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    Jaguar 489 2,3 & 4 Thread Overlocker On Finance
    Includes Jaguar 3 Year Warranty
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    51 Reviews

    Jaguar 489 2,3 & 4 Thread Overlocker

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    If you’re looking for a strong heavy duty overlocker then the Jaguar 489 is a solid choice, with professional finish



    The Jaguar 489 overlocker is the latest release in their highly successful overlocker range - this is the much sought after 2018 flagship.  This new model has many modifications and now includes: lay-in tension units giving you easier threading, improved tension and even better finishes on all types of fabrics.  It also has many internal modifications which mean that this overlocker can cope with even thicker fabrics and multiple layers with ease - providing you even better finishes than its predecessors. 

    This superbly engineered 2,3 and 4 thread differential-feed overlocker is a firm favourite among machinists who want easily produced professional looking finishes on all of their garments & projects - way beyond those possible with a sewing machine.

    The differential-feed gives you perfectly even seams - no stretching or distortion on knits or puckering of finer fabrics, and it can also be used for gathering.

    This overlocker has the unique Jaguar 'Easy Threading System' which means that the front of the machine opens up 180 degrees allowing you easy access to the threading mechanism - this is not available from any other brand.  You do not need any special tools or tweezers to thread this overlocker.  This also means that you can easily remove lint and clean the inside of the overlocker to keep your machine in tip-top condition - saving your time and money in servicing costs. 

    Jaguar is well known for its quality build giving you a very robust and powerful machine.  if you are looking for professional finishes, powerful overlocking and simplicity, then this is the overlocker for you. This Jaguar overlocker is packed full of useful features such as: 

    • Versatile use as a 2, 3 and 4 thread overlocker.
    • The two thread ability of this machine is important where a very good looking finish is required on the edge of fabrics but added strength is not needed such as wraps, table napkins and lingerie.
    • Versatile use as a two, three or four thread overlocker
    • Full control with the foot pressure regulator
    • The foot control gives you excellent control of the speed of the overlocker
    • Upto 1300 Stitches Per Minute 
    • 16 built in stitches: 4-Thread: Overlock. 3-Thread: Overlock (Wide & Narrow), Narrow Edge,Rolled Edge, Picot Edge, Flatlock (Wide & Narrow)Stretch Overlock. 2-Thread: Overlock (Wide and Narrow), Wrapped Overlock (Wide and Narrow), Narrow Edge, Rolled Edge, Flatlock
    • Stitch width and length easily adjusted even while sewing using the clear front mounted dials
    • Stitch width and length easily adjusted even while sewing using the clear front mounted dials
    • Pre-threaded with 4 cones
    • LED Sewing light for use in difficult lighting conditions
    • Easy Threading - The unique cutting system opens up 180 degrees giving easy access to the looper thread guides. Threading is quick and easy with no need for tweezers or specialist tools
    • Tool Storage - Keep your lint brush, needles, screwdriver, etc always to hand in the integrated storage compartment behind the door
    • Threading Chart - The colour coded threading guide is always on hand to help thread each of the four threads correctly
    • Differential Feed - Dual feeds which can be adjusted independently to help manage difficult and extreme fabrics. These feed dogs will cope with stretch fabrics effortlessly and overlock fine fabrics to give a pucker-free finish.
    • Weighs 8.0kg. Stitch Length 1-5mm. Up to 1300 Stitches Per Minute. 320mm (W) x 280mm (D) x 280mm (H). Voltage: 220-240 Volts.
    • Lint tray to keep your work area clean
    • Accessories Included: Two-Thread Converter, Stitch Finger, Needle Set, , Brush, Screwdriver (Small), Tape Measure, Dust Cover, Screw Driver (Large), Oiler, Moving Cutter, Spanner, Thread Net, Tweezers, Spool Disc, Spool Holder, Spool Cap, Accessory Bag, Lint Tray, Instruction Manual.





    This machine is a Jaguar Overlocker - Feet and Attachments
    (Click Jaguar Overlocker, to see the compatible accessories)

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    Includes Jaguar 3 Year Warranty

    FEATURES OF Jaguar 489 2,3 & 4 Thread Overlocker


    Us as 2,3 or 4 Thread Overlocking for Various Fabrics

    16 Built in Stitches

    2/3/4 Thread Overlock. 3 Thread Wide & Narrow. Narrow Edge. Rolled Edge. Picot Edge. Flatlock Wide & Narrow. 2 Thread Overlock Wide & Narrow. Wrapped Overlock Wide & Narrow. Narrow Edge.

    180 Degree Opening

    Open Front Easy Threading System Unique Easy Threading System - Overlocker with a 180 Degree Fully Opening Threading Mechanism Giving you Easy Access to the Looper Thread Guides


    Machine Size: H 28cm x W 32cm x D 28cm

    Easy Rolled Hem

    Easy Rolled Hem Conversion


    Top Speed up to 1300 Stitches Per Minute

    Foot Pressure

    Fully Adjustable Foot Pressure Regulator

    Tension Unit

    Easy Lay in Tension Dials with Auto Release

    Stitch Width

    Adjustable Cutting Width

    Stitch Length

    Adjustable Stitch length from 1.0mm to 5.0mm

    Differential Feed

    Adjustable Differential Feed for all Types of Fabrics

    Cutting knife

    Retractable Knife, Sew Without Trimming Fabric

    Sewing Needles

    No Special Needles, Standard Sewing Machine Needles.

    Cutting Guide

    Adjustable Seam Cutting Guide for Accurate Trimming


    Built in LED Light Bulb


    8KG in Weight
    20 x Overlocker Threads

    • 20 Reels Of Overlocker Thread
      (4 x Black, 4 x White, 4 x Cream, 4 x Navy, 4 x Grey)
    20 x Overlocker Threads
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    HobbyGift MR4650_NVY | Overlocking Bag
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    That’s not all.
    Check out what else
    you get in the box
    • Two-Thread Convertor
    • Stitch Finger
    • Needle Set
    • Brush
    • Screw driver (Small)
    • Tape Measure
    • Dust Cover
    • Screw Driver (Large)
    • Oiler
    • Moving Cutter
    • Spanner
    • Thread Net
    • Tweezers
    • Spool Disc
    • Spool Holder
    • Spool Cap
    • Needle Threader
    • Accessory Bag
    • Lint Tray
    • Instruction Manual

    Jaguar 489 from gur sewing machines

    Versatile use as a two, three or four thread overlocker.


    Ask a question About Jaguar 489 2,3 & 4 Thread Overlocker

    • Hi there, I am comparing this machine and the Janome 6234. What are the differences in the spec of the two? Does this machine do a rolled hem?

      1 Answer
      • Built quality, stitch functions, stitch leith, differential feed is the same.

        Both machines will do 2, 3 and 4 thread overlocking plus the built in rolled hem.

        Jaguar 489 opens up completely which makes the threading lot easier, to clean and maintain the overlocker the Jaguar wins hands down because of the 180 degree opening.

      Did you find this helpful?
    • Is this overlocker suitable for use with silk?

      1 Answer
      • Silk, no problem.
        The Jaguar 489 will sew any type of sheer fabric up to 2/3 layers of Jeans thickness.
        Overlocker is designed to sew all sort of fabrics for domestic use
      Did you find this helpful?
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    Jaguar 489 2,3 & 4 Thread Overlocker REVIEWS

    50 Reviews
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    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Nora Stuart on 02 July 2022

    Lovely machine, easy to thread, delivered on time. Would like the manual to have more detail on what stich to use for what project, but I am a bit of an overlocker novice, and I guess this is for the more experienced sewer, need to play with it.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Doreen Turner on 04 June 2022

    Really pleased with this overlocker. Very good company to purchase from. Staff extremely helpful and delivery prompt as promised. Many thanks

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Ms Heather Ratcliffe on 30 May 2022

    Never used an Overlocker before but this is really straightforward to use. Came threaded with colour coded spools and was really easy to rethread, following diagrams inside the cover. It feels very solid and breezed through multiple layers of heavier cotton drill to finish seams on some trousers. At full speed it needs a sturdy table or it will rock a lot, but the rubber feet seem to help a lot.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Paul Strickland on 05 December 2021

    I've had this machine for over six months now and I'm very pleased with it. It's easy to use and threading isn't difficult, especially with the way the machine opens up. I would recommend using the thread tension settings as a starting point and experimenting with your fabric/thread combination. I usually always find that my looper tension needs to be higher. I haven't made much use of the differential feed yet but am confident enough now to use it to make a t-shirt without sewing first, and the results have been impressive. Highly recommended.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Diane Wallman on 04 October 2021

    I baught this machine because my other overlocker had broken and was beyond repair. I have to say, I was a bit weary at first but I needn't have worried. This is a lovely very well built and very quiet machine. I also love the fact that there is storage for needles, converter and cleaning brush to name a few, in the front cover. I can honestly say that up to now I love this machine.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Louise Hughes on 29 June 2021

    Ordered on Sunday afternoon, it was here when I got home from work today (Tuesday).

    Incredibly easy to set up. I played around with the tensions, stitch width and differential feeds to see how they would affect the stitch.

    Really useful having it ready threaded with different colours so I could see the effect of each change I made.

    I decided to bite the bullet and try re-threading it with the thread I had ordered from GUR. I could not believe how easy it was to thread. The machine is much quieter than I expected it to be and I love the fact that you can completely open up the front to see where all the threads go.

    Thank you GUR for your excellent, efficient service. I can't wait to start sewing in earnest.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mr Darren Folger on 19 May 2021

    I have never used an overlocker before but find the Jaguar 489 very easy to use and thread. The instructions are very easy to follow and the machine is everything I wanted for my first machine.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Alison Taylor on 11 April 2021

    Absolutely delighted with the Jaguar overlocker. Rang GUR for advice as was considering two or three models. The advice (on several occasions!!) was so useful and I was advised that this model would suit my needs rather than the more expensive one I was considering. Machine came pre-threaded and although I felt intimidated the machine has proved itself to be a perfect companion to my Janome sewing machine. Excellent machine and excellent service.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    William Tobias James Chandler on 07 April 2021

    I found this machine to be incredibly easy to use, as a first time user of an overlocker. The 180° opening really does help with threading the machine, which again, is very easy following the guides. So far I've only used it in 4 and 2 thread modes, but I'm really, really happy with the professional finish that it provides. GUR were really quick to dispatch the machine, I ordered it on a Sunday evening and the following morning I received confirmation that it has shipped and it was received before 11am on the Tuesday. Such a fantastic service.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Ann Downham on 26 March 2021

    I've never used an overlocker before but after a lot of deliberation I bought the Jaguar 489... I love it! I've even re-threaded it! I would definitely recommend it! 

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Ms June Cottam on 02 March 2021

    I bought this after looking at reviews of many overlockers, it came out well. I had never used an overlocker but I wanted to neaten fraying edges and was intrigued to what else you can do ... My first morning opening the box, the machine is pre threaded, I started to work my way through the different types of use... then got stuck with replacing a needle... the lovely man on GUR Helpdesk couldn’t have been kinder or more patient. Thank you +++++. It threads easy and the needle issue was me 🤣 .. I love it.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Ruth Epton on 26 February 2021

    Really pleased with my overlocker. It is easy to thread, very responsive to the pedal and quiet. The customer service team at GUR are superb

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mr Colin Fannon on 24 February 2021

    Good value and a very well made and engineered machine. Very easy to thread. Stitches very good

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Debbie Williams on 06 February 2021

    This is a nice sturdy machine and has the great benefit of being able to see inside the front of the machine whether for threading or cleaning - very helpful. An easy to use machine with good speed when seeing. However I find the light very poor and only lights up the area over the left of the needles. Good value for money and it's a great help for all sewers .

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Lisa Raison Trehy on 29 July 2020

    Very happy so far with my new overlocker. It works like a dream and is easy to rethread. I haven't tried all the additional feet yet but so far my experience has been great. Excellent customer service from GUR

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Jan Britton on 14 July 2020

    My Jaguar 489 Overlocker was delivered the day after I ordered it. I love the overlocker. It is easy to thread and sew with. This is my first overlocker and I can honestly say I am very pleased with my purchase from GUR.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mr Roger Nicholls on 07 July 2020

    It’s a great machine and very easy to thread and use. The only thing which is a minor nuisance is that the waste catcher is easily knocked off. Otherwise it is fantastic.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Ms Carol Oliver on 26 June 2020

    Love, love, love this machine. Bought primarily to cope with sewing scrubs for FTLOS North Lincs. Was scared to use (look back and shake head at myself). Once I overcame my silly self, got into it . Easy to use, lovely finish on seams, easy to thread as long as you take your time and follow instructions on DVD. One small issue was that the little connector for the lint tray snapped soon after purchase, but not a big problem. Still worthy of 5 stars.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Sandra Walker on 23 June 2020

    I am in love ❤️ This machine is easy to thread, easy to understand and a pleasure to sew with. This Jaguar has re-awakened an urge to create!!!

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Val khan on 21 June 2020
    Love this machine , came very quickly and well packaged . I was going to buy a cheaper model . I am really pleased that I choose this model after watching a utube video showing how to thread it .
    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs ELAINE SIMPSON on 20 June 2020
    Beautiful study machine, I wished I had bought one years ago. I was a little apprehensive at first when I had to thread it but took my time and it wasn't difficult, particularly as the front of the machine fully opens. Instructions are easy to read and I'm working my way through an array of fabrics and trying it out. It has made life so much easier to finish seams on soft furnishings and clothes. I bought this on a recommendation and my only niggle is the flimsy catch which holds the thread catcher tray to the machine, which has broken, but not a problem. However, I LOVE IT and use it at every opportunity, a good buy for the price.
    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    H E Canter on 18 June 2020

    I have been using this machine for about a month now. I have been extremely happy with it so far! I have sewn all different types of fabric and had absolutely no issues! It’s super easy to thread. The access to remove lint & loose cuttings is superb. I would absolutely recommend this machine.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Ann White on 17 June 2020

    I purchased my overlocker from GUR following a recommendation from a friend and I couldn't be happier. I had an issue paying through the website so rang them and they sorted it really quickly. The man was so helpful and friendly. It was delivered the very next day. The machine is awesome. And the icing was when I googled how to rethread the machine I got a YouTube video from GUR that was perfect. Definitely recommend this company.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Stephanie Watt on 13 June 2020

    I love this Jaguar overlocker it’s very easy to operate and simple to re-thread with both fronts of the machine opening it makes it an easy job. It has a solid casing and has a relatively quiet motor. In the short time that I have owned it, it has been in constant use having made 300 masks and 100 cushion covers in lockdown and it has taken it all in its stride. I also have a Brother overlocker but much prefer the Jaguar. It was well worth the extra cost.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs SANDIE YOUNG on 05 June 2020

    This seems as if it is going to be great . Like most first time owners it’s going to take a while to get the results I long for. So far I’ve threaded it incorrectly (3 times) and then learnt the correct method. Tried and failed to overlook and trim - too wide , too loose then a number of successful seams. I’m now beginning to get consistent results and it looks like we’re going to be very happy together .!!

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Paula Cashin on 04 June 2020

    I have always been put off (scared) of overlocking machines because of the threading process plus not being skilled at sewing either. But after researching them recently I decided to take the plunge watching a GUR video on Youtube showing how to thread this machine and it was very simple, nothing like I'd been imagining! The price was the best and GUR also had a 12 months interest free option which is always a welcome plus even if you only take advantage until payday. This machine has helped to keep me sane during lockdown by making lots of small projects to amuse myself.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Amanda McKellar on 03 June 2020

    I wouldnt recommend this machine. It may be easy to thread but the tension is shocking. I tested the scrap that came with machine.. fine. Then changed material tension on stitches was awful..finally get tension sorted machine starts to shudder.. thread breaks.. tension goes wonky again.. i fix it..anytime you stop using machine then go back to it a different day it starts all over again.. All while intermittently shuddering every so often like it gonna blow. Worst decision i ever made was buying this. And ive made some bad decisions in life!



    Amanda, you welcome to return the Jaguar 489 within the next 14 days and we will refund in full.

    We would love to check this Jaguar 489 out to see what the issues are, this is is the first time someone on having a new jaguar has encountered so many problems.

    Sorry for the distress it must have caused you.


    GUR REPLY: 6th OCTOBER 2021

    No phone call from customer for refund or exchange...  We are presuming the machine must be doing the job it suppose too.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Anne Hawker on 02 June 2020

    I was very wary about. buying an overlocker because of the threading and didn’t want to spend huge money on something that gathers dust. However, this was an excellent buy. Prompt delivery, excellent video, - brilliant. I’ve been able to retread it without any problem. Thank you for wonderful service

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Lynette Patrick on 27 May 2020

    Brilliant strong tough machine, a dream to thread. So versatile too, including so many extra feet, that I haven't had time to try out yet.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Cecielia Sinclair on 12 May 2020

    I have only just started learning how to use this machine, and am very impressed with its performance. Threading it was not the nightmare I was expecting it to be. I can certainly recommend this machine to a first time use.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Theresa Turnbull on 10 May 2020

    Recommended for me by GUR, this is a wonderful beginners or re-starters machine, the threading could not be easier. It sews quickly and well. So easy to get that good finish with it. 10/10

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Catherine Pope on 03 March 2020

    Fabuolous machine, very happy. Support excellent. The finger fell off on 1st day (removable part) and had fabulous help to work out how to replace it, just as you were about to close. Very happy and thank you for your help and service. Free thread brilluant too

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    MRS L HOPKINS on 22 February 2020

    My jaguar 489 over locker and bag arrived the day after ordering and was immediately taken out of the box. All in good order, ready threaded and with no adjustment needed to start my first project. I have found the machine easy to thread and use. It stitches beautifully. All in all a very good buy.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Irina Grozavu on 09 February 2020

    I am very happy with my new overlocker Jaguar 489. It arrived on time and I've got a great gift of thread and a bag for only £5. The machine works wonderful and it's easy to thread. A good video from GUR about Jaguar threading is on youtube. Recomend the overlocker and GUR.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Carol McGivern on 20 December 2019

    I have had chance to use this overlocker now and so far I am very pleased with the sturdy quality and the ease of threading , the machine is not too loud , as yet I have not gone into all functions of the machine just used basic overlocking stitch so far for which I am very happy.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Dorman JOHANNE on 13 December 2019

    Brilliant well built and easy to thread. Buy one

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Luca Giuliani on 03 October 2019

    Excellent machine - robust and very easy to thread even for a beginner like me. It took me 3-4 minutes as first time - Super clear manual possibly better than video - maybe more videos would be appreciated. Service was fast and well tracked -

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    MRS JOYCE LINSKILL on 04 August 2019

    I requested delivery on a specific day, and was given a time frame. The machine arrived on time.

    It was well packaged. It appears very well made.

    I made myself unthread the machine straight way so that it didn't become daunting. The threading instructions are clear, and I found it easy to thread; the 180 degree opening front and DVD certainly helped. So far I've only practiced with one stitch in 4 thread overlocking, haven't made any alterations to width or density or tried any of the extra feet included in the package. The stitches are very neat, and look good.

    I'm very pleased with both the machine and the service, which have been excellent. Thankyou.

    Could we have more video tutorials on using the machine please?


    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Jenni Wilford on 06 March 2019

    Ordered a Jaguar 489 2/3/4 thread Overlocker - on a Tuesday after an online chat , it was delivered next morning well packed and ready to go. there was a price alert on this machine, with also 50 free reels of thread and 5 different feet which have been really useful. Machine is a dream to use. I would Recommend this machine and definitely recommend GUR for sewing machines and their service.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Mrs Fiona Steventon on 08 February 2019

    Excellent customer service and value for money!..... I finally purchased a Jaguar 489 overlocker after doing loads of on line research and also having spoken to GUR about several models and weighed up their very helpful advice. On receipt, at first I struggled to get the stitches correct, being my first ever overlocker, but having called GUR for advice, I received a phone call from Palma, who talked me through the correct settings, I persevered and sent photos of the results of my test stitches at different settings through, as he suggested. Palma then took the time to call me again and look at the photo samples with me, explaining things very thoroughly. He also sent me the free January offer of a handheld steamer immediately when I queried if I was eligible, so all in all, I cannot fault the customer service I received, it is refreshing to get such great pre and post purchase support. I highly recommend GUR and will certainly be buying again from you again, and thank you for your patience as a novice overlocker sewer! And finally, after speaking with Palma only two days ago for advice, I have now made my first knit fabric item, ever, and all on the Jaguar. It was so quick and easy to do, and looks great!

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Terry Boyce on 27 November 2018

    This Jaguar 489 is a fantastic overlocker. I got a real deal and haven't stopped using it since it arrived. It's really straightforward and easy to use. My only slight issue is that trying to thread can be complicated at times, but that's more due to being left handed. Some of the mechanisms get in the way when I'm trying to thread it. Have recommended it to plenty of mates though and would suggest it to anyone reading this review.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Michelle Woodburn on 27 November 2018

    Until now, I have never owned an overlocker until now. I was trying to sew some stretch fabric, but with a standard sewing machine, it was having none of it. So I spoke to a very helpful gentleman on the phone, I explained to him, the type of fabric I was using and what I was looking to achieve. Immediately he recommended this machine for me. So I went and purchased this Jaguar 489 Overlocker. It is very simple to thread and to clean, even for a total novice like myself, as the front opens up and swings out the way, very smart. You will not be unhappy in any way if you buy this Jaguar 489 Overlocker. I love it, only had it a few weeks, already made 3 shirts, a top from my stretch fabric, and will finish a shirt later. An extremley happy customer!!

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Diane Foden on 27 November 2018

    I am really pleased with this new machine, i was going to buy a Janome until i read the reviews on this one and i am happy to have changed my mind. The carriage was extremely quick and arrived within a day of ordering, it was packed very sturdy and came already threaded, although i have used an industrial overlocker previously, this is the closest to industrial quality, so i was familiar with how it all worked. I would have no hesitation in recommending this machine and all its features, which i am still trying out at the moment.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Helen McGowan on 06 November 2018

    My husband bought me the Jaguar 487 overlocker for Christmas. I had been reviewing overlockers since mid November on various sites and YouTube . I don't have a huge choice of item stores nearby and I was a bit dubious of purchasing something like this without having a trial run. I have never used an overlocker before so I really was relying on reviews of other users and purchasers and so know how important it is to get a detailed review of each aspect of the experience. I had been on the GUR website amongst others several times since the summer as I was also looking for a item to restart the hobby of clothes making and household crafting I had let lapse for about ten years. I have a daughter studying fashion who was in need of an overlocker and item to help save on the late …

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Adams on 06 November 2018

    Expensive but the best, I had a brother overlocker and had some issues with tensions, sewing issues on thicker fabric. The Jaguar Overlock item was the Best Buy for my alteration business, easy to thread, easy to clean. My workhorse will not change it for the world

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    TRISH on 06 November 2018

    I purchased my Jaguar from my local sewing centre. I felt I needed the peace of mind that, if I had no clue what I was doing with my item, some one on one assistance might be invaluable. Well, this item rocks. I was nervous about re threading it, especially after hearing the sewing centre lady say some customers go back several times for rethreading help before they 'get it'. I broke One of my threads, I managed to get it re threaded within minutes. I'm thrilled. It does a lovely, uniform stitch and I can knock together kids pyjama bottoms or tops in less than 30mins. All this, from someone who had never even switched an overlocker on 2 1/2 weeks ago. It's a fantastic unit.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Ann H on 06 November 2018

    Hi, I purchased my item for Christmas and birthday and have only just really started using it. I have managed to re-thread it without too much difficulty and am delighted with the build quality, ease of use and quality of the stitching. Trish has a video showing how to thread it which is brilliant as I couldn't understand what to do with the needle threads. I am learning from scratch really and it's not near as scary as I though. I did have a demo in the store before online purchase and am delighted with the bag and threads i got with it. I have not tried the feet options yet. Thank you GUR

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Jagdeep Singh on 06 November 2018

    I purchased this item as a gift for my wife following the sound advice given to me by the experts at Gur. I highly recommend it to anyone and would like to thank Gur for assisting me in making the right choice with this product. I will certainly be coming back for their advice and products. From a very happy and satisfied customer.

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Richard James on 06 November 2018

    I have just bought this overlocker and it arrived today .... all i can say is what a beautiful item. don't be put off by the name because this item has many other brands like the necchi 181 ... singer stylist 2... Iv had the singer 14sh754 and iv had the brother 929D and i would buy this item over any other overlocker on the market and the price is just amazing with a free extension table worth £80.00 It’s quiet with beautiful stitches i so wish i had bought this item before any other item iv had So if your looking for an easy to thread beautiful overlocker then this is the one its amazing thank you gur products

    Posted on GUR Sewing Machines
    Bridgette Bruckshaw on 06 November 2018

    Hi, The overlocker is going well. I just wanted to say that I bought the same overlocker (then labeled a a Frister & Rossman) about 25 years ago and it cost me £420 (a lot of money then). The new item I bought from you recently cost £220 - that is mad isn't it?! Best wishes, Bridgette Bruckshaw

    Jaguar 3 Year Warranty included
    for Jaguar 489 2,3 & 4 Thread Overlocker

    Great before and after sales service comes as standard when you buy a sewing machine from us at GUR Sewing Machines.

    Your new product would have gone through the manufactures quality control before been delivered to you.

    In the unlikely event you experience a problem with your sewing machine, overlocker or embroidery machine for the duration of your warranty, please contact us via email quoting your order number and a brief description of the fault.

    • We will then arrange a telephone call with you to go through some simple diagnostics with you. Often this helps to rectify the problem over the phone quicker.
    • We will repair your machine as swiftly as possible. We will arrange to collect your product. Please retain your original sewing machine box and polystyrene inserts as this will ensure it is protected during transit.
    Warranty Registration

    There is no need to register your warranty.

    Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

    The product warranty is nontransferable should the machine be sold or given away at a later date.


    When this Warranty does not Apply

    What’s Covered? Bona-fide faults …. as per the manufactures guarantee. 
    What’s not Covered? Warranty excludes wilful damage, misuse, repairs caused by overuse or repairs made necessary use. Please note “consumables items” such as belts, bulbs, needle threaders, bobbin cases, loopers, overlock knives, needle plates, bobbins and needles etc as stated on the manufactures guarantee document, your warranty is deemed invalid if your machine has been used for commercial purposes.

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    Finance from only £22.19 per month
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    • Computerised Sewing Machine
    • Free Arm / Flat Bed Convertible
    • Machine Size appx.: W410 x H300 x D180mm
    • Arm Space: 170 x 110cm
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    • Computerised Sewing Machine
    • 30 stitch selection
    • Rotary top loading bobbin
    • Arm Space: 17cm
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    • Computerised Sewing Machine
    • 40 Built In Stitches
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