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    This machine is amazing! I purchased this machine with the PE Design Plus as I wanted to make my own designs, cannot fault. The touchscreen is easy to use once I had a play with it, and will be recommending to all my friends and family!

    Sarah (Birmingham)
    08th March 2013

    I bought this machine last week and I have not stopped using it, so much fun, easy to use and results are great! Highly recommend

    Peter (Shrewsbury)
    28th February 2013

    I love this machine, so many different things you can do with it. My favorite feature you can use the machine without the foot pedal! I am amazed at what it can do, I would recommend to everyone!

    Sarah (Tammworth)
    28th February 2013

    I was recommended this machine by a friend, i purchased this machine and I'm very happy, this machine does the job really well.

    Debbie (Solihull)
    28th February 2013

    My first sewing machine and love it, so easy to use and have made loads of stuff

    Hazel Smith (London)
    19th February 2013

    Bought this machine as a surprise for my daughter as she is studying at college and she needed a new machine. She was very very happy with machine, perfect for her work and easy to use. Highly Recommended!

    Leanne (Coventry)
    14th February 2013

    I bought these machine about a week ago, absolutely amazing! I have been saving up for an embroidery machine, and finally I have one. Made a visit up to GUR Sewing Machines in search of a new machine and the staff were very knowledgeable. I wanted an embroidery machine as I've always wanted to make embroidered curtains and cushions! Let the fun begin! Would recommend to everyone!

    Charlie (Redditch)
    07th February 2013

    The Brother Innov Is V5 sews like a dream, I have recently upgraded from the Super Galaxie also a very good machine. But the V5 is superb. Just love everything about it.

    Dorothea (Oxfordshire)
    20th January 2013

    Very pleased with this machine. It arrived the day after i purchased it and it does the job.

    Paul (Milton Keynes)
    10th January 2013

    Just getting used to the machine. Its the 1st embroidery machine I have ever used. There is alot more to learn but I am finding it easier than I thought I would. Up to now I love it.

    Tina Evans (Wirral)
    18th December 2012
    I purchased the Brother Innovis 350 Special Edition after I accidentally put my Husqvarna Viking Lily US current sewing machine into the European outlet which burned out my motor. I thought that this machine was my all time favorite, until I purchased the Brother Innovis NV350, I love the simplicity, all the options, and also that it sews through 4 layers of cotton without missing a single stitch. I also love the automatic threader and the fact that I don\'t have to manually pull the bobbin thread up. This machine is incredible and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys sewing. Thank you Brother, Jennifer Echard
    Jennifer Echard (Liege, Belgium)
    19th June 2012
    This a very easy to use machine, quiet in use and produceing a perfect stitch. There are more than enough stitches for my needs and I sew a great deal. It is light to handle but is stable in use. This is an easy to set up machine, and a joy to use.
    Mary Briggs (Warwks)
    07th June 2012
    as a newbie sewer i found this to be an awesome machine for me. the brother brand is so easy to use and this machine has almost everything i want (need an overlocker now!!!)
    Carol (West Midlands)
    07th May 2012
    I bought one of these machines 5 years ago and have never looked back. I started a home based embroidery with this machine and it paid for itself within 12 months.
    Sharlynn (Southampton)
    06th May 2012
    Great machine, very happy with this after 1 year of use and would not hesitate to recommend it. I have almost every accessory that you can buy, and find it the be an easy machine to use and develop my skills with.
    Diana (Liverpool)
    06th May 2012

    I have now had this machine for some months and since the bobbin case was replaced I cannot fault it. The down side is when you switch it off you then would have to re-programme the stitches you previously used. It does not remember your previous stict. Post it notes are great for this. Generally the machine is great.

    Jacqueline Herbert (Plymouth)
    09th April 2012

    How I agree with the previous post! I had to change my original bobbin case two weeks after buying the machine after I attempted some free motion quilting. That cost me another £20 but luckily my sewing shop allowed me to have it at cost price. I like the machine in general but the tension problems are just too difficult at times. You have to adjust the dial almost to 1 before it starts to be possible to achieve a good stitch when free motion stitching. I\'m now considering a bernina and swapping this in part exchange. Would not recommend it.

    Liz Parry (London)
    12th February 2012
    I love this machine, it is perfect for the beginner and more advanced sewer, I bought when it first came out and was my first proper machine, it has many brilliant features that you can\'t find on some more expensive modals, I loved the idea you could buy so many extra feet which I bought all, my fav being the sidecutter to turn in to an overlocker (only two thread though) and 1/4\" foot, I have since upgraded to a machine with a longer arm as I mainly do patchwork and quilting, but I did cry buckets when I let her go,
    Jenn (Lincolnshire)
    08th January 2012
    Bought this as I\'d had a brother ped 180 and wanted to upgrade. It\'s brilliant! The instructions were clear, the sewing and embroidery are top notch and I have downloaded designs from the Internet and created some lovely wallhangings, bags etc. If you want to replace an existing sewing machine with one that can create embroidered designs then I would highly recommend this one. Happy sewing!
    Sandy (Holt Norfolk)
    04th January 2012
    i bought this machine last september and i am so pleased with it, a lovely easy to use machine. would recommend it.
    Mrs G Trezise (Devon)
    26th December 2011
    I love my machine! I is very easy to use and I have enjoyed exploring the effects different stitch lengths and widths produce. I have quilted a double bed size quilt without much difficulty.
    Smruti (Barnsley)
    08th December 2011

    I have had this machine for a couple of hours and then the bobbin case started to jump out of alignment. After 40 years of sewing I know what I am doing so knew that I was threading the machine correctly. I also read the manual from cover to cover and looked at threading instructions on the internet which confirmed I was doing ok. However this machine has been back to the retailer and now they are going to replace it. I am not that confident that all will be ok, although I hope it will. No machine should be this fussy. I have always owned Janome in the past and have been pleased with them. When the needle hits the bobbin case turning it into swiss cheese this is not right. I have reservations about this machine, only time will tell when the replacement arrives. So far not impressed.

    Jacqueline Herbert (Devon)
    07th December 2011
    Excellent one of the best I strongly recomend this great machine.
    Afzal (West Midlands)
    28th November 2011
    I\'ve had this machine for one year now and I think it a a great machine. I use it mainly for patchwork piecing and quilting. I bought additional items like the extension table, the walking foot and the darning foot for free motion quilting. I haven\'t had any problem until very recently when the drop feed locked up while I was free motion quilting.
    Irina De Juan (Ireland)
    11th September 2011
    Great advice from the guys here helped me find the perfect machine for my business and profit has multiplied three fold. Could not ask for more...great machine..great service from people who know what they are talking about.
    Stuart (Leicester)
    18th August 2011
    Absolutely brilliant, best machine I have ever used. It is very easy to understand and to use. Thanks to Barry for his knowledge in this particular machine and for the good service he gave my old machine.
    Marina (Reigate)
    22nd June 2011
    Got the best possible deal from these guys. Got the machine the next day. I am so happy with everything... The machine is great!
    Gill Anderson (Manchester)
    10th June 2011
    The Janome 423S is one of the best machines I have ever used. It is made of solid metal and does a smooth job. It has a lot of features that I find come in handy very often personally. There is no bad points for me about this sewing machine: recommended from the bottom of my heart.
    Tammy (Devon)
    30th May 2011
    easy to use, will handle all types of fabrics , fantastic light weight makes it very portable and easy to store, hard cover as standard yet another great budget machine from janome , with the best back up and support network i have ever found, online tuturials , and free ones from the dealer network. once you get used to setting tensions , this machine really handles like a dream, small but still a tough little guy.
    Guest ()
    30th May 2011
    I\'ve had my machine for a couple of days now and it looks quite good to me. I am new to sewing and I am still trying to familiarize myself with everything but it\'s all rather easy to understand. The machine arrived on time and it is much cheaper here than in France.
    Vidya (France)
    16th November 2010
    I\'ve had my Brother Innov-is 350 for a week now, and it already feels like I\'ve had it forever! It\'s so easy to use and self-explanatory; I can highly recommend it, even for beginners!
    Lena (Germany)
    02nd September 2010
    Firstly do not hesitate ordering from GUR the machine was delivered within 24hrs, amazing service, internet shopping as it should be. I haven\'t had chance to fully explore my machine yet but I really like the up down stop and speed control feature. The only downside is the lack on inbuilt needle threader, such a shame this isn\'t included as it does speed things up. I have taken 1 star off for this reason. 6/5 for GUR\'s delivery speed!
    Sewbertie (Saddleworth)
    10th August 2010
    first of all, this machine is much cheaper in the UK, than it is in The Netherlands. It is a great machine, with a lot of features. I did not have the time yet to try everything but the one thing I love already is the automatic thread cutter. It is easy to use. Really a machine I would recommend to my family and friends.
    Jeannet Kreijkes (The Netherlands)
    10th August 2010
    A super machine, lightweight, very easy to use, comes with carry handle and cover. For basic sewing but with extra accessories for button holes, zips etc., perfect for me.
    M Smith (Crete, Greece)
    02nd March 2010
    Excellent value machine with a great variety of stitch combinations. Easy to use but noisier than my Janome 6019.
    Lisa Smith (Suffolk)
    30th July 2009
    This is a super machine ... I have found everything about it easy and smooth to understand and use. I look forward to many happy hours of sewing on it :) I would highly recommend it.
    Joanne (Manchester)
    12th February 2009
    A tip-top machine for the price. I haven't found anything as good for under 200. Good feature list for a relatively low-end machine.
    R Machado (Leyton)
    24th September 2008
    What a fantastic machine! I used it to stitch my granddaughter's dance costumes and it worked without a hitch for weeks of sustained use. Recommended!
    Mrs A Henry (Halesowen)
    08th August 2008
    I just adore this machine, light weight and so easy to use. The needle threader is a dream
    S Priestley (Leeds)
    29th July 2008
    It's a great machine at a great price. There is nothing that I do not like about this machine. I researched a number of machines a few years ago and found this one to meet all my needs since I was doing a lot of quilting at the time. I have used it a lot for garment sewing and I am so glad I bought this machine when I did. It has made sewing so enjoyable and I love all the feet that came with it. I bought it from a Stitchmaster dealer and was offered free classes to master my machine and found that invaluable at the time. I think the dealer's customer service was key in my purchase
    A Forseter (Reading)
    29th July 2008
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