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This MC9850 sewing and embroidery machine is quite simply fantastic. I have been blown away by the quality and ease of the embroidery function. My previous sewing machine was a Janome MC4800, so this is quite an update. I have no previous experience of machine embroidery but was able to set up and run some built-in embroidery designs straight away. I used Madeira embroidery threads and Madeira Bobbinfil, which are listed as thread choices for this machine. These threads produced a beautiful result. The instructions recommend using a straight stitch needle plate for embroidery, but this is an optional item that is not included. However, using the standard plate supplied did not appear to cause any issues, at least not on quilting cotton with cut away stabiliser. The machine is larger than my old one and feels substantial, yet it fits on a small desk. I can even leave the embroidery unit attached for normal sewing. I am looking forward to starting the Janome Artistic Digitizer software free trial shortly. Ordering online was straight forward and delivery was very speedy.

Sarah (Leatherhead)
29th September 2020
Julie Richards (Banbury)
23rd September 2020

I am very pleased with the sewing machine it's very easy to start using it the entire experience of this order is superb i would definitely recommend the company and the sewing machine i will definitely order again without hesitation

Danny Winters (Milton Keynes)
16th September 2020

From arriving and unpacking this machine had been a pleasure.. I have sewn really fine fabric and quite heavy fabric and it has behaved beautifully.. the instruction book was clear and precise.

Mrs Norma Evans (Tamworth)
16th September 2020
I have been sewing for 40 years including some years when I did it for a living. I had two machines during this time, first one still working :)) ,second served me 27 years and recently died :( . After a long search, about two months ago I bought Brother Innov-Is NV1800Q Computerised Sewing Machine. I can already say that this is a great machine. Almost... It has many figures, possibilities, the seam goes beautifully, but... The head of the machine is so big and so close to the flat bed (needle plate cover), that it limits the operational space under the machine’s head. I already can’t imagine how I am going to sew (attach) a collar to a shirt when you need to use your fingers a lot. I already had a problem with making/sewing folds In masks... I really hope that the manufacturer will take this to its attention and will improve this beautiful machine.
Kasia (Buckinghamshire)
14th September 2020

I have been sewing for 40 years including some years when I did it for a living. I had two machines during this time, first one still working :)) ,second served me 27 years and recently died :( . After a long search, about two months ago I bought Brother Innov-Is NV1800Q Computerised Sewing Machine. I can already say that this is a great machine. Almost... It has many figures, possibilities, the seam goes beautifully, but... The head of the machine is so big and so close to the flat bed (needle plate cover), that it limits the operational space under the machine’s head. I already can’t imagine how I am going to sew (attach) a collar to a shirt when you need to use your fingers a lot. I already had a problem with making/sewing folds In masks... I really hope that the manufacturer will take this to its attention and will improve this beautiful machine.

Kasia (Buckinghamshire)
13th September 2020

What a fantastic machine. I am just so happy with my purchase. Received wonderful advice from Palma of Gur Sewing. I would highly recommend this company-they are very knowledgeable. Delivery was next day-I cannot fault this company. Thank you Palma.

Lynne Paxton (Tonbridge)
13th September 2020

This machine is hidden away as a Christmas present so I cannot review the item itself.
However, I must comment on the fantastic service from GUR.
It was pure luck that I phoned and placed my order on the day they came back into stock but to then get free next day delivery ON A SATURDAY was fantastic.
I will definitely recommend this store.

Alison Betham ()
09th September 2020

I bought this machine as an all-round workhorse.
I did a lot of research before deciding on this model, which when I saw it had been used on the Great British Sewing Bee with such ease, confirmed my decision.
I have been playing around with it and it is a real joy to use. It has all of the features I will need. It feels sturdy and whilst sewing it is very stable and quiet.
I have tried various stitches, made a couple of automatic buttonholes and got to grips with the automatic needle threader.
I am really pleased with the included accessories, can't think of anything else I would need at the moment. I do love that there is an extra spool holder to refill the bobbin.
I consider myself an intermediate sewer but I think this model would be great for a beginner as well as satisfying the all-round needs of a more experienced user.
I have bought from GUR before, delivery was next working day as stated.
Great service. I highly recommend this sewing machine

Jayveecee (Milton Keynes)
08th September 2020
Brilliant machine! Don’t know how I’ve managed without it. So many features. Don’t need to use a walking foot and the thread cutter is ACE!! Amazing service from GUR as always ✂️🧵😄
Lindsay Hall ()
08th September 2020

Excellent machine!! So much on it to love. Excellent service from GUR as always! Ordered in the afternoon, delivered to my door at 8am next day. Thank you guys.

Lindsay Hall (Birmingham)
06th September 2020
I am very pleased with my new Janice machine. I am still learning to use all the features of which there are many. I want to get familiar with them to get the best out of it. I had a problem with the automatic threader. This was dealt with very satisfactorily by your company and I am now doing very well with it. For which I say a huge thank you. Lana Avery
Mrs Lana Avery (Shirley)
04th September 2020

An excellent product, which suits my needs very well , I.e. simple straightforward sewing, both making and repairing. The machine is of a weight which I can move easily but not so much that it is unstable when in use. I am very pleased with it.

Mrs Christine Teller (Bristol)
03rd September 2020

The sewing machine arrived the day after I had ordered it. I did a great deal of research before buying this machine. I also know people who have had a Janome (the same machine) for almost 30 years and therefore had confidence in the brand. The Janome 725S is far better than all the reviews I have read. The machine is relatively quiet and super easy to use. It would suit a beginner as well as a more advanced sewer. I am absolutely thrilled with it and I thoroughly commend it to you.

Mrs P Kaur ()
03rd September 2020

Couldn't be happier. It is so easy to use and the automatic needle threader is a game changer! Love the one button needle up or down and the sliding speed control button. Reassured by GURs guarantee but also the build quality which means that I don't expect to have to use it.

Elizabeth Brown (Skipton)
01st September 2020

It's a beautiful solid feeling machine. My first compuerised one, and I'm surprised how easy it is to use. The automatic needle threader takes a few tries to get it right, but it's easy to use and makes life easier. Alongside my old heavy duty work horse I have the best of both worlds at my finger tips Thank you to GUR for efficient faultless service, I shall certainly be a returning customer and will highly recommend to others

Julie Walton (Northampton)
31st August 2020

This machine is brilliant. The delivery was super quick. I am very pleased with my purchase and all the customer service.

Mr Craig Hawthorn (Whitehaven)
31st August 2020

This was bought to replace a Janome mechanical machine and its additional and improved functionality has made it well worth the money. The 7-piece feed-dog system copes with stretch fabrics much better than the mechanical machine and all the features listed for the M50 work as well as I was expecting. One piece of information that seems to be missing from the documentation is the fact that you can use the machine with a twin needle, placing the second spool of thread on the extra spool pin.

Valerie Jeffrey (Dunstable)
30th August 2020

Absolutely loved this product. If I am also reviewing the company that supplied it, their service was 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️too.

Dawn Nightingale ()
28th August 2020

Brilliant machine with loads of features and easy to use. Quite a step up from my previous computerised Janome but it is all fairly intuitive. Love the newer needle threader and the thread cutter is great.

Val Cartwright (Henfield)
27th August 2020

As this is my first embroidery/sewing combined machine I have nothing to compare it to, but I have no complaints. The manual is easy to understand with lots of detailed photographs. It is a very easy machine to use with the added threader and cutter. It embroiders beautifully. I have yet to use it to its full potential as some projects to finish first but really looking forwards to many creative years. If I have to have a negative I think the only thing would be that there seems to be limited spares for this machine. It doesn't seem to be a more recognised model number here in the UK anyways but I'm sure I will be able to discuss this when the time comes.

Mrs Sally Harwood Harwood (Melton Constable)
25th August 2020

My current Janome machine was getting on for 35 years old , so, I decided that the next one would have a few features to speed up my use of the machine. I’m not interested in pressing a button and a machine embroidering something for me at all, that’s like buying a kit to make cards that look like everyone else’s who bought the kit! But I did have a wish list Which included .... Auto Thread cutter One step button hole Needle threader Top loading spool A range of decorative and practical stitches. The Janome 5060 gave me all of these, not heavy to move about, quiet and able to handle all the fabrics I’ve thrown at it so far, from denim to voile. I sew anything and everything, from tutus to bridal and home furnishings, so the machine needed to be able to accommodate all of the fabrics and jobs it would get, I am happy to say so far so good. Comes with a range of basic feet to get you started, four spools and a couple of spare needles, I like the table extension, was toying with the idea of dropping the machine into a table, but don’t feel the need to. Nice hard cover for the rare occasion I am not using it. The quilting : walking foot was a bonus, I do have one anyway but it was a nice extra, . Overall, this machine Is easy to understand and use, portable, quiet and capable. The only tiny thing I would say could be improved on is the light doesn’t seem to be as bright as I am used to, but it’s only a small thing, And I would have liked a clip on magnifier for detailed free sewing embroidery jobs, but I can live without! If you are a capable seamstress or just setting out, this machine will suit you.

Mrs Heather Stagg (Nafferton)
20th August 2020
I’m enjoying using my new machine it’s sews perfectly and is so quiet. I like that you can choose different speeds with the slider and also the needle down position for pivoting I’m learning what I can achieve with this machine and what it’s capable of.
Mrs Joy Fromont (Doncaster)
18th August 2020
I really so happy and new experience and upgrade try different stitches and I really very pleased with it. no more problem or snagged. I trust name of Janome. I glad my old sewing machine used Janome for the 35 years. Now I feel so comfortable.
Miss Nadene Scott (Newport)
16th August 2020
I've now been using this machine for two months, and I have to say I absolutely love it! As a novice at sewing this has literally every function I could imagine, and some extra to boot. The wide range of presser feet that come with the machine cover most of the tasks you'd want to do. Regarding thicker materials, the machine copes admirably (my personal best is 6 layers of oilcloth, though I was also using a walking foot), and also has no problem with jersey and lightweight fabrics. There are a large number of stitches to choose from, though navigating through the modes can be a little difficult to start with. For me the real advantage was that you can alter the stitch length and width, and control the speed of the presser foot which made sewing bulky materials a lot easier. There are only real two downsides to this machine, one is that although the threading guide is cool it does feel a little bit delicate and breakable, I'm not confident it's going to last very long on mine. The second thing is that it's a little confusing to use to start with - there are a lot of options to go through and buttons to press, however the instruction manual is pretty comprehensive. Other than that I really would recommend this machine!
Rebecca Mckechnie (Beeston)
14th August 2020
This was a very carefully considered purchase, especially having to do it without being able to physically see or test any machines, and I don't think I could have got it more right! This is an awesome machine. Robust, accurate, beautifully lit, quiet and with features I didn't even know I wanted until I had them - the extra foot pedal for thread cutting is brilliant (though I wish it could be programmed to other functions as well). The biggest win is the inclusion of the professional needle plate and feet - this elevates the machine to way beyond even a comparably expensive domestic model and after over a month of sewing at least 10 hours a day, has yet to give me a single problem. I'm delighted with it - and also hugely impressed with the service and help I got from GUR, who couldn't have been better.
George Harper (Cirencester)
14th August 2020

I am still getting to know my machine (lots to learn) but thus far I am very runs beautifully. The Instructions are clear and easily understood. But most importantly I wanted to mention the great service that i received from GUR. Good advice and not pushy just really helpful. Thank you.

Mrs Suzanne Dorrington (Ramsden Heath)
13th August 2020

This machine is great, easy to use and comes with excellent instructions. It makes perfect button holes. It does everything that I want from a machine. I am an intermediate sewer and make clothes for myself and husband as well as household items such as curtains. I would recommend it.

Mrs Jean Merritt (Norton, Doncaster)
12th August 2020
Easy and smooth to use. Good range of stitches.
Mrs C Vivian (Bletchley)
11th August 2020

This is a good machine works well only thing is the self trending is a bit fiddly Would recommend this to any one who wants a good machine

Andrew Cheeseman (Caister On Sea)
10th August 2020

Amazing machine at an amazing price. I just love it. Arrived in 2 days from placing the order and the team were super helpful when I was asking questions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend GUR.

Mrs Lorene Archibald (Bristol)
09th August 2020

The Janome GD8100 Computerised sewing machine is fantastic. After my old one died I was hesitant about getting a computerised model, but it is so easy to use and very good value.

Edward Hunt (Harlow)
07th August 2020

An easy to use machine suitable for both beginner and advanced.

Debbi Robson (Morpeth)
06th August 2020

I upgraded from my Janome memory craft 5900 to thus machine. I was not disappointed. This machine has all the features plus more. A wide throat, a built in walking system, (called acufeed), It has a good bobbin winding system, which ensures you don't need to unthread. The range of stitches is comprehensive and the extra width of 9mm allows for a wider range. It has a few built in programmed fun ones like a train, sewing implements etc too. It comes with the wider foot pedal which I find much more controllable, and is quieter than my previous machine. I am so far really pleased with this purchase.

Jane Briffett ()
06th August 2020

Very pleased with the Janome GD8100 computerised sewing machine. Light weight , easy to use lots of lovely different stiches . A very useful machine that suits my needs.

Mrs Judith Watts (Forres)
04th August 2020

Excellent piece of kit. Well worth the wait. Great purchase. Excellent company to deal with. Will use GUR again for sure

Mr Dean West (Fareham)
02nd August 2020

At this point in time with the sun shining outside I've been spending all my time on the garden but I had a bit of a play with it when it came and I'm very pleased so far. It has lots of features that I'm sure I'll be able to use on future projects. It certainly beats my rather basic 50+ year old ALFA which I inherited from my Mum. If the site permits it, I'll update the review when I've used it properly.

Mrs Kathleen Wileman (Whitwick, Coalville)
27th July 2020

I am really happy with Jaguar DQS 401. A bit afraid how to use because my previous experience was with ordinary mechanical sewing machine but now I do not want to change. It is easy to use with an instruction.

Ms Zuzanna Sozanska (Norwich)
21st July 2020

I bought this machine based on it being a best seller. She is a good strong study build and loves to work on woven material. Her stitch selection is nice and is the stitches themselves. This machines in any to noisy either. Although the start up noise is odd! But that said, She does not like twin needle even with a organ needle (for the machine) really dislikes it actually and skips stitches non stop and kills itself. I’ve used it 10 times since getting it on my kids tops to hem or leggings to hem. I avoid using it as I wanted twin needle and a machine happy with stretch fabric and even after a blast of steam it isn’t great. I go for my 1975 sewing machine and she finishes it off for me (twin needle too) after things have been overlocked. Personally I dislike this machine I did when my husband said he picked this one my heart sank. Some machines we mesh with others we don’t. This is my personal opinions of this machine. I have come across one other person with this machine and for a best seller I’m amazed so few have it. If I could fix the twin needle issue I may begin to like it possibly but we’ve even had to trouble shoot with janome and they had no idea and couldn’t help.

Michelle (Scottish Borders )
20th July 2020

Used for about a week now and it is performing very well. Only very minor issue I have found is that the thread cutter cuts threads too short which results in the thread pulling out of the needle.

Mr Julian Caruana (Brinkley, Newmarket)
19th July 2020

Fabulous- what can I say- does all that the reviews say, and whats more, I am not very good with digital stuff, but I can use this machine. Still working my way through all the decorative stitches. The extra space for quilting , the throat and table were my main reason for purchase, and have found this most valuable. I highly recommend this machine.

Mrs Deborah Clarke-whitfield (Nottingham)
19th July 2020

I am so impressed with this machine, its runs really smoothly, the display is much clearer than you see in the photos or videos, it surprised me. Its so easy to use and the instructions are very easy to understand. It came with everything you need to start sewing. Its good value for money and I don't think I will need a new one for a long time. If you are thinking of buying this machine then I would say go for it. I wish I had made this my first sewing machine. I love all the features on it, the start stop button, the speed control means you get lovely neat straight sticking (something I struggled with before this machine). The scissor feature is great too. Its all really good and I love it. So pleased I purchased this machine and from GUR as it was delivered when they said it would the following day so I didn't have to wait (I'm not great at waiting, lol). Brilliant machine all round, from a good company. I will do business with them again. Thank you. :)

Mrs Fiona Potter (Maldon)
19th July 2020

Really great machine does exactly what the description says and more. Easy to use and easy to follow instruction booklet. I haven’t done much sewing for some time and this machine is great to get me started again. Excellent customer service from GUR as well

Stephanie Ovens (Lydney)
16th July 2020

Really pleased with my new machine. A huge upgrade on my 20yr old basic Janome but still simple enough to use without too much difficulty. Instruction book really helpful and easy to follow. Stitching is great and I don’t know how I ever managed without a needle threader! Have only used it to make a few small items so far - will be testing it out on curtain making in the next few weeks.

Madeleine Jarratt (London)
15th July 2020

Ordered a Janome 4300qdc, Monday at 2.50 p.m. it arrived exactly 24 hours later, brilliant service. I got a great deal the machine was £599 originally, bought for £450 said display model, with dented box. It is pristine and sews like a dream, very easy to work, this is my first computerised machine, came with extra presser feet too, very happy customer.

Jan (Manchester )
15th July 2020

Very impressed by the excellent delivery service from GUR Sewing Superstore! We ordered the machine during lockdown when every sewing machine got sold immediately in front of your eyes. GUR had a great collection to choose from, clear descriptions and quick delivery. The Janome 5060QDC is easy to use and has a clear guidance. Love the hard top cover as it protects the machine better when tidying away when needed.

Mr Andrew Shayler (Abingdon)
15th July 2020

Very good machine, great for thick fabrics

Mrs Natalia Long ()
15th July 2020

I am a seamstress who does almost anything sewing wise. I found this machine to be able to cope with fine and heavy fabrics. I find it easy to use and smooth sewing action. I have found I use a decent amount of the stitches. All the accessories are useful especially the walking foot. I would recommend this machine to both new sewers and experienced.

Mrs Lorette Peters ()
13th July 2020

As a beginner sewer I did quite a bit of research into what type of machine to buy with the hope that I would become a better sewer! I absolutely love this machine and all the things it does. I have managed to sew a few small items and have found it very easy and stress free. The number of different stitches available is phenomenal and the built in button holes are fab. This machine is very easy to use and as a beginner it has made things very easy, I particularly like the fact that I can slow the machine using the button on the front, brilliant for going round corners! All in all I would thoroughly recommend this machine and the service I have received from GUR sewing machines.

Mrs Alison Mundy ()
09th July 2020

I am so delighted with my Jaguar DQS401 which arrived yesterday. I upgraded from a basic electric machine and was at first a little daunted by the thought of a computerised machine but it couldn’t be easier to operate and the instruction booklet is so clear. Ordering was super easy and communication during transit was wonderful giving an hour time slot for arrival. I would not hesitate to recommend both the Jaguar DQS401 and GUR Sewing for excellent service. Many thanks

Zia Collins (Hampshire )
08th July 2020
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