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    Janome Concealed Zipper Foot Z

    Good quality ready to wear garments will often have an invisible zip fitted. These zippers are often neglected by the home dressmaker which is a great pity because they can ensure success every time. Invisible zips are suitable for all fabrics, from fine silk jersey though to suit weight wool's and tweeds, once fitted, they will be virtually invisible and will merely look like part of the seam.


    Janome Clear View Quilting Foot & Guide Set

    We all know that at times the guide on the 1/4" seam foot can be "in the way" and often wish that we could remove it when needed. Well that time has come with the introduction of this set. When you want the benefit of guides for piercing or ditch quilting, these can know be attached and removed as needed to suit the tak at hand. This clear view foot allows you to see through the fabric whilst the red guide lines on it help you to achieve accurate piercing without any obstruction. There is also the added bonus of an oval shaped needle hole which allows needle adjustment for scant 1/4" piercing with maximum adjustment of 1mm. Markings on the foot indicate " and 1/4" from centre needle drop position with handy cornering markings for both measurements.


    Janome Adjustable Zipper Foot E

    No matter the zipper application - lapped, centered or exposed, this foot will not ride on top of the zipper coil. It's so versatile because you can attach the foot either to the left or right side of the needle.


    Janome Circular Attachment

    The circular stitcher is the ideal attachment for sewing circles using either straight stitch, zig-zag, decorative stitches or even lettering.  Circles 5cm to 26cm in diameter are stitched perfectly using this very popular attachment so essential for craft and decorative work.




    Janome Button Sewing Foot

    Quick and easy button sewing with the special button sewing foot. This foot has two bars that attach to the foot chank to provide extra stability and also has a textured rubber sleeve to hold the button securley in place whilst sewing





    Janome Border Guide Foot

    Having problems lining up or evenly spacing your border designs? That problem can now be solved with the help of the Border Guide Foot. The secret of this great new foot lies in its red guide markings. The two sets of vertical red lines are calibrated to allow perfect spacing of rows whilst the horizontal red line matches the needle drop allowing you to accuratley line up the start of each new row of stitching.




    Janome Fringe Foot

    The Fringe Foot, sometimes referred to as the "Tailor-Tacking Foot", has a raised bar at the front which causes the thread to stand away from the fabric.  Using a simple zig-zag stitch you can create beautiul surface texture, custom trims, fringed flowers and appliues or use it to create traditional tailor tacks.

    If using it for tailor tacking, once the thread loops are formed, pull the fabric slightly apart and cut.  What you will hve is perfect thread markings on your fabric.



    Janome Blind Hem Foot G

    Janome Blind Hem Foot G, blind hemming can sometimes be a little bit tricky so the Blind hem Foot G goes some way to helping improve this technique. The foot has a metal guide in the centre and three lines struck on the underside. During blind hemming, the fold of the fabric snugs against the guide in the foot for accuracy whilst the lines underneath help to prevent unnecessary slipping. The needle will swing over the metal guide creating slack in the upper tension so that the pick of the stitch is almost invisible.




    Janome Buttonhole Foot R

    Thin fabrics call for finer threads and needles, but what if you are making a buttonhole in a delicate blouse?  Add cording to give strength without bulk.  Hook fine filler cord around the spur on the back of the buttonholer and up through the forks before sewing the buttonhole.

    The Janome Buttonhole Foot R 830823118 can be used to create perfectly aligned buttonholes with a ONE-step buttonhole machine.

    Sliding plate under foot has conveniently spaced markings to start and stop your buttonhole at precisely the correct point.




    Janome Stitch in the Ditch Foot

    The Stitch in the Ditch Foot, designed for quilting and other projects that require stitching over an existing seam, this foot rides smoothly over the seam, helping to ensure your stitching remains more perfectly aligned while you ‘stitch in the ditch’.

    Janome Buttonhole Foot B

    This foot makes it possible to sew buttonholes longer than 2.5cm.  It is also effective on tight areas such as cuffs where more freedom of movement is required than available with a sliding-type buttonhole foot.




    Janome Satin Stitch Foot F

    Start with the highest quality fabrics and threads to ensure your creations maintain their beauty for years to come. Carefully plan your embellishments and test before sewing your actual project.  Then let the precision of your Janome sewing machine and accessories do the work. Designed for stitching dense satin and decorative stitches, the bottom of the foot is believed to allow smooth delivery of thread under the foot while securely holding the fabric to feed the dogs. Increased presser foot pressure may be needed when adding decorative stitching to a single layer of a lightweight fabric. Get the best results on fine fabrics by applying lightweight tear-away stabilizer.

    Janome Ultra Glide Foot

    The Janome Ultra Glide Foot, the ultra glide foot is molded from a special resin allowing easier sewing of fabrics that may otherwise stick to the standard metal foot such as ultra suede, faux leather and plastic etc.




    Janome Overedge Foot M

    Use with an overcasting stitch to allow thread to wrap around the edge of the fabric to prevent unraveling. The foot guides the fabric and keeps your edges flat by compensating for the lack of friction when the needle makes the right-most stitch.


    Janome Rotary Even Foot

    For use with all sewing machines, the rotary foot is effective for preventing stretchy fabrics, jersey and knitted fabrics and hard feed materials, like leather or vinyl from slipping or puckering as is a walking foot.


    The attachments provided with the foot include:

    • Bias tape sewing attachment - this is adjustable and enables you to attach folded bias tape up to 20mm wide
    • Blind Hem Attachment - this enables accurate feeding of the fabric to achieve a consistent blind hem
    • Wide Rolled Hem Attachment - this enables wide rolled hems to be sewn in the following sizes, 1/2", 3/4" and 1".

    All of the attachments are used whilst sewing with the even foot giving accurate feeding of any type of fabric.


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