100s and 100s of top summer sewing projects!

100s and 100s of top summer sewing tips

Enough to keep you sewing all summer long!

We love summer! And it’s actually beginning to feel something like it now. Those lovely long days, the warmth (at last!) and the chance to set your trusty sewing machine to work on a whole new array of summer projects.

Our recent search has unearthed a lot (and we mean a lot!) of top tips and tutorials from around the sewing universe: projects as diverse as matching beach bags and towels, summer dresses, car seat coolers (really!), backpacks, kid’s sleeping bags, skirts, ponchos and travel organisers!

As ever, our thanks go to all those wonderful people who take the time and trouble to put these wonderful sewing hacks together.

Enjoy your summer – and enjoy your sewing!

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