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Pfaff Sewing Machines

GUR stock the largest range of Pfaff Sewing Machines online and with our price match guarantee on all Pfaff Sewing Machines mixed with our excellent customer service GUR Sewing Machines is the ideal place to purchase your new Pfaff Sewing Machine.

From the Pfaff Element 1050s Sewing Machine to the Pfaff Creative Sensation Sewing Machine we offer the complete range at great prices and you will even receive Free UK delivery!

We have been supplying Pfaff Sewing Machines for over 60 years so if you require any help or advice please call our Pfaff Sewing Machines team on 0121 359 5335.

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Sewing Machines from Pfaff:Why settle for less?

There are brand names in the world that ooze class and style. The name alone rings bells of quality and reliability. In the sewing world we are lucky to have a number of brands like that, but very few carry the same weight as Pfaff. This is a company that has honed its skills for years, making the best Sewing Machines on the market. These machines are perfect for an expert with their own craft room, or for a rookie just starting out.

If you have any questions as to which product in Pfaff’s Sewing Machines range is best for you then don’t hesitate to ask one of our expert advisors.

GUR and Pfaff: The perfect match

GUR Sewing have proudly been stocking the largest range of Pfaff sewing products on the internet for a number of years. We have the largest range of Sewing Machines from Pfaff online and continue, every day, to be the UK’s number one destination for their products. Our price match guarantee, amazing customer service and ever developing relationship with Pfaff means we are your one stop shop for sewing products online.

We cover it all; from the top of the line Sewing Machines all the way to clearance of older, but still excellent, models. We offer the complete range and we offer free UK delivery on all orders. There’s never been a better time to shop for Pfaff or Sewing Machines in the UK.

Pfaff for the UK

Over the years that we have been working, GUR Sewing has seen the market move this way and that but we have never followed. We’ve been at the forefront of the sewing community in the UK because we see where trends are going; we understand the shifts and needs of the market. Pfaff has been a constant during this time as well. 

It has the range of products to cater for all audiences, all needs and all levels of ability. It’s that range, coupled with the undeniable quality that has made Pfaff such an incredible partner for GUR Sewing over the years.

So if you know the exact Pfaff Sewing Machines you want, or if you need a little bit of advice from our sales team, then get in touch. They can answer questions about Pfaff or any other of our partners. 

Give us a call on 0121 359 5335 or request a call back at a time more convenient to you.

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