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    Great service from GUR Brother vr brilliant machine easy to use easy thread change good software bit noisy but worth investing overall does the job perfectly

    Paul Farthing ()
    14th July 2023

    brilliant embroidery machine, love it. Thank you GUR MACHINES for all your help.

    Mrs Janet Harper ()
    07th January 2023

    Absolutely brilliant machine. Wish I had been able to buy earlier. I upgraded from a Brother, which only had a 4 inch sewing field. Finding my new machine excellent. Delivered very quickly

    Mrs Linda Gorton ()
    25th March 2022

    Great price for a lovely machine. Easy to use lots of help on the screen and operating manual..

    Mrs Anne Andrews (Saltash)
    11th February 2022

    GUR are a company who take time to help. This is a lovely machine. Pleased to have been involved with this company. Highly recommended.

    Mrs Sandi Green (Prenton)
    22nd January 2022

    Fantastic service Sal (aka handsome) absolutely went the extra mile to help

    Mrs Carrianne Taylor ()
    22nd January 2022

    From firstly ordering the V3 to delivery the next day to unpacking and setting up to my first embroidery stitches was absolutely first class service and so easy to use. Thank you for a brilliant service.

    Mrs Elizabeth Mills ()
    25th December 2021

    I bought a Janome 500E 4 years ago and it has been a workhorse and because it is such a good machine I decided to treat myself to a Janome 550E as it has a bigger hoop which gives me the opportunity to stitch out larger patterns. I am delighted with the 550E. It runs smooth and slightly quieter than the 500. I love both my machines and am so glad I chose to buy the 550E at a very reasonable price.

    Mrs Susanne Sketchley (Tamworth)
    31st July 2021

    The machine is fabulous. The strength of build is second to none. Really good facility being able to edit/add designs on the screen. The hoop sizes are “BIG”. Highly recommend this product.

    Wendy Waters (Great Yarmouth)
    16th July 2021

    Love it! Arrived so quickly and all perfect, even came with a few extras which was really great to get me started!

    Mrs Sarah Hurley (Newport Pagnell)
    05th April 2021

    Saved up for a long time for this machine then had to wait untill it became available. I had it in November 2020. I have been using a 350e for about 8 years. I thought the 550 would be quieter, it isn't. It is noisier than my 350, which I can see now is a quality machine. There is a lot to love about the 550, the size of the hoops, the colour screen and all the lovely things you can do with it but I feel very disappointed overall. A design today would not stitch out but did on my 350. The machine is noisy and sounds 'clunky'. The cover is just a sheet of plastic. I really regret buying this machine.

    Sadie Taylor (Wales)
    14th February 2021

    The Janome MC550E is my first embroidery machine, so a lot to learn in terms of the what goes into an embroidery design (threads, stabilisers etc) and the machine itself. The instruction book is good and I'm happy that illustrations of the display panel are in colour. The cover for the machine is a bit lack-lustre; a flat piece of clear plastic with the Janome logo, so I made a shaped cover for it myself. The machine stitches well and I am happy with it. It's a bit hefty and it needs quite a bit of space to do its thing, especially when using the largest hoop (200mm x 360mm). I took me ages to decide if I wanted a machine with a smaller footprint, but thought if I'm going to splash out then I want a machine that has a bigger hoop. The other factor I took into account was the position of the hooping device of the machine. I wanted it be on the right-hand side as it feels like it would be easier to have room on the left-hand side for the fabric. So, in conclusion, I am happy with my purchase, and I'm very happy with the service from GUR. I had to call them when I discovered some items were missing (e.g. the cover, needle pack and bobbins) and they got in touch with Janome straight away - the remaining items were shipped directly from Janome and I received within the same week.

    Mrs Anne Marie (Castleford)
    12th August 2020

    I have a lot to learn about this machine yet, but so far it has not been too difficult to embroider logos, patterns and text, and found it easy to download free patterns on to a usb stick and embroider from that. Love the choice this gives you to work with. Look forward to using it a lot more in the future

    Mrs Stephanie Hemsworth ()
    23rd June 2020

    First embroidery machine and I love it really easy to use so glad I chose this machine Gur fantastic delivered next day even sent some stabiliser so I could get on and try machine straight away Answered all questions promptly and were very helpful Will definitely use this company again Big thank you 😊

    Mrs Susan Payne (Harrogate)
    26th May 2020

    I already own a MC15000 (which I love) but wanted to have a ‘back up’ machine which I could run alongside. I decided to buy the MC550e as it has the side loading hoops (as opposed to the back). It really is a beautiful machine and very user friendly. The frame sizes are great and I’m finding it a real pleasure to clip the hoop on and off easily. I’m wasting less stabiliser as the hoops are easy to load and have a clearer working area - I actually cut a length, roll it up, pin it and repeat as the sewn portion is cut off! Would highly recommend this machine. 😍

    Bridget Goodhead (Burton On Trent)
    22nd November 2019

    So so happy with this machine, it’s great to have the bigger hoops as I also have the 9900 and the biggest hoop size on this machine is 5”x7”. Superfast delivery, thank you GUR :-)

    Mrs Tracy Hawthornthwaite (Reading)
    31st October 2019

    This arrived to me today on the first day of release in the UK. I already had the Janome 500E so getting straight on with the embroidery was easy. It would be very user friendly to a newbie as well. You do need plenty of room when using the largest hoop. I have a 26" wide table but it would have to be puled away from the wall so the arm had room to move. It came with four hoops which was a bonus. Great machine.

    Theresa (Cotswolds)
    22nd October 2019

    Absolutely Love Love this Brother Innovis V3. It is the most amazing embroidery machine. It does everything I want it to do and stitches out beautifully. Everything I have made has been a hit. I sew for my Grandson and Granddaughter. They’re not Old enough to know, but my daughter loves everything I have made. It is a big machine, and only Embroiders. I have a separation sewing machine and overlocker. I didn’t want a combined embroidery/sewing machine but If you do go for the v5 upwards. Amazing Customer Service from GUR. Excellent delivery and some fabulous extras included which have been a godsend. I love the super strong stabiliser and have purchased a further 2 from GUR as they are the cheapest. A Big THANKS to GUR for their time and advice in purchasing this amazing fabulous machine.

    Diane Perkins (Manchester )
    03rd April 2019

    I thought it was time for me to upgrade my Brother Innovis 750e and decided on purchasing the Brother F440e Embroidery machine. I am really pleased with this machine. It has an excellent colour LCD screen as I can see clear all my designs from my USB. I found using this this model very easy as it is exactly the same as the 750e, apart from slight new features. This means I had no extra learning curve to go through. What is more beneficial, the hoops all are interchangeable between the F440e and 750e, so if you previously have the 750e, you won’t need to purchase new hoops. Fantastic machine and brilliant service! Highly recommended!

    Ann Pennant (Lincoln)
    12th February 2019

    Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service I received from Palmer in purchasing my Brother V3 machine. In his demo he took my stroke needs; right side limited mobility, into account whilst allowing his considerable advice and care to shine through. Lastly he gave me time to explore the machine and thats what settled the deal for me. I have the machine now and am so excited to try it. One step into the journey of setting my own on line business. Than you for everyone I dealt with in the office as well.

    Lal (Milton Keynes)
    14th June 2018

    Love the people, no matter what problems or advice you need the guys are out to help you. Have been a customer of GUR Sewing Machines for 30 years and cannot fault them. Had a problem with my machine a few weeks ago, phoned GUR Sewing, they tried to sort problem out over the phone and was unable to therefore they arranged collection at no cost to me and have had my machine back repaired/ serviced. Checked my machine and its beautiful again......because the machine was under warranty i have paid nothing to get it sorted. Service has been excellent as i have experienced before in the past. Will keep using GUR Sewing till the end. Thank You GUR for all the help

    Mrs Hunt (West Midlands)
    28th March 2018

    I love this machine, after a lot of deliberation I was really confused on which one to buy, phoned GUR and they were very helpful and steered me in the direction of this machine and I love it so much I use it every day, after my Janome died I was wanting another Janome but I'm really pleased with my purchase and the large hoops are a bonus. I would recommend this machine to everyone who wants a new machine. Tank you GUR

    Angela Walker (Billingham, Cleveland)
    25th January 2018

    We recently purchased an Innovis V3 Embroidery Machine from GUR Sewing Machines. On our first visit we were given a full demonstration on the machine we were looking to purchase. We returned two days later and completed our purchase with the embroidery machine being delivered next day. All the people at GUR were extremely friendly and helpful. Their shop is well stocked with everything you could possibly need for machine sewing and embroidery. We would certainly recommend GUR to anyone looking to purchase a sewing or embroidery machine and accessories and we would like to thank them for all their help and advice.

    Lesley And Brian Gregory (Birmingham)
    14th July 2017

    Fantastic machine, only had it a couple of weeks, there again GUR helped me to see what it did ,always so helpful. So pleased with the machine would really recommend the V3 to anyone and a First class Dealer, I don't go anywhere else. Thanks again GUR

    June Alderman (Kidderminster)
    11th December 2016

    Fantastic machine, only had it a couple of weeks, there again GUR helped me to see what it did ,always so helpful. So pleased with the machine would really recommend the V3 to anyone and a First class Dealer, I don't go anywhere else. Thanks again GUR

    June Alderman (Kidderminster)
    11th December 2016

    I am new to embroidery and I wasn’t too sure on which machine to go for. I rang GUR and spoke to the sales team and they advised me on this NV800e machine. It’s brilliant, really easy to use and to top it off, the delivery was extremely fast.

    Samantha (Bognor Regis)
    28th August 2015

    Pros: This machine is very easy to use, the inbuilt designs are superb. You can be up and running very quickly. You can make small changes on the machine itself. Stitches out beautifully. Its easy to transfer your own designs from either your computer or a USB stick, and you can save a limited amount to the machine itself. GUR service is excellent. Cons: Its very bulky, difficult to move, if you are short of space. You can´t add stippling on the machine, or move the inbuilt designs off the machine to be edited. I got the Design 10 with this, as it was on special offer, not sure that was worth the extra cash, more for a pro than a novice.

    Elaine (Very Good But Could Be Better For The Money)
    18th December 2014

    I love this machine!! It is so much fun to use and as a first time embroidery machine I have found it easy to use. One thing I would say is don't be tempted by the cheap threads found on certain auction sites, you will end up pulling your hair out with the breaking and tangling, pay that bit extra for a good quality thread.

    Louise Vickers (County Durham)
    21st October 2014

    Fantastic machine, it's not too big, perfectly fits in my sewing cupboard, quality of the machine is brilliant and so much fun to use, super fast delivery.

    Mrs Lakin (Stroud)
    01st May 2013

    I absolutely love this machine. Can't leave it alone. It is the easiest one I have ever known to use. Just sit back and watch it do it's work.Would recommend this to anyway and brilliant value for money. Many thanks for a brilliant service as well.

    Christine (Surrey)
    29th April 2013

    I have been using a very old embroidery machine for a few years now and it has recently packed up. I have heard a lot of good things about this machine, brilliant next day delivery. The machine itself is excellent, the quality of the stitches is very important to me and the results speak for themselves. I would recommend to everyone.

    Wade (Piccadilly)
    23rd April 2013

    This machine is amazing! I purchased this machine with the PE Design Plus as I wanted to make my own designs, cannot fault. The touchscreen is easy to use once I had a play with it, and will be recommending to all my friends and family!

    Sarah (Birmingham)
    08th March 2013
    I bought one of these machines 5 years ago and have never looked back. I started a home based embroidery with this machine and it paid for itself within 12 months.
    Sharlynn (Southampton)
    06th May 2012
    Great advice from the guys here helped me find the perfect machine for my business and profit has multiplied three fold. Could not ask for more...great machine..great service from people who know what they are talking about.
    Stuart (Leicester)
    18th August 2011
    Got the best possible deal from these guys. Got the machine the next day. I am so happy with everything... The machine is great!
    Gill Anderson (Manchester)
    10th June 2011
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