Cutter 7mm Brother Sewing Feet
  • Brother F054N | Side Cutter 7mm Brother Sewing Feet 2
  • Brother Side Cutter

Brother F054N | Side Cutter 7mm

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Product Code : F054N_XC3879152
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Brother Side Cutter 7mm


Creates the perfect cut edge like a serger or overlock. Selecting a stitch designated for the Side Cutter allows you to create a beautiful finish without any adjustment on stitch settings.

1. Make a cut about 2 cm (3/4’’) long in the seam line of the fabric.
2. Select a stitch, and adjust settings as needed.
3. Place the cut right section on the top of the foot guide plate.
4. Slip the left side under the presser foot.
5. Lower the presser foot and guide the fabric through the presser foot as it stitches.


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By Dave Rowley on 27th July 2021

Bought this for my wife's birthday as a replacement for a "look-alike" foot she had received for Christmas. She was not happy with it's performance but is more than satisfied with the genuine article.. GUR now my first stop if she needs any more item sewing things.

By Joan Hewitt on 10th April 2021

It was as advertised but I returned it as I was not able to use it, at 88 yrs old it would have been too fiddly. Money repaid for which I thank you.

By Mrs Julia Maxwell on 9th August 2020

Works brilliantly. Very happy.

By Barbara McGeehan on 23rd May 2020

This is a great little piece of equipment. It worked perfectly on my cotton. Haven't tried it on heavy material, but I don't use heavy stuff much, and there is an "overlocking" stitch to use on my item anyway, so will have to cut it then. But for my cotton sewing I think It's exceptional. Glad I bought it.

Now 32.99

Brother F054N | Side Cutter 7mm Brother Sewing Feet

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