Some of our very favourite summer sewing tutorials

Summer sewing projects and tutorials

We thought summer would have died away now – how wrong could we be?

We were beginning to have a look at some of those wonderful autumnal sewing projects featuring warmer clothing, russet colour themes and so on, but now we’re not so sure. We think they’ll have to wait as it looks as though we’ve plenty more heat and sun to go yet!

Instead, we need to think cool clothing, beachwear and bags and of course artisan gin. Don’t worry – it will all make sense as you read on…

Have fun!

How to sew a simple summer handbag

A lovely video tutorial from Debbie Shore. She presents this so well and the quality of the video is superb. A nice, relaxed feel for this how-to that is really well explained.

“No zips, no pattern, no pockets, this has to be the easiest handbag to make for summer!” is how this project is described – but don’t underestimate the “wow” factor of the finished item.

Look out for: “Take it easy when you come to the curved section – we want that section to be really nice and smooth.” (8′ 35″).

Citrus coasters

This really wonderful quirky how-to was posted a while back on the Purl Soho website in the Molly’s Sketchbook blog.

Molly mentions visions of pink lemonade and iced tea – we’re rather more focussed on some of the wonderful craft and artisan gins that are all the rage these days…

Either way, they are cheerful, perfect for summer and they look gorgeous.

We like: “… the bright colours reminded us of real citrus fruits”.

Beach dress tutorial

Here’s a whole lot of online wonderfulness: the amazing This Blog is Not For You – A Dressmaking blog. 

Written by “sewing fanatic, fabric hoarder and lover of all things handmade…” Charlie this really interesting tutorial demonstrates how to put together a wonderfully cool beach dress.

This project involves a rectangular piece of fabric that is sewn on two sides and when the waistband is added, it’s done. Maximum reward for minimum effort!

Top tip: “In the front, sew on the casing only on one side as you need to make a little button hole first!”.

Boho Beach Bag

If you’re going to the beach in your new dress, it would make sense to have a suitable beach bag to complete the effect – and it’s such a useful thing to have on board, particularly if you have kids’ stuff to lug about as well.

One of our favourites, comes courtesy of Virginia on the excellent Ginger Cake blog.

The tutorial in this case come in the form of a YouTube video.  The project should take around an hour and a half – but be sure to watch the video through once or twice before you get started.

It’s versatile: this particular bag is very lightweight, being designed to fold away when not in use – though a heavier fabric and more structure would result in a more solid final version.

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