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Brother Overlockers

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Brother 2104D Overlocker
Brother 2104D Overlocker
Brother 2104D Overlocker
Now £219.00
Brother 2104D Overlocker

Brother 2104D Overlocker

Including 3 Extra Feet worth £81
The Brother 2104D Overlock Machine sews seams and trims excess fabric, it features 2 needles and 3 or 4 threads with a differential feed system. Ideal..
Save £10.00 Was £229.00
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Brother 3034DWT Overlocker
Brother 3034DWT Overlocker
Brother 3034DWT Overlocker
Now £269.00
Brother 3034DWT Overlocker

Brother 3034DWT Overlocker

Includes Extension Table, Blind Hem Foot, Piping Foot, Gathering Foot. Worth Over £81.00
The perfect complement for professional and quality finishes...  The Brother 3034DWT overlocker makes a perfect addition to any sewing collection..
Save £10.00 Was £279.00
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Brother 4234D Overlocker
Brother 4234D Overlocker
Brother 4234D Overlocker
Now £389.00

Overlock seams perfectly and create amazing decorative effects.
It features a needle threader, 2,3, or 4 thread sew and cut overlock stitches and an easy to follow thread guide. 


The Brother 4234D overlocker makes a beneficial assistant for beginners as well as more experienced tailors, use the Brother 4234D as either a 2, 3 or 4 thread Overlock, the 4234D will trim, edge and neaten for a professional finish which won't fray or unwind. FAST lower looper threading & colour coded threading system makes it easy to thread up the overlocker and with a manual plus Instructional DVD. This, plus the manual tension release and the "easy thread" left looper makes threading this overlocker easy as it gets.


The free arm facility is the cylinder on the 4234D which allows you to sew items such as sleeves and trouser legs. It also provides overlock stitching suitable with a wide variety of heavy, stretch and light fabrics. Suitable for a wide range of fabrics including silks to thick layers of denim and stretch fabrics. The Brother 4234D machine has wide range of stitches for decorative purposes and utility stitching. The portable Overlocker provides sturdy performance at quick speeds of 1,300 Stitches per minute.


The Brother 4234D offers a choice of two sewing surfaces namely free arm and flat bed. You can choose for 3 or 4 thread cut and sew stitches options. The Overlocker comes with different settings that you can use for handling different types of fabrics. Narrow and rolled edges are no problem for this compact but powerful machine.


Other features include differential feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0 for improved stitch quality, create stitches from 2.0mm to 4.0mm in length and 5.0mm to 7.0mm in width and Automatic Needle Threader. This Overlocker includes Blind Stitch Foot and Trim trap for storage of the foot pedal and for catching fabric.

  • Versatile stitch options allow you to choose from 2,3 or 4 thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, pin tuck, blind hem stitches
  • The free arm allows for tubular items such as sleeves while the flat bed is for general overlocking
  • Easy colour coded threading
  • Easily thread the two needles with the automatic needle threader
  • For perfect seaming on virtually any fabric type. Eliminates the wavy or stretched appearance of stitches on fabrics
  • Fast and simple threading of the lower looper
  • For instant rolled hemming
  • Easily and quickly change the presser feet
  • The stitch width can easily adjustable between 5.00mm  to 7.00mm, helping to provide the perfect stitch width for your project
  • Simple stitch length adjustment from 2.0-4.0mm (for overlock stitch), 1.0-2.0mm (for narrow stitch), 1.0mm (for roll stitch)
  • Threat twist protection and needle plate separation for improved sewing quality
  • Effectively lights the working area
  • Use the removable trim trap to store the foot controller, and to collect trim while overlocking
  • The integrated handle allows easy carrying
Brother 4234D Overlocker

Brother 4234D Overlocker

Including Waste Tray & Blind Stitch Foot Worth Over £85.00
Overlock seams perfectly and create amazing decorative effects. It features a needle threader, 2,3, or 4 thread sew and cut overlock stitches and an easy..
2 Bundle Offers
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Brother Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines by Brother

Our broad range and selection of sewing machines by Brother are quality assured and manufactured with great precision. Our quilting and embroidery machines, including the free manuals which come with each product details everything you need to know about getting started with your Brother Sewing Machines. With special delivery options also available and special stitch functions on all of our Brother sewing products, we are sure that we supply the right type of sewing machine for you.

UK Online Brother Sewing Machines

Brother Sewing Machines have been available to buy from GUR for many years. With many additional functions and built-in stitches which come with a whole range of our machines, we're sure to find you the right product for you. We also sell brother sewing machines parts direct and combined with our online review function, you'll be able to see the excellent ratings we receive on our product line. Our popular Brother LS14 Machine is one of our best sellers and has been one of most recommended sewing machine to enter the market.

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We accept all major credit cards and payment methods for your Brother machine. With our secure checkout process, you'll have no worry in ordering your product quickly and effectively. A few simple clicks on our online platform will soon see your product out for delivery. Furthermore, our support team who can help out with any sewing manuals or queries you have with your product are here, just a phone call away. See our full range of sewing machines to buy online.

Reviews for Brother Overlockers

By Frederick McCabe on 11th April 2019
Review for: Brother 4234D Overlocker

It worked more or less out of the box. After threading it (thought you might have left a bit more cotton on!) my wife was sewing a hem on a dress 20 minutes later. It sews an extremely neat 2 mm finish out of the box and we haven't changed that yet. Initially starting sewing the machine sounded as though it wouldn't move but after checking everything and pressing on it worked smoothly and quickly. It just sounded differently to our old machine. Threading is easy using the tie on method but the bottom looper will still be tricky (but not difficult) Your service was top class; you kept us informed of the delivery by email and the tracking of the order was brilliant! All in all we are very pleased with the machine, the price and will recommend GUR to all our friends. Thank you.<…

By Michel on 8th April 2019
Review for: Brother 4234D Overlocker

Is a fantastic machine, is value for money! Excellent customer service and quick delivery, if you are planning to buy this machine or any other, I would highly recommend GUR! If you are planning to buy the Brother 4234D Overlocker, make sure to buy the extension as a bundle is only £40 and is worth it, otherwise is £72. Furthermore, I purchased a bag for thread or sewing accessories as part on my bundle and only cost me £1 (But the bag smelled like industrial glue at first - before washing it). Make sure to have a look at the bundles, because you have to click on what you want before you make the purchase, if not you lost the opportunity to buy few accessories for a reasonable price. Also, the extension for the Brother 4234D is made out of good durable plastic, and …

By David Carney on 4th October 2019
Review for: Brother 4234D Overlocker

i am very pleased with my machine I have purchased many from them with no problems

By Mrs Theresa Turnbull on 30th May 2020
Review for: Brother 4234D Overlocker

Super fast, easy to thread, stitches evenly, I am extremely pleased with this overlocker. Highly recommended

By Lorraine Hardy on 30th May 2020
Review for: Brother 4234D Overlocker

Very helpful staff and next day delivery too. Well pleased and easy to thread and use. Very good price , always buy my machines from GUR .

By Mrs Jean Dawson on 5th June 2020
Review for: Brother 4234D Overlocker

I purchased this overlocker as it was highly recommended on various websites and seemed pretty easy simple to use. I have never used an overlocker before and found it a bit daunting to start with. I would have preferred to have the machine arrive ready threaded with spools but there was only enough thread to show how it threads. So my first difficult task was to thread the machine, which I was able to do with the YouTube video. After that it's been plain sailing and I hope that I get many hours of happy sewing. I haven't tried the other feet yet so can't review them.

By Miss Madeleine Smith on 22nd December 2020
Review for: Brother 4234D Overlocker

This overlocker is great for beginners and the more experienced. Easy to get the hang of, threading it was a piece of cake, it gives my projects a fast professional finish. So glad I purchased this item. Would recommend.

By Mrs Christine Watson on 6th January 2021
Review for: Brother 4234D Overlocker

I replaced my old overlocker with the Brother 4234D, I have found it very easy to use and adjust, I see many different types of fabric and it has been perfect for the ones I have used so far , I have not tried a rolled hem but hope to give that a go soon , the needle threader is very useful.

By Mrs D J Rudland on 28th April 2018
Review for: Brother 3034DWT Overlocker

Hubby bought me the brother 3034DWT on Monday 23/04/18 it arrived on 25/04/18. This is such a fabulous machine great price plus you get 3 extra feet as free gift. It comes to you all threaded up and ready to sew would definitely buy from GUR excellent service beautiful machine thank you
By Sally Birkitt on 30th March 2020
Review for: Brother 3034DWT Overlocker

Came already threaded which was a bonus. Good instructions not had any problems. I am quite a newbie where overlockers are concerned but it looks quite easy to understand.
By Ms Christine Brennan on 8th May 2020
Review for: Brother 3034DWT Overlocker

Amazing little Over locker love it we have volunteered to make PPE for the NHS its been a god send wished we had purchased it sooner the customer service was fantastic 5 * would highly recommend & will use again thank you

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